Nov 1 2012

Burn It Off – Lean It Out.

Hi BodyRockers,

These HIIT workouts incinerate fat and build lean, toned muscle. They have been designed to work anywhere. If you can spread your arms out to either side you have enough space to do them. The motivation is built in. Just like tens of thousands of other BodyRockers out there you will see incredible results if you train from the heart each day.

Yes it’s playfully sexy. No it’s not for everyone. The people that get it and see our style as inspirational know that this comes from a truly positive well meaning place. We share our lives with you because we believe that training with a friend who cares brings the best results. We are in this 110% with you.

We are going to continue to be who we are.  For those that are onboard with us – who are excited to give it a go – we will show up in the living room and train with you from the heart everyday helping you make those changes happen 12 minutes at a time.

It’s time to work off those Halloween Treats. Make sure you come by and see the new addition coming to the BodyRock family on our FaceBook.



Workout Video:

Workout Breakdown:

Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest. You will go through this circuit 2 times.


For those Hardcore BodyRockers out there … Complete this as a couplet workout. Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest & complete each couplet 3 times through.


The Workout:

1. Sit Ups Elbows To Knees

2. Half Burpee 1 Push Up

3. Squat and Press Using the Sandbag

4. Knee “Lift” Up Abs

5. Curl and Press using Power Blocks

6. Tricep Dips using the Equalizer


Beginner Modifications:



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  • Hloenen

    I love your motivational messages AND the new beginner/intermediate breakdown animations.

    Great format!

  • Yamila

    Great idea with the GIFs for proper form and begginers :)

    Did this WO as couplets ;)

    1) Elevanted abs elbow to knee  16  12  12
    2) 1/2 burpee & pu  12 12 11

    3) squat & press  20 20 21
    4) Elevated leg abs  16 19 18

    5) Bicep curl & press  18  17  17
    6) tricep dips   22 20 20


  • crazy_carmen_babe

    I love your workouts all though im sick of looking at Lisa’s boobs and ass :( they are great but I really just wan to see how to properly perform the exercise.

  • Omartin1999

    Seriously it’s the 5th.. And “today’s workout” is STILL the 1st!

  • Jayniemorgan31

    Thanks, love it. Don’t always need real time. Put on some tunes and my timer and give it a go at my own pace. Beginners rock!

  • Anonymous

    I love the creativity and trying new things… but I feel like the site is getting very “frantic”- I wish we could just go- watch the workout- doesn’t have to be real time- I liked the way where we used to say what the exercises were- and then you showed 2-3 minutes of them working through all 2-3 rounds. 

    The GIF’s are horrible.  ugh.  I love showing modifications- but the more video’s and flashs and gif’s that you load- the more it bogs down my computer and phone… and I do use my phone  A LOT to referance websites.  Sigh. 

     Keep trying to find the right fit- I know you won’t please everyone- but I do love that you guys try!!!

  • Kristiyana Ivanova

    Hello I’m from Bulgaria and I just find out what actualy bodyrock is and I will like to start doing it but I don’t know from where I should start. Can you give me some advise please! Xx

  • Maurice

    I really enjoyed this workout. I must thank and congratulate the BR team for the workout designs!!

  • Genevieve Tessier Levasseur

    Hey i really liked this one i did 18 minutes and i used 4 lbs of weight on each wrist plus 10 lbs sandbag for the squat !!! awesome :D
    sit up : 14,13,18
    burpees : 11,8,10
    squat and press : 15,14,13
    knee lift : 25,33,32
    curl and press : 15,16,17
    tricep dip : 20,23,22

  • Anonymous

    Thank you,Lisa,I did it,it was awesome as always ;)
     1. Sit Ups Elbows To Knees 29 25 26
    2. Half Burpee 1 Push Up 17 15 17

    3. Squat and Press Using 8kg.dumbell-15 17 17

    4. Knee “Lift” Up Abs 23 27 27

    5. Curl and Press 18 24 27

    6. Tricep Dips 34 41 50


  • Anonymous

    1. Sit Ups Elbows To Knees- 27/21/22
    2. Half Burpee 1 Push Up-8/7/7
    3. Squat and Press Using the Sandbag-20/19/20
    4. Knee “Lift” Up Abs-19/21/22
    5. I replaced this with skipping because my shoulder is too sore for weights today- 124/133/138
    6. Tricep Dips using the Equalizer- 14/11/11

  • Susie

    Thanks for putting your heart and soul in to this every day.  It is much appreciated!  :-)

  • Denise Kolosky

    I love how you show the beginners workout, so don’t have to wait for video. It was not a problem before, but this just makes it better. Thank you BR Crew

  • Regina Dixon

    SQUAT PRESS= 8/18
    KNEE LIFT ABS= 14/15
    TRICEP DIPS= 12/15


  • Aymes

    Could you please explain what a “couplet” is?

  • Anonymous

    Just saw this link from Twitter. (Closed my FB). You guys are so amazing! I love how hard you work to keep making this site streamlined, helpful for beginners, and how it actually gets better on here with every improvement you make! These video clips are completely ingenius because as much as I like the video demos, this will save me time when I’m in a hurry. Sometimes skimming videos for one I want to do takes 15-20 minutes. This will definitely help me pick a video and get right into because I can see the basic idea on the main page and remember it after writing it down (I write my scores down and keep track!) You guys are the best!

    Some questions, because thanks to you guys, I’m making new goals and need some info. Any suggestions on strength training? I’m at the point where I need to keep working on building muscle (lower abs and butt especially, though you can’t spot train can you?), but I don’t really know how. Add cardio? How many days a week for cardio, workout, and strength training, each? Also, any suggestions what to do about eating? Do I eat more protein or carbs on workout days only? How much to eat on rest days? I haven’t figured this stuff out yet, and I’m trying to do my homework online to figure it out. Thanks again!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hello.  In order to build muscle you need to lift heavy.  Bodyweight will get you nicely toned and doing these short workouts will help you lose weight (if that’s what you need), but if you do too much cardio you’ll waste away and not be able to build muscle.  Make sure to eat enough to support your training and eat clean.  ( is an excellent website)  Functional fitness like bodyweight exercises will help your core and develop your abs — eating clean will help uncover those abs!  Lots of squats and lunges in proper form will help your lower body.  Find your balance with strength training and cardio (for heart health).  Muscle burns fat too so start lifting!

  • Julie Tortoledo

    I love the beginners images! It’s perfect!!!

  • Julie Tortoledo

    I loveee the beginners images!

  • Zee

    This is the coolest thing ever!

  • Andrea

    Nice…. but what happen with the real time workouts? pleaseeee