Nov 3 2012

Drop It Like A Squat !

On the haters….

We are going to show up with our workouts and train you for free every day of the week Monday to Friday. We are going to bring our best, put in 110% to take you to a level of fitness, health and happiness that will blow you away. It’s on. We need you to show up everyday, push to your max effort for 12 minutes, and just give it a go. We have sorted it all out for you – it’s free, short and the most effective HIIT fat burn and tone up that exists.

The only standing rule is that this community is a place to express support, love and kindness. This is not a place for judgement, personal attacks, or hurtful comments. If that’s your thing there are loads of other sites you can go to. That said we love to hear your ideas, thoughts and constructive criticism. Our trainers arereal people – not celebrities – and they read everything that you guys write. Comments intended to wound often do – for real – and it effects all of us.

We love what we do – but the worst part of my job is having to help one of our trainers piece together their self-confidence after a hateful comment makes them sad, or doubt themselves or feel less sure about themselves. It’s the oddest thing, but somedays a negative comment just rolls off of your back, and other days – maybe because of other things going on in your life – that same comment feels like a kick in the gut. It has happened to all of us so far, and I’m pretty sure that you guys know how it feels when you get caught off guard by something nasty.

In the last months there has been a lot happening behind the scenes – funerals, the loss of family and friends, family medical emergencies – all of the things that happen in real life that we all have to deal with. Your kindness, warmth and support has helped us through all of this – even if it’s just a simple thanks or “like” on Facebook – it makes the team feel supported and brings us all closer together.

We are not prepared to let the haters out there set the agenda here – this is a community built on the love of fitness and mutual human respect, caring and dignity so Rock On with us and let’s Hiit it!


P.s. We have included variations for beginners below because we are not leaving anyone behind :). This is going to be a regular feature moving forward if you guys like it ?

Main Workout:

Workout Breakdown:

Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest. You will go through this circuit 2 times.


For those Hardcore BodyRockers out there … Complete this as a couplet workout. Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest & complete each couplet 3 times through.

1. One Pushup Walk Over

2. Mountain Climbers

3. Plank Row, Spider Leg, Twist Side Plank Dip using the Power Blocks

4. Push Up Clean Press Row using the Sandbag

5. Tricep Pushup Tuck Jumps

6. Lunge and Press using the Sandbag


Beginner Variations:


Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest.

1. Sandbag Press with Leg Lift using the Sandbag

2. Bycicle Abs

3. Knee To Elbow Plank Abs

4. Commando Abs Planks

Inner & Outer Thigh Bonus Video:

Workout Breakdown:

Leg, Ass & Inner & Outer Thigh:

Complete 25 Reps of the following 3 exercise Routines:

A) Squeezes:

1a) 25 Squeezes – Legs Hip Distance apart

2a) 25 Squeezes – Knees Together

3a) 25 Squeezes – In & Out

4a) 25 Squeezes – Hold the Squeeze & In & Out with the Knees

B) Ass Inner & Leg Workout: (Repeat Left & Right Side Separate)

1b) 25 L leg Lift & Lower

2b) 25 Straight Leg Lift

3b) 25 Straight Leg Cross Over

4b) 25 Bent leg press to the ceiling

C) Inner & Outer Thigh: (Repeat Left & Right Side Separate)

1c) 25 Straight Leg Outer Thigh

2c) 25 Forward Bent L Press

3c) 25 Straight Leg Heal Toe Static Leg hold & Press Toe forward and back

4c) 25 Small Straight Leg Presses up and down

Workout Breakdown:

Set your interval timer 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest. You will go through this circuit 2 times.

1. Crunches

2. Bicycle

3. Hip Thrust

4. Leg Climb

5. V-Rock using the Sandbag

6. Mountain Climbers


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  • Anonymous

    Wow, actually I would like that, it would mean they cared!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not concerned with her weight, her weight is insignificant and has no bearing on the conversation as it is just a number which means nothing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry about how you feel lynnh, but I am genuinely concerned. I have watched lisamarie getting leaner and leaner and I’m not trying to hurt her. She seems a sweet lady and I’m worried she’s going down a dangerous path. But apparantly caring here is interpreted by the masses as meanness. Hopefully freddy amd lisa marie don’t think I’m just mean, but I was willing to express my concern even though I knew that I would be attacked here by the commentors or even blocked by freddy. But I think it is important enough!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Tee. It’s cool because you were not rude :) 

      • Anonymous

        thank-you freddy! I do care even if a lot of commentors don’t think I do.

        PS are you ever getting rid of that t-shirt? ;) I’ve been waiting since june! lol

  • Gabrielita Carchi

    Hi Lisa!!  you are so funny with that mustache…I couldn’t stop laughing and had to watch the video twice to pay attention hahaha!!  Thanks for brighten up my day more and put me in a good mood to work out… :) I want one of those!! ;) hugs!

  • Jill Hobbs

     I’m vegan.

  • Anonymous

    Teshia is, the girl who does the yoga.

  • Anonymous

    Free & fit lish has left the bodyrock, I think she felt she didn’t fit right. I’m sure you can find her on facebook still

  • Slater4eva

    Peoples bodies fluctuate constantly through different emotional times in our life.  Lisa is a real person and these things also apply to her.  I just think that people need to stop picking on every little thing and look at the bigger picture.  We dont know what is going on in her life behind bodyrock and when she is in front of the camera she is amazing at what she does. Chin up Lisa-marie <3

  • Moe

    I think Lisa is naturally thin and needs to workout to BUILD muscle.  I personally had the same problem when I was younger. I could not keep weight on until I started to train…then my body decided to do it’s own thing after having two children ;).The treadmill in the back is irrelevant because of all the people going through the house.Furthermore I believe that Lisa genuinely cares about what the Bodyrockering community has to say because she was one of us watching prior to becoming a host. Why can’t we just post our scores and train amongst the community instead of getting caught up in the drama.

  • Kowen328

    Thanks for the beginner tips! Love this feature!!!

  • Michael Greenwood

    Thanks!  Would be lost without Body Rock!

  • jbell

    Thank you. 

  • Anonymous

    Hi guys – for those of you concerned about Lisa’s weight – she is actually 10 pounds heavier now then when she first came to us a year ago. I know it’s been a while since you have seen her but let me assure you guys that she is ok. 

    • Anonymous

      Interesting, though I wasn’t concerned about her weight, but her leanness and health.  I am curious how you know that on 2nd workout she clearly states that she doesn’t get on the scale, doesn’t know her weight and I think she said she wouldn’t get on a scale
      so does that mean, she has started weighing herself, ’cause maybe there could be some obsessiveness going on, you did title this workout -she must workout.
      just concerned for her health

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        going for the comment block there Tee….lol….I agree,concerned for LM health….looking like a a starving person that had balloons sewn into her chest

      • Zolasoleil

        10 pounds heavier? Really…Come on, we know it’s not true. I am also concern with her health. We can definitly see the diffrence in one year. She lost a lot of muscle already. Maybe F doesn’t really look at her

        • Jennifer Haggerty

          Freddy’s statement could very well be legitimate  When I started rockin’ I was about 130 lbs carrying it in my waist section. Since I’ve changed my diet and starting working out my body has gone through a dramatic shift and I look much much skinnier yet still remain 130 lbs. (give or take 1-2 pounds, I have a hypothyroid condition n which causes my weight and energy levels to really fluctuate). I’ve worked out much less in the last ew months yet maintain my diet, I’ve lost some muscle definition and gained some jiggle BUT I’m still 130 lbs! 

          I’ve attached two images. The top hat was in May of this year; I’m not overweight by any means but I am definitely carrying it differently. I hadn’t worked out for several months when I took this photograph.

          The second image was taken last week. I’ve been maintaining a steady diet plan and working out at least 3 times a week. 

          I haven’t noticed much of a shift yet my father, grandmother, mother, AND stepmother have all been very concerned because of my appearance. I have to constantly assure them that I do eat 3 times a day  (big meals… I love food… love it so much!) and snack often. 

          I read in an earlier comment that Lisa does a lot of running, this would highly impact her physique and give her a much leaner appearance. Our bodies shift, but we can get it where we want it easily! 

          BodyRock FTW!

          • Anonymous

            cool pictures jennifer, are you a model?

      • Lucia Belen Metcalf

         no, that probably means she weighed herself to shut up all the people fricking bothering her about it.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting, though I wasn’t concerned about her weight, but her leanness and health.  I am curious how you know that on 2nd workout she clearly states that she doesn’t get on the scale, doesn’t know her weight and I think she said she wouldn’t get on a scale
      so does that mean, she has started weighing herself, ’cause maybe there could be some obsessiveness going on, you did title this workout -she must workout.
      just concerned for her health

    • Lucia Belen Metcalf

       Thanks Freddy.

      Yes, peeps, I’ve lost 30 lbs with weight watchers, then joined BR while still doing WW. I am supposed to lose 1-2 lbs doing the plan and when I started BR I didn’t lose any and one week I gained. I am not sad because my body is changing and looking amazing. My husband says is because I am gaining muscle (and he is very happy with the results, thanks guys!)

      Please just STOP obsessing about Lisa’s weight. i feel people that do that are the fat ones who try to justify their overweight by blaming Lisa for being skinny. I can bet 100% she will always be skinny, is her physique. She wouldn’t be able to do what she does if she was anorexic. People can you please just work as hard as her, be grateful and move the frigging on??? For the record, I am 5’7′ and 158 lbs trying to get to 145 (which was my weight before I came to the US). Seriously, I know people who are put down for being skinny (my hubby a cross country runner, his sister his brother, they’re all like that) and it really hurts as much as being put down for being fat. Lisa looks amazing and she is kind enough to freaking share how she got that body. Say thanks and shut up!

  • Moe

    LOVE LOVE your workouts! Please do not get discouraged by rude people.  We dedicated Body Rockers appreciate all you do for us :)!!

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed that because it’s the first time in ages & ages since we’ve seen Lisa smile and laugh in a video!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Lisa Marie and Freddy,

    I am making this comment from a position of great concern, not hate. 
    I have been noticing  the “skinny ness” that many have commented on.  I do not agree with the people who are telling lisa to eat, because I’m guessing she is as her muscles are hard, but looking at todays video I was quite alarmed at how much muscle lisa has lost. 
    I am saying this because if you compare the picture in the Do it With Me workout with the picture in the Juicy Booty in 4 moves workout, the pictures are in almost the same pose but one picture is recent and one is from march of this year.  if you compare the two you can clearly see that lisa’s legs and butt are much thinner, the beautiful curve of your hamstrings is gone, the nice curve of your calves are gone, your butt has gotten bony shaped and the back of your knee you can definately see the ligaments or tendons protruding greatly in the recent picture.  this is why I am expressing my concern. 
    I think you have lots of energy etc, and I’m guessing you are doing a ton of cardio, running?  I do see a treadmill in the background and I have heard you love to run.  I am thinking you are looking like an ultra marathon runner.  they may do great things but they don’t look healthy and most people don’t wish to look like them. (they burn off so much muscle in those long bouts of cardio)  If you like to run, then maybe you could switch to sprinting because they train in much shorter interludes, powerful and fast, and they develop awesome muscles.
    I have also read this a few times lately – that long distance running creates great stress on our bodies and especially for women can cause troubles. here’s an article that relates to this.  excessive cardio can cause thyriods to get out of whack. 
    If we think about all animal babies – watch them play, they run and jump, climb things etc all in short bursts, then they rest – sit down, look at something etc.  not even human children get up and suddenly run out the door to do 5K.  why as adults do we do such a thing and think its healthy?

    If this loss is caused from stress from all the events you mention in the above writeup then this would help with that, take a lot of long slow walks, do a couple of short intensive sprints in a week and lift heavy things a couple of times – all will do a lot to reduce stress, but long running or long cardio adds stress to our body – cause our bodies still follow a lot of ancestral ways and wonder why we are still running away from the tiger!

    I’m including pictures of marathoners vs sprinters for you
    hope you take this in the spirit I intended!

    • Stephanie

      Wow. What a compare. You have a good eye, tee! 
      Holy sh*t !

    • Florencia Fama

      Is this really true? what you say about cardio?…. if not, you shouldn’t be giving information away making everyone concerned…. especially not in a fitness website where almost everyone is learning on their own and doesn’t rely on a trainer or specialist…

      • Anonymous

        I have been reading a lot on this subject lately, but I did leave a link about it, but I think if you googled women running into trouble you might find some info on it. But of course you should never believe everything you see or hear on any website. It makes perfect sense to me as no animal exists that just runs and runs endlessly for hours on end other than us humans. All other animals basically run to eat or to get away from being eaten!

    • Lucia Belen Metcalf

       Running is one of the best things you can do to your body. I know it creates a high impact but just think on how we were design to live. Cave men were constantly running and hunting, we were not created to sit all day (I know that’s not what you’re suggesting). If Lisa likes to run to unwind and loses muscle, what is the problem? My husband is a track and field and cross country runner and even though he looks skinny he is not unhealthy. Can we leave the trainers alone? They’re adults and they are responsible for their own lives, we are for our own.

  • léna

    love it so much! and the juicy boots in 4 moves is definitely burning !! thank u for all of your hardwork! and i have to admit that i loved real time too !

  • Jacimischelle

    Can you start including where all your cute workout clothes are from?

  • Steppefarm

    I’m 44 – used to be lean (-20lbs) (never really an athlete). A little timid to try to get lean but your encouragement to just try one has me convinced! One week into this and I can say is my mood is already a lot lighter!
    Thank you

  • Finethenhoney

    Hey guys! Awesome job.I missed Lisa!! But I enjoyed the other trainers too! I’m sorry if there’s so much hating. We’ve all been in a position where we’ve had a really hard day and we take it out on something/someone. It’s not right, but we’re human. I have a toddler and when toddlers get mad or upset they always take it out on Mom. Interestingly, they love Mom (or dad or caregiver) more than anything. So maybe it’s just love in disguise?? Maybe them taking out their day on you is really a compliment?? Okay, maybe that’s a little out there but I hope it made you smile. Sending my love guys, I wish you good luck with whatever you’re going through right now.

  • Guest

    The bodyrock website and crew are truly amazing and inspirational! I’m a little new to this site, and every time I visit, I am blown away by the dedication and effort that is put in to making a solid impact in the lives of many. The fact you guys are providing free workouts, tips, and guidance is so touching and motivational!!! Please continue what you are doing and ignore negative comments…those people just don’t have anything better to do in their spare time. You know what you are about, and consider how many people you have changed :) 

  • Anonymous

    1.)I love the Movember partystash!!!! 

    2.) I love the workout!!!  The core of bodyrock yay!

    3.) hate the gifs. 


  • Lafiore_celeste

    PEOPLE! when you workout that intensely YOU NEED TO ALSO EAT!! Compensate for all the energy you use in the workout. eat the right things but eat ENOUGH!
    It’s not healthy for us girls to be so skiny. We are girls and we need to have curves :) that’s how we are supose to look NICE AND HEALTHY… It’s sad to see so many young girls that put themselves through misery to look super skinny and it honestly looks so unhealthy it’s sickening!

  • Terri DiOrazio Taylor

    I think you are so inspiring and beautiful and incredible!!  Keep on doing what you are doing !!!  Hater’s are going to hate…   Love you guys!!!  

  • KitKat

    what do you mean by a couplet?:)

    • sasha

      you pair the exercises:

      couplet 1) One Pushup Walk Over/Mountain Climbers
      couplet 2)Plank Row, Spider Leg, Twist Side Plank Dip/Push Up Clean Press Row
      couplet 3)Tricep Pushup Tuck Jumps/Lunge and Press
      you alternate between the two workouts until you do each 3 times through.then move on to the next couplet.So the workout is actually 18 min. long

  • dvanstone

    I love what you guys do! the idea behind it is just AWESOME!  free amazing workouts… Cant get better than that. 

    Sorry for your losses and family issues.  I lost a family member this week too and got off track with my diet and routine as it was hard to smile through the pain.  Please dont ever think that you are less of a person because of someones words.  You are all amazing for giving up your time and sharing parts of your lives with us, and all of it for free.  No one else has ever gone that far or done that much for the human population as a whole.  You are all doing a great thing towards making humanity a better healthier place. Please dont ever change what you are doing to help us.

    Thank you for being free and strong and giving it your all and for nothing in return.

  • cs2010

    For Freddy and all the Bodyrock trainers:  I’ve been a loyal bodyrocker since your very early days and witnessed this community form right before my eyes.   I’ve left some very personal comments also while I was going through my divorce, and your workouts gave me strength and a sense of belonging through this community.

    But honestly, what keeps me coming back are the workouts.   I don’t really give a damn about the negative comments.  Negative comments come from people who are in a bad mental or emotional place themselves and should be ignored.

    You post these workouts because you believe in the workouts.  You know it works.  It’s the most effective and efficient way to get an incredible body.   That’s your purpose…posting something you believe in.  It’s our job to do the workouts.  Be consistent.  See results.  Let you know we appreciate you.

    Comments are irrelevant.  Soak in the positive ones.  If you see something negative, just assume that the commenter is going through hard times and wish them well, but the rest of us have work to do.  The rest of us are too busy being positive, doing the workouts, and loving you guys.

    I know you don’t need a pep talk.  You know your shit.  I just wanted to say thank you for my incredible body and for posting workouts that you believe in.

    • Mandy

      Absolutely correct! I, too am a follower since the days of Malta. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Anonymous

    Love this post! I’m always in awe of Lisa-Marie’s energy – well done! I like the beginner variations, it’s a much cleaner presentation. But my favorite parts are the bonuses. As a seasoned bodyrocker, I get kind of bored of the 50/10 thing. The bonus videos add a bit of variation to my workout. As for the haters, I completely agree with you. But as I mentioned previously (and other bodyrockers as well) it probably stems from your presentation. I’ve been with you for a while so I know that it’s not about boobies and porn. But a new user might think otherwise by your suggestive pictures and titles. As you’ve proven with this title (drop it like a squat) it’s possible to be fun without the sexual innuendos. That being said, you’re never going to please everyone. I respect what you do and thank you for keeping us in shape!