Nov 6 2012

Push to the Finish Workout – Boys Vs. Girls

Hi BodyRockers!

I made Sean laugh today by making fun of his hairy armpits and how weird he looked doing those split abs in the video. If it looked like we were having fun with the workout it’s because we were. It occurred to me that we haven’t laughed like that during a workout in a while. It’s like we rediscovered what we love about doing this with you guys. It’s meant to be fun and a laugh and something we all enjoy. I don’t know how this fell to the wayside, but we promise to always try and bring a smile into your day along with all of the feel good sweat :)
Enjoy today’s workout – smile while you train.


In the spirit of the election we decided to do a fitness competition today :) Grab a friend and throw down a challenge of your own. Tip: make them laugh during the workout – it will slow down their reps!

The Workout Video – Sean Vs. Lisa…

BodyRock Original Workout:

There are 2 parts to this workout:

Part One:

Set your interval timer to 10/10 for 12 rounds & complete the following two exercises back to back completing as many reps as you can.

1) Plie Squat Jumps & Mountain Climbers

2)  Complete 200 High Knee Skips

Reset your interval timer again for 12 rounds of 10/10 again and complete the following two exercises below, push as hard as you can

3) Jump Lunge & Mountain Climbers

Part Two:

Set your interval timer for 6 rounds of 40 seconds work and 10 seconds rest & complete the following two exercises.

1) Forward/side lunge combination – alternative left & right legs – Using the pink Sandbag

2) Sumo Squat & V ab lift – Using the BodyRock Equalizer or Dip Station

Video Part Two:

BodyRock Workout:

Set your interval timer to 12 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest – & Bust out as many repetitions of the following exercises as you can

1) 10 High Knees & 10 Mountain Climbers

2) Side Low Squat Lunge & Side Kick & Low Lunge & Oblique Knee Twist  –  Left Side – Using the pink Sandbag

3) 2 x Monkey Push- Ups & 2 x Push Ups & Burpee Tuck Jump

4) Side Low Squat Lunge & Side Kick & Low Lunge & Oblique Knee Twist  –  Right Side – Using the pink Sandbag


We will be checking in with you guys every day on our Facebook pages, so make sure you come over and say hello & share your ideas, diet plans and workout scores. For Lisa’s Facebook page click here, Sean’s Facebook page click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here


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  • Anonymous

    Lisa you looked great in these videos! Super cute.

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused at the first workout’s timing? Can’t quite grip about how I’m supposed to set this up.
    So, I’m gonna mash them all up and do one big 50/10. :) No excuses!

    • Anonymous

       Never mind, figured it out…

  • Anonymous

    Video is funny, even if maybe content not appropriate, lol. But your workout breakown is messed up lol lisa was doing different exercises from sean a bit. And some weren’t shown at all, so to all the bodyrockers who read this do whichever you want!