Nov 12 2012

Slippery When Wet Workout & Tutorial

Real Time Workout Video: Replay 3 times through!

Complete 10 reps of each exercise!!  Go through this circuit 3 times!

1. Ninja Tuck Jumps Ugi Squat and Press using the pink Sandbag or the Ugi ball

2. V abs with reverse curl

3. 1/2 Burpee Reverse Curl Push Up

4. Switch lunge with Ugi Ball- using the pink Sandbag or the Ugi ball

Beginner Tutorial Video – Tips and Modifications:

Lisa and I were buying Christmas lights on Sunday for the house when we came across a scene that stuck with me enough to want to share it with you.

On our way out of the store we walked by the fitness section – and it was stocked with all the typical gear plus all of the expensive DVD series from the regular suspects. There was a woman there – maybe mid 40’s taking it all in – but I could tell from her body language that she was unsure and feeling totally intimidated. Here was someone that wanted to take that first step but clearly had no idea what to choose or how to go about doing it. My heart went out to her and it was in that moment that what we have dedicated ourselves to doing here became crystal clear to me. Why should that woman have to be standing in a store isle on her own looking at expensive DVD programs? It may sound stupid but this woman reminded me of my mom – and I just wanted to tell her to save her money for Christmas presents for her family because everything on that shelf was just a promise of fitness for cash – not anything made by people who actually wanted to help her.  In the end Lisa introduced herself and told her about our community and the long and the short of it is that the outright relief that flooded onto her face and her thanks made our whole weekend. She wrote down the address of the site, thanked us again and went on her way with I’m not kidding – a spring in her step. From our living room to yours we hope that you enjoy today’s workout.



P.S. We shared the new logo for our brand-new website on our Facebook page here!!! Also we will be announcing the launch and the start of our new 30 day challenge there as well so be sure and like our Facebook page so you don’t miss Day 1 of the Challenge when it starts NEXT WEEK!

Pps. Check out both video’s as we share our Raw Juice Cleanse we are currently doing with you & also other exciting news :)

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  • Karen O’ Reilly

    Can’t wait for the new look site. I’m glad that woman found Bodyrock, it will be a positive change in her life :)

  • Kiersten Wilson Lortz

    I have been bodyrocking for two years now and just had baby #4 six weeks ago today. I started runnning 3 weeks ago and this was my 3rd BR workout postpartum. It KILLED me! Thank you so much for a great burn. I hope to have this weight off in good time.

  • Paula Nelson

    Great workout, please continue to use the gym boss timer. :)

  • Alejandra Nader Lema

    Love this one! 14kg sand bag and pink ugi

    3 rounds 16:33
    5 rounds 27: 33 (don’t know why, but i want to try 2 more… lol)

    Then 1:25 50 knee raises on dip…
    Know i`m eating breakfast and do some skipping…

    Thanks sooo much, i was sweating like crazy!!!


  • Claireshibli

    Loved this workout, managed to do the ninja tuck jumps too although not as graceful as you almost fell on my ass a few times, but I was determined to do it and I did 10 reps 3 times through with no modifications been bodyrocking for 8 weeks now and very proud of my results!

  • Anonymous

    Hi. Unfortunately we were unable to arrive at a contract agreement with Haley. These things sometimes happen :(

  • Mary Mussette

    I LOVE the abs workout!  Really makes me eager to drop eveyrthing in the office and start crunching!  :p
    I have a serious procrastination problem (called work haha) so I have been all but steady on my BR workout, but even though so I lost 1 size  :p  how cool is that?!  :)

  • Jenn Lo

    Awesome workout, I’m going to favorite this one.  I went through it 4 times!

  • Anonymous

    Sweating again like always with your workouts! With the V-abs I felt very tense. Do you guys do any stretch after workouts?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting the work out break down and tutorial again! 

  • Mindy Bishop

    Hey guys! Loved the videos and the post. It was all very light and made me smile, so thank you:-) It’s always nice to check in with you. I do have a suggestion. I remember when I fist started bodyrocking and how overwhelmed I was. I remember that it always helped me when the written description of each exercise was super clear and matched exactly with the exercise in the video . Right now, I feel like the written descriptions are a little hit or miss with what is actually in the video. Even if it was long, if it was clear and accurate, it made the world of difference to me. I just wanted to throw that out there to you guys as a way to help the new bodyrockers. Anyway, Love you lots!!! I’m looking forward to training with you today!!

  • Anonymous

    lol: nannying for some folks on vacation at a hotel: but i got in this workout this morning at 6:00: even though i had to do it in a tiny bathroom! the V-ups were hilarious: I could just feel the toilet staring at me the whole time. XDthanks bodyrock for your quick but challenging workouts keeping me fit and healthy. Long live Bodyrockers!! (gotta go save the two year old from the trashcan) 

  • Sofia

    Great workout guys

  • Anonymous

    Thank you,Lisa ,I’ve done it in 14:27 min.this has been maybe my fastest workout recently,I used 2x4kg. dumbells :)

  • Anonymous

    So if you eat healthy, then why do you need to juice fast and detox? I don’t get it? The carb cravings you are having are probably from drinking all the natural sugars in the juices, without any fiber, or fat or protein, I wouldn’t think there was anything filling and your body would just tell you to eat more, no?