Nov 14 2012

Black Ops Workout & Take Responsibility For Your Life.

Stop looking at your life and passing the buck and blaming everyone else for everything you don’t like or don’t have.

“They won’t fix it, they won’t give it to me, so I can’t be happy”. Rubbish. No one is going to hand you a career, the corner office, an audience of adoring fans or a bedrock of security. It’s too much to expect of Santa Claus, and there is no such thing as a Jennie in the Bottle. Wake up.

By shifting the blame we are disempowering ourselves. Why is your happiness or success tied to the actions or approval of someone else? Why have you chosen to play the game of life by those rules?

There is always another way to make it happen – your way – and that way takes effort. It takes sweat, and often it takes tears. As soon as we take responsibility for the state of our lives, our business and our bodies we take back our power. The power to take action, the power to effect change, the power to move forward. You can blame others all you want, but you are shifting to neutral and handing over your destiny.

Be responsible for you. Stop surrendering to helplessness. Quit playing the poor me blame game. Grow up. Be grateful for opportunities and courageous enough to take them. Move your life forward.


Hiit Real Time Workout. Replay this video 3 times and complete 3 rounds for the full workout. Advanced try for 4 rounds.

Hiit One on One Tutorial Video – Lisa explains her workout and gives you alternate beginner modifications if you need them (you can also checkout our Christmas lights :):

My Workout Break Down: Replay the video 3 times and try to keep pace with me for each round! If you can’t keep up don’t sweat it but pacing yourself against someone fitter is always a great way to get that extra push. If you run with the big dogs you might not run as fast but you will run as far!

1. 10x Reps of Elevated Push Up Alternating Knee To Elbow using the pink Equalizer *****

2. 10x Burpee Jump Ups

3. 10x Straight Legs Chest Press Abs with the pink Sandbag

4. 10x Frog Jump Push Up

*** The guys at Equalizer are offering BodyRockers an exclusive $20 off the same equalizer that Lisa uses into today’s video.

If you are thinking of getting one for your workouts, click Equalizer and enter the CODE: BodyRockEQ20

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  • Marco M

    Yeah, I am going to run out and buy the dip bars because of that hot girl laying across them. However, the workout is great.

  • Anonymous

    I love the workouts that have the reps planned for you. For some reason it feels less daunting to me than trying to bust out as many reps as possible in 50 seconds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all over the intervals, but I seem to gravitate towards to time challenges.

  • Eva

    Thank you for this work out, awesome stuff. And Lisa, you are so lovely. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  • Sam

    Nice workout, just saw half price sandbags on swarm jam :)

  • Andreea Calistica

    3 times…..14:30

  • Allyson Becerra

    I did this workout with no mods, my time for 4 rounds was 14 mins and 9 seconds. Thanks for another great workout Lisa!

  • Baily G

    I had learned in the past-and thought it was still true- that when doing body weight exercises it is important to give the body a rest day in between for each specific body part. For instance if you work legs Monday do something else Tuesday and wait to work legs again on Wednesday. It seems like the daily videos work the same body parts every day. Am I wrong about the alternate day theory?

    • Anonymous

      I think It depends on how quickly your body recovers. Say you can do 20 push ups in a row that is considered a higher rep range as opposed to 5 so your body doesnt require as much of a rest period. This is why bodybuilders lift one body part a day and once a week. They are lifting in lower rep ranges so they need longer recovery. I think if you listen to your body and do what you feel works that best. Everyones body reacts differently :) I like to do 2 on and one off.

  • Paula Nelson

    Hi there, awesome workout, great headlines!!! Can we keep the timers (the gymboss). Please, thank you. We like the real time, the total real time. It helps seeing you go thru, it gives us that much needed boost. Thanks for all that you do!!! I love all of you ;)

  • Anonymous

    What happened to Hayley? How come I didn’t see her fb page being
    written at the bottom of the wo page. Is she still in the BR team??

  • Anonymous

    Okay, not sure whats up with the “star” rating button… tried to rate you positive stars and it ended up being negative? Ah!! No!! Wanted to say thanks for the post and workout. going to get to it now!