Nov 15 2012

Pissed Off And Proud Workout

25 Reps Per Exercise For a Total Of 375 Reps!

Workout Break Down

1. Push Up Tricep Dip Using the Equalizer

2. Bear Crawl

3. Swimmers Abs using the Equalizer

4. Chest Fly and Press using the Power Blocks

5. Ugi Crunch using the pink Sandbag or the Ugi ball

*** The guys at Equalizer are offering BodyRockers an exclusive $20 off the same equalizer that Lisa uses into today’s video.

If you are thinking of getting one for your workouts, click Equalizer and enter the CODE: BodyRockEQ20

If you missed Sean’s Full Body Routine Give This A Go!!!

We share our workouts.

We share our lives with you so you can feel like your working out with a friend. We want you to know us better than you would know a PT at the local gym.

Thats why we bring you into our home, take you on our travels and share our lives with you.

The platform or context was not designed as an e-commerce engine. We don’t have a $100 DVD set. There is not a “coach” program or any other kind of multi-level marketing funnel. We are not planning on pay-walls, subscriptions or clubs. BodyRock will always be free. If you are waiting to see who is genuine and who is designing their program just to make a buck wait and see who tries to sell you a DVD or club membership first – it won’t be us.

This is not a cult. You guys get pissed off with us all the time. We listen. We try harder. Sometimes we get pissed off back.

Lisa, Sean, Paul (our amazing editor) and Myself are the full crew that keep this rolling.

If someone writes something cruel in the comments we: A) forgive B) delete C) Ban D) Try and not dwell on it – even when it stings.

This June, we will have been doing this for 5 years.

Our first video was watched 87 times. Today just over 500,000 people watch our videos every day.

I believe that there are over 1 million people out there that would benefit from working out with us every single day. We have some work to do.

There have been many BodyRock couples meet on the site – at least one of these couples were recently married.

Our workouts have been followed by soldiers from all over the world – including those on active duty in Iraq & Afghanistan.

They are also popular with first responders – firefighters, paramedics and police.

One of the biggest challenges has been in bringing in guest hosts. All new hosts will be under contract before they appear in their first video.

Despite having been written up in publications like The New York Times Magazine, Self, Shape, The Washington Post, The Globe and Mail and The Huffington Post, we still feel like we are largely under the radar. No one has yet fully told our story.

This fall we traveled to LA, Miami and NYC and researched all of the top fitness classes and bootcamps that are being offered at the really posh fitness clubs. We are bringing our interpretation of these workouts to a new weekly schedule when we relaunch this month.

Yes Lisa and I are a couple. Sean is my little brother. There are 4 years between us.

If you have an issue with celebrating the beauty, strength awe inspiring marvel that is the human body then you will likely take issue with our approach to fitness.

Yes our content is provocative – but thats how we like it. No we won’t change who we are. Get over it.

Lisa has had less “plastic surgery” and overall modifications than other people that have stood in front of the BodyRock cameras – she has just chosen to be honest and open about it and yes I know that this comment will piss a lot of people off.

Anything anyone choses to do to themselves is ultimately their choice and for their own reasons. Without knowing them, or having taken the time to speak to them about it making a cruel judgement or attacking them for it is more of a statement about the person making the insult. Around here attacking a fellow BodyRocker gets you banned.

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  • Anonymous

    Awsome! I’d love to meet them some day :)

  • Hanna

    No complaints here! Nothing keeps me more motivated than the visuals. Get over it, people.

  • Sofia

    Just keep up the good work guys! I try to give constructive criticism but like you said, that’s what helps the site grow. Hate comments are just completely useless. I am always thankful that you put all this together for free for us and you’re always looking for the next thing to push us harder. Unfortunately as the site grows, so will the amount of people filled with negativity. It’s just how the world is. But always remember that for every one comment you get criticizing you, there are thousands of people who don’t comment but who have nothing bad to say and who support you. We always seem to hear from the people who have hate comments :(

  • Anonymous

    Hey Freddy, just keep doing your thing, it’s your site and few people would have the guts to say anything negative about you or BR if it wasn’t behind the comfort of web comments. I get the sense you finally exhaled. You should be nothing but proud–I’ve followed BR for about 3 years now I think, and for a 2-4 person team to have created a brand and movement with such impact is phenomenal, and to re-jigger and keep it alive and growing after the face of BR changed, took genius and hard work. You are Mr. Phenom himself. I look forward to the continuous improvements and would be happy to help, as would many of BRockers. But you are one smart cookie and your output is way more valuable to us beneficiaries than our input, however positive. I would even turn off comments-capability on your site; perhaps provide chat rooms as an alternative w/ log-in IDs. It’s not as if people can’t reach out to you in other ways if they so desire. Keep on Body-Rocking, Thanks Freddy!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I must say I am surprised that you are so frustrated with people’s comments and judgements. It just seems a little out of character for you to give them the time of day. I have been following you for 2 years now, and I have always admired your ability to “leave it on the mat.” You and Zuzana were so good at that… LET ME FINISH!!! That was a positive attribute that I took on for myself and it has changed my life. When you two split up, it was a very difficult pill to swallow as an avid follower of Bodyrock. I felt torn between you and I I knew my fitness journey would change. I thought I would stick with her, because I love her delivery and that sweet “shy’ quality she has about her, but as time has proven again and again, I’ve stuck with you. STILL WITH ME??? I say you, because I know you are the mastermind behind this machine. I never even really, truly “worked out” before I found Bodyrock. We are so blessed that you have had the strength to keep it going, and you have done an impeccable job. I know I don’t know you personally and you’ve never even seen me, (I’m not on Facebook) but I feel a sense of family when I come to this site. I think you are an amazing person. I think Sean and Lisa are amazing people too.
    Of course people are going to have their opinions about Lisa and her “surgery(s)” but it’s not for them to worry about. Yes it is a fitness site that promotes a healthy body image. Some people argue that Lisa does not have a healthy body image, but that is for HER to worry about. It seems ridiculous to me that a woman of her beauty and physique would pose provocatively in front of millions of people if she was down on herself. If she has the means to fix the “imperfections” that have bothered her, her entire life, that is her business. In my opinion, she is an OUTSTANDING host! She is so full of fire and love and dedication. It makes me want to take her home with me and put her in my pocket so I can take her out anytime I need a boost of energy. She has blown me away with her strength (physically and mentally) countless times!
    I guess what I am getting at here is that all your true, die-hard fans will always be here for you. We will have your back anytime. I tell everyone I know about this site and have turned many friends into full fledged Bodyrockers. You’ve got a really great thing going. You damn well should be proud! I know I am just telling you what you already know, but it’s nice to hear isn’t it? I only wish I could have the pleasure of meeting the team in person. I would love to host a workout. I think you guys are groovy:) Peace, love, sweat and tears,

    Your biggest fan in Vancouver BC,


    • Anonymous

      hi zoe! nice to see you have joined disqus! now I can follow you! :)

      • Anonymous

        Ya, it’s funny I thought of you when I joined :)

    • Anonymous

      PS. Freddy maybe you need to eat some food now.

    • Anonymous

      Yay! @Zoe_Rocker:disqus I am from Vancouver too… That’s feels so good to know that a bodyrocker is living in the same city!

      • Anonymous

        I have to ask, I know there are a million and one “bootcamps” here in Vancouver (and lots of ladies named Claire) but, were you ever part of a small group of chicks that worked out in the evenings at Emily Carr Elementary School? I told the instructor about Bodyrock after I stopped going to the bootcamps. I know he kept in touch with Claire and I am wondering if it is you?

        • Anonymous

          Oops, I just saw your reply Zoe. No I am not the Claire you are talking about. I do my own bootcamp at the gym in my building and that’s funny because I often refer to bodyrock too as people tend to come and talk to me after I am done with my workouts because of how impressed they are with BR workouts’ brutality 😉