Nov 22 2012

Unapologetic Sweat

Hi Bodyrockers,

We all go through dip’s where we lose our Mo-Jo & it’s at this time that we need someone to just give us a kick up the ass.

Well this is that moment if you re looking for it. It’s time to get into your favourite work-out gear, turn up your favourite workout song & Press PLAY on the Video below and smash out 2 rounds. Take no prisoners, sweat through each exercise & feel the rush of adrenaline as you HIIT the finish line stronger & more empowered in just 12 Mins.

Think this is impossible ? Take the challenge, If you have never tried a BodyRock Workout, Give this one a go and share you comments & scores below.

These workouts are designed around one simple goal- to create The Best Home Workout’s Online for free. All you have to do is check in with us everyday & get your daily Ass Kicked & Adrenaline pumping :)

This workout kick started my Mo-Jo this morning & pushed me outside of my comfort zone at the same time – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

ps, I would like to give a shout out to Aaron – thank-u for kicking my ass & pushing me out of my comfort zone.

L xx

Todays Sweat Video:

Workout Break Down:

Set your interval timer to 50 seconds work 10 seconds break.  You will go through these exercises 2 times – Or if you want to smash it out as a couplet workout… then set your timers for 3 rounds of each couplet ( 2 exercises ) & then move on :).

1. Reverse Shoulder Sequence Power Blocks

2. Deadlift + Row Using the Pink Sandbag

3. Plank Push Up

4. Circle Chest Press Power Blocks

5. Single Arm Press Power Blocks

6. Mountain Climber Pike Jump


Video Tutorial & Question:



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  • Isidora

    I love your power and intensity Lisa!

  • Anonymous

    awesome workout, dripping in sweat. Paired it with girl on top workout!

    Reverse shoulder sequence( v.light dumbells)-12/12

    Deadlift and row ( 23kilo sandbag)- 10 and a hlaf/10

    plank push up( KILL ME !)-9/6

    Chest press( 11kilo dumbell)-16/25

    single arm press( 11kilo dumbell)- 12/13

    mt climber pike jump-6/6

  • Julie Elliott

    Yay!!! Love the intensity of the workout..thanks Lisa! I’ll be on this one tmrw. Had to take two days off working out, riding my bike in this weather is kicking my butt. Thanks so much for the workout xxoo

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    OMG Molly! She looks like a mini Toto from the Wizard of Oz! Super cute!