Oct 8 2013

30 Day I Real Time Challenge #4 + Burnout Challenge

Hi BodyRockers,

So we have made it to day 4 already together. I know a lot of you will be tired or maybe a little sore. If this is the case, please listen to your body & maybe go a little slower or reduce your weights today. I am we are almost one week down, week two is where the magic happens so STAY STRONG & KEEP GOING !!


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Todays Coffee Talk:


”go on just try it” … ”you only live once” …. ”your getting too skinny” … ”your obsessed” ….. ”your getting so boring” ….. ”come on, it won’t kill ya, just one” …… ”you work hard enough for a treat right ??”

Heard any of these ?? Hard isn’t it ?

No wonder we fall of the wagon every-now and then … your either too fat or too thin, not healthy or too healthy…. how are we supposed to know whats right and what’s wrong ??

Well I can honestly say I have the answer for you…

So, I have never drank, smoked, taken drugs or abused my body (other than a cake here and there lol) for 32 years now and I can honestly say, I never wanted to either, not even once … I don’t know why I was different to my friends and also 99% of people I know even today.

I am sooo happy that I don’t & after loosing so many loved ones I am even more obsessed with trying to take care of the one precious body I was given.

I don’t need to drink to dance like a fool, and boy do I dance lol… and I do not need to smoke to look cool, because (and please don’t be offended if you are a LOVER of the smoking ) but, it’s not cool, its dirty, it’s smelly, expensive & from what I can see, when it’s cold outside and you defiantly do not look cool freezing to death just to take part in all of the above  … and most of all it kills people and leaves families heartbroken, smoking causes nothing but bad things :( Theres not one positive to smoking or excessive drinking, taking drugs or abusing your body with food  .. so if you do any of the above … please think about making a positive change – Here’s a Blog Post to help you start.

– anyway…. I’m missing my point here lol..

So …. I found fitness at just the right time I guess. I was never allowed to stay out late or be anywhere without telling my parents where I was & by the time I had walked the 50 mins home from step aerobics, got changed out of my matching lycra leotard and shorts, my high cut Rebook Trainers and huge white roll down socks.. and matching headband of course lol… then been dropped off at whichever ”house” the ”party” was at ( and as always I was given a time to be home, and when I say home.. my parents meant 10 mins earlier than this time lol … and ”not a minute after !!” ) … I would turn up to be faced with exactly what I am faced with every-time I go out today @ 32 year old.

I am used to it by now, but I know from my friends that do drink, they say that there is nothing worse than being sober in a room full of drunken people. I wonder why this is ?? Is it because they need to drink to have a good time ?? or they are faced with the reality of how drunken people behave and would prefer to be in it, and oblivious to the behaviour, than see it ?? I’m not sure … anyway, one thing I do know is that it really makes me so sad to see the beautiful young girls sitting on the steps of clubs/bars, or stumbling with no shoes, head in hands, make up all over the place, normally one shoe on lol and being sick … clearly not even knowing where they are or where their friends have gone – it’s all just seems so un-necessary at any age.

Then, of course, there are the boys/men fighting, stumbling about all over, shouting at women and turning into ”mr tickle” for the night.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this is everyone, or that I am pushing my opinion on anyone – it’s your choice how you live your life ….. However, If I had a choice I wouldn’t have any of them available period.

I don’t understand the need to abuse your body with anything, not having any of these things has never made my life less unfulfilled in any way. They are all so harmful in one way or another and altho food isn’t a ”drug” as such, having an unhealthily diet can cause just as much damage inside and out.

That’s not the point of this post though :) …. the point of this post is peer pressure …. I find it odd that I will go out and someone will question the fact that I don’t drink … guaranteed the first thing they will say is… ”what?? ever ??”  or ”not even one ??” … to which I always reply  ”no” …. and the next reply is always the same ”go on, just try it… just a sip, it tastes like pop” (like that’s a good enough reason lol)…… I can see it coming before the words pass their lips…. *shakes head*

How funny is it that if I was asked if I smoked and replied ”no sorry” those same people wouldn’t expect me to put a fag (cigarette) in my mouth and start puffing away in the freezing cold…lol..  I find this happening in sooooo many situations in life with things other than what I am talking about as well.

The amount of people I have been lucky enough to have trained or trained with who have a night out planned and they have been on target with a whole week of amazing clean eating, really positive results, knowing their goals and doing everything right – and with one night out end up blowing it all !! – My heart sinks when I think about it.

For what ?? normally an average night with drinking and take away or bad food choices … all because your ‘friends’ were making you feel uncomfortable, or not involved etc. or you were in a situation that your were just not mentally strong enough for yet or prepared for.

So as to not offend anyone or to feel part of the ‘group’, you join in, and the next day, you are so bummed out because, lets be honest – it’s never worth it, you just feel rubbish, and then training is rubbish !! not for a day.. for days & days after just as you get back to your rhythm – you are back at the weekend dilemma …. and the cycle begins again because you haven’t been honest & true to yourself and found the strength to say NO… it just seems like a constant battle to keep your head above water.

It’s the same when people bring home take away or go out for food, or bring cakes, cookies and biscuits to work etc…. or any social event that involves will power to get through the day / night. I don’t think people realize it’s so easy to fall when you are trying to give up a habit – but to make this change you have to be proud of your new choices & make friends and loved ones aware of it so they understand, and those that don’t you can prepare when a situation with them arises etc.

Just the slightest bit of temptation makes it almost impossible to resist diving off the wagon and scoffing every single thing in sight, I know this, Im human :D and once you start you can’t stop right ?  – the ”ill start monday” comes in (you know the days… I like to call them the f**k it days lol when you say to yourself…. it’s a new day tomorrow, I’ll start again, when every bit of you is devastated you gave in …. again !!!!).

So my point of this post  (that I am aware sometimes takes a side road to the final journey lol sorry, I type how I talk lol ) ….is,  if you are aiming towards a goal… be proud to say ”no thank-you” or ”I don’t eat/drink that” to those things you know you don’t need to eat or drink or smoke or take ….

This is a whole new lifestyle choice, your not missing out, we still have treats but we do it in the right way – in moderation :). I promise those nights you do go out will be so special as you will have really earned it :).

Remind yourself – You are looking after yourself and you making choices that support your goals and targets & if the people around you don’t understand that then try to stay positive and remember all the hard work you have put into it :)) and keep strong. Walk away & try to avoid putting yourself into situations you know will make you feel tempted or awkward.

For Friends of those who are trying to change their lifestyle  –  If you do have a friend or you are a friend of someone who’s trying to make positive changes … may I ask one thing – that you help them along, be supportive as let me tell you, it’s really hard to do !! and even easier to fall off the wagon when u don;t have anyone telling you no or when your not being supported. That’s why I always make sure I try to answer you on my Facebook page as I know how hard it can be. Somedays just one reply can change everything !! – just like one workout does right ;)

Please don’t just try to ”fit in” …. be you… be beautiful and be PROUD of your new lifestyle and positive steps ….. It’s your life… Live it how you wish & don’t let anyone tell you can’t do this and that you are anything but perfect … because you are, theres no one else like you, you are original, be proud of that and shine !!


Todays INTERVAL HIIT workout is below …. get some weight involved today.




Todays Video is Dedicated To Our Friend Jay & Family  xox



YouTube – 30 Day Challenge Playlist




Workout Breakdown:


Set Your  Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 8.22.17 PM  to 10 seconds rest & 30 seconds work.


Unless you are working out with me – I know you are tired but get up and see this through – Come on i’m waiting for you.


You can use your  Sandbagor Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 7.20.26 PMor Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 5.46.46 PM (click images to view)

If you haven’t had time to get your equipment yet, or it’s on it’s way – There are Free Home Equipment Ideas – Here

If you are training in your Gyms or on your own  – Complete as many rep’s of the following exercise’s before the 30 seconds is up: Post your scores below to remind yourself how far you have come when you HIIT this again.


Todays Workout:


Todays workout is split into 3 parts ! – Enjoy this Bad Boy !

Remember – You will skip first while I take the first exercise. See Day #1 for instructions.


1. Sumo Squat & Knee To Elbow Lift  – (Alternate L&R Knee) – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar

2. Dive Bombers

3. Weighted Step Ups Left  – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar

4. Weighted Step Ups Right – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar

5. Tricep Dips & Knee Lift – using the Equalizer

6. Weighted Low Jack Prisoner Jumps – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

7. Tricep Dips – using the Equalizer

8. Sandbag Sit Up – (sit up with the wight above your head) – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar

9. Ugi Punch / Straight Punches – using the Tbar weights

10. Weighted Frog Jump & Burpee – Forward & Back – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

11. Forward Lunge & Side Lunge Left – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar

12. Forward Lunge & Side Lunge  Right – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar

13. Sumo Push up – (Push up & lift hand 6 Inchs off the floor – L&R Alternate)

14. Side Oblique Abs – (L&R Alternate) – using the Equalizer

15. Knee Lift Kick Over Lunge – (L&R Alternate) – using the Equalizer

16. 3 Point Abs – (Centre, Side, Centre, Side) – using the Equalizer

17. Push- Up Jack Legs – (Push up as u bring your legs in)

18. Ninja Tuck Jumps or Squat Jumps

19. Clean & Press & Lunge – (L&R Alternate Lunge – lunge with the weight above your head) – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

20. 10 High Knees & 2 Spider Push Ups

21. Plank Jumps – (Jump legs in & out)

22. Weighted Switch Lunge & Twist – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

23. Weighted Hip Thrusts – (Lie on your back & lift the pelvis off the floor with the weight on ur pelvis) – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

24. Plank Jumps – (Plank position, jump in to the left elbow, jump in centre, jump to the right elbow)

25. Chuck & Tuck  – using the Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

26. 1/2 Burpee

27. Wide Leg Squats – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar

28. Core Splits – (Lift legs into a V in front) – using the Equalizer

29. Standing Front Raise & Side Raise – using the Tbar weights

30. Clean & Press – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar


To Finish – The Burnout


1. Sandbag  Swings – 1 Min – using the Sandbag

2. Squat & Touch The Floor – 1 Min

3. Reverse Pull Ups – 1 Min – using the Equalizer 

4. Dive Bombers – 1 Min


Pre & Post Workout Stretch (2 Videos) – Here


My Workout Gear Today:

Lulemon Top - I also Have it in Pink :)

Lulemon Top – I also Have it in Pink :)


After Sweating sooo much – Diesel Cap On !!


Retro Adidas Shorts


Lulemon Top – I also Have it in Pink :)


Lulemon Top – in Pink :)

NIke FreeRuns 2

NIke FreeRuns 2

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Leave me a message below …. How are you feeling after Day 4 ?


My 14 Day Nutrition Guide is available Here

My Fat Loss, Diet & Portion Sizes … Here



Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 9.55.55 PM

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Lisa-Marie x


Here are the days we have done so far :

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  • Ginger Snaps

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Bodyrock.tv!! Another great workout and I sweated my butt off! Woo! 401 calories! Did the burnout and used my 11lb weighted vest. Love it and look forward to day five! :D

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  • Erinn

    Second time through the challenge — still going strong and lifting heavier weights than the first time through! :-) :-) AND I went to the beep every single time — woot! woot!

  • rena

    aaand here I am again :D upped all the weights. pretty proud B-) thank you!

    1. Sumo
    Squat & Knee To Elbow Lift – (Alternate L&R Knee) – using
    the Sandbag 21lb >> 25lb

    2. Dive

    3. Weighted Step
    Ups Left – using the Sandbag 21lb >> 25lb

    4. Weighted Step
    Ups Right – using the Sandbag 21lb >> 25lb

    5. Tricep
    Dips & Knee Lift – using the Chairs

    6. Weighted Low
    Jack Prisoner Jumps – using the Sandbag 21lb >> 25lb

    8. Sandbag
    Sit Up – (sit up with the weight above your head) – using the Powerblocks 21lb

    7. Tricep
    Dips – using the Chair***

    9. Ugi
    Punch / Straight Punches – using the Powerblocks 13lb

    10. Weighted
    Frog Jump & Burpee – Forward & Back – using the Sandbag
    21lb >> 25lb

    11. Forward
    Lunge & Side Lunge Left – using the Sandbag 21lb >> 25lb

    12. Forward
    Lunge & Side Lunge Right – using the Sandbag 21lb
    >> 25lb

    13. Sumo
    Push up – (Push up & lift hand 6 Inchs off the floor – L&R

    14. Side
    Oblique Abs – (L&R Alternate) – using the Chairs

    14. Side
    Oblique Abs – (L&R Alternate) – using the Chairs

    15. Knee
    Lift Kick Over Lunge – (L&R Alternate) – using the Chairs

    16. 3
    Point Abs – (Centre, Side, Centre, Side) – using the Powerblocks
    2 combos

    17. Push-
    Up Jack Legs – (Push up as u bring your legs in)

    18. Ninja
    Tuck Jumps or Squat Jumps

    19. Clean
    & Press & Lunge – – using the Sandbag 21lb >>

    20. 10
    High Knees & 2 Spider Push Ups

    21. Plank
    Jumps – (Jump legs in & out)

    22. Weighted
    Switch Lunge & Twist – using the Powerblocks
    5 sb

    23. Weighted
    Hip Thrusts – (Lie on your back & lift the pelvis off the floor with
    the weight on ur pelvis) – using the Sandbag 21lb >> 25lb

    24. Plank
    Jumps – (Plank position, jump in to the left elbow, jump in centre, jump
    to the right elbow)

    25. Chuck
    & Tuck – using the Powerblocks 13lb
    8 19

    26. 1/2

    27. Wide
    Leg Squats – using the Sandbag 21lb >> 25lb

    28. Core
    Splits – (Lift legs into a V in front) – using the Chairs

    29. Standing
    Front Raise & Side Raise –
    using the Powerblocks 9lb
    7 13

    30. Clean
    & Press – using the Sandbag 21lb >> 25lb

    To Finish – The Burnout

    1. Sandbag
    Swings – 1 Min – using the Sandbag 21lb >>

    2. Squat
    & Touch The Floor – 1 Min

    3. Reverse
    Pull Ups – 1 Min – using the Chairs

    a4. Dive
    Bombers – 1 Min

    1min high knees

    1min jumping

    1min Heisman

    1min sprint
    in place

    * Toe Touch Abs


    + Burpee + Pushup + Ninja Tuck

    Fitness and fat burn improving


    –> 580 kcal

  • Alexandra Rae

    so i decided to take off yesterday(since it was saturday, so that I had at least one day of rest) and then bam back to repeating day 4!! day 4 repeated and defeated!(and on my only day off mind you!) i cant believe the improvement I am seeing in my stamina and strength and doing exercises i struggled with on the last day four. I also bought the nutrition guide, i have celiacs so i will have to modify the stuff with bread/gluten, but i am excited to see how much it helps me improve even more. For anyone repeating this challenge, way to go! its soo worth it!

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  • Christelle Donaldson

    Great workout, so proud I managed to do the dive bombers at first. But not in the bonus round, way too tired!

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  • Rachel

    Just completed day 4 and feel great. Wore the same lulu sports bra for motivation :-)

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  • Jackie

    Wow, I can’t even tell you how perfect this post was for me. I’m really used to saying no to food, because I spent 6 years as a vegan. Although I’m not vegan anymore, I have a bunch of food allergies and like to eat clean. My one vice is alcohol. I like to socialize, and when there’s alcohol involved, I don’t like to be around people sober. I always regret it, and I always make terrible eating choices when I do it.

    I went out for a friend’s birthday after WEEKS of clean eating and DAILY workouts. I’m in nursing school, so sometimes I’d wake up at 3:30am just to get a workout in before my clinical. My results were FAST. I had obliques and was developing a six pack. I looked great. But then I went out and got drunk, and I ate TWELVE CUPCAKES WHILE DRUNK. TWELVE! I totally binged and didn’t care! And then the next morning, I was so depressed and felt so crappy that I ate a big, unhealthy breakfast. After that, it was hard to be motivated or get into the swing of things.

    That was over a month ago! And I’ve had MANY cheat days since, because I just felt like giving up because I was so upset over my lost progress. What I should’ve done was pick myself up the next day, but I’d be making the same mistake if I continued to wallow in my regret. I’m now BACK in the swing of things, eating right and working hard with this challenge! But for Halloween, I’m going out tomorrow night. So this post was VERY NEEDED. I’m going to pack my own food to take with me, so I have no excuses, and I’ll remember these words.

    Thank you so much for everything you do.

  • Jessica

    Day 4 plus burnout. Awesome, thank you so much for the support


    day 4 done! :) sweating a lot!!!!!!!

  • manu

    YEEEEES!!! DID IT!!! Lisa Marie and all of you who are smashing it every day are absolutely awesome!!!!! we are all in this together!!! now some healthy dinner and the day has its perfect end :) See you tomorrow!

  • Ania Moores

    broken rope :’)

  • Ania Moores

    Day 4 smashed out! Bonus done!…sad news broke my skipping rope from going so fast! ;)
    Lisa you are totes amaze!!! Loving this so much!

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  • disqus_Cz8ZpLEgFH

    I LOVE these workouts! And You Lisa are so awesome! :)
    I prefer exercising like that – “real time”.

  • Sarah

    Hey Lisa! Finished day 4! I took yesterday off as I had an allergy attack. I was trying to motivate myself to do it today and so I watched your motivational vid you posted for day 2. It helped me to get changed and go for it! I did the whole workout and the burnout! I am slowly feeling not as destroyed at the end of each workout as I was at the end of the workout before. Still modifying some of the workouts, like the pushup and burpee combos I am doing against the stairs but I’m here and I’m doing it! Thank you!

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  • Lauren Krom Burnside

    I’m behind on the challenge b/c I was scared and intimidated to start when you did. It took me 10 days to finally decide to cut the excuses and get moving. I started at 250 lbs, so it is not easy seeing all the “fit” people doing this and feeling so very out of shape. I listen and read every word you are saying and I can’t thank you enough for all of the work you put into this. I can’t believe how much I have improved in just 4 workouts. I already feel myself have more control during lunges and better balance. You are amazing! I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and do DAY 5!

  • Natalie B

    Great workout. I took one day rest after day 3 (yesterday was quite nutty), but came back to smash Day 4 + burnouts! I did only a few dive bombers, then switched to push ups (no stopping!!) I love the burnouts (so far….)
    Can’t wait for Day 5!! High Five!! <3

  • Melissa Peterson

    i < 3 u Lisa Marie

  • Zack

    Not sure if you still check past days but killer work out Lisa! Loved the coffee talk especially. I think I have said that same rant at least once a month (including the over protective parents and the rolled up socks xD). You keep up the good work too, I really appreciate it!

  • rena

    and I get better at skipping *happydance

    Thank you so SO much Lisa!
    See you all tomorrow :D

    1. Sumo Squat & Knee To Elbow Lift – (Alternate L&R Knee) – using the Sandbag 21lb 70 9
    2. Dive Bombers 71 5
    3. Weighted Step Ups Left – using the Sandbag 21lb 57 10
    4. Weighted Step Ups Right – using the Sandbag 21lb 60 8
    5. Tricep Dips & Knee Lift – using the Chairs 50 10
    6. Weighted Low Jack Prisoner Jumps – using the Sandbag 21lb 52 24
    8. Sandbag Sit Up – (sit up with the weight above your head) – using the Powerblocks 21lb 50 6
    7. Tricep Dips – using the Chair*** 74 15
    9. Ugi Punch / Straight Punches – using the Powerblocks 13lb 60 16
    10. Weighted Frog Jump & Burpee – Forward & Back – using the Sandbag 21lb 46 5
    11. Forward Lunge & Side Lunge Left – using the Sandbag 21lb 48 6
    12. Forward Lunge & Side Lunge Right – using the Sandbag 21lb 40 6
    13. Sumo Push up – (Push up & lift hand 6 Inchs off the floor – L&R Alternate) 46 10
    14. Side Oblique Abs – (L&R Alternate) – using the Chairs 58 14
    15. Knee Lift Kick Over Lunge – (L&R Alternate) – using the Chairs 50 8
    16. 3 Point Abs – (Centre, Side, Centre, Side) – using the Powerblocks 55 2 combos
    17. Push- Up Jack Legs – (Push up as u bring your legs in) 44 10
    18. Ninja Tuck Jumps or Squat Jumps 64 6
    19. Clean & Press & Lunge – (L&R Alternate Lunge – lunge with the weight above your head) – using the Sandbag 21lb 50 3
    20. 10 High Knees & 2 Spider Push Ups 60 3
    21. Plank Jumps – (Jump legs in & out) 59 18
    22. Weighted Switch Lunge & Twist – using the Powerblocks 21lb 40 5
    23. Weighted Hip Thrusts – (Lie on your back & lift the pelvis off the floor with the weight on ur pelvis) – using the Sandbag 21lb 54 14
    24. Plank Jumps – (Plank position, jump in to the left elbow, jump in centre, jump to the right elbow) 52 5
    25. Chuck & Tuck – using the Powerblocks 13lb 54 9
    26. 1/2 Burpee 54 16
    27. Wide Leg Squats – using the Sandbag 21lb 56 13
    28. Core Splits – (Lift legs into a V in front) – using the Chairs 56 11
    29. Standing Front Raise & Side Raise – using the Powerblocks 9lb 51 5
    30. Clean & Press – using the Sandbag 21lb 54 6

    To Finish – The Burnout

    1. Sandbag Swings – 1 Min – using the Sandbag 21lb 35 36
    2. Squat & Touch The Floor – 1 Min 18* 38
    3. Reverse Pull Ups – 1 Min – using the Chairs 13 144**
    4. Dive Bombers – 1 Min 9 10

    * Toe Touch Abs
    ** High Knees

    + Burpee + Pushup + Ninja Tuck Jump

    Fitness and fat burn improving
    –> 594 kcal

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  • Yamila

    Done! I started the challenge late… So my day 3 was a saturday. This weekend in Argentina was a long weekend… so Sun & Mon where holidays… I did not spend them at home, but didn’t feel bad about not working out cause my calves were hurting terribly. Awfull. To the point where walking barefooted did NOT make me happy. I think… THINK it may be associated to the way I skip or do High Knees?? So for day 2 and 3 I had been very conscious about how I fully put my whole foot on the floor instead of always being on tiptoes (how I normally run/skip/highknee).
    However, I was in pain al weekend.
    Yesterday I SHOULD have Workout but I was feeling terrible tired. I’m pretty sure my tiredness and difficulty for getting out of bed in the morning is due to my lack of proper eating!
    So… back on track today! I was feeling pretty rested, so I really enjoyed this worked and it made me realize how tired I was on day 3!!

    Thanks for this wonderfull work you do for all of us!!

    My scores, here :)

    1. Sumo Squat & Knee To Elbow Lift – (Alternate L&R Knee) -10
    2. Dive Bombers 8
    3. Weighted Step Ups Left 13
    4. Weighted Step Ups Right 13
    5. Tricep Dips 12
    6. Weighted Low Jack Prisoner Jumps 24
    8. Sandbag Sit Up 8
    9. Straight Punches 27
    10. Weighted Frog Jump & Burpee 4
    11. Forward Lunge & Side Lunge Left 6
    12. Forward Lunge & Side Lunge Right 6
    13. Sumo Push up 10
    14. Side Oblique Abs – (L&R Alternate) 12
    15. Knee Lift Kick Over Lunge – (L&R Alternate) 9
    16. 3 Point Abs 2.5
    17. Push- Up Jack Legs 10
    18. Ninja Tuck Jumps 5
    19. Clean & Press & Lunge & press 4.5
    20. 10 High Knees & 2 Spider Push Ups 3.2
    21. Plank Jumps (in/out) 24
    22. Weighted Switch Lunge & Twist 7
    23. Weighted Hip Thrusts 15
    24. Plank Jumps – (Plank position, jump in to the left elbow, jump in centre, jump to the right elbow) 13
    25. Chuck & Tuck 9
    26. 1/2 Burpee 18
    27. Wide Leg Squats 13
    28. Core Splits 15
    29. Standing Front Raise & Side Raise 6
    30. Clean & Press 8

    To Finish – The Burnout

    1. Sandbag Swings – 1 Min 29
    2. Toe Touch – 1 Min 22
    3. Reverse Pull Ups – 1 Min 17
    4. Dive Bombers – 1 Min 13

  • Jenna Steer

    Loved today’s workout! even felt a smile on my face for some it, it’s not that it’s getting easier it’s that i don’t have that little voice quite so often and I can get into the swing of it! Keep up the awesome work in the classes you are presenting !

    18, 8, 13, 13, 31, 21, 10, 31, 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 11, 10, 10, 5, 15, 2.5, 24, 9, 15, 11, 9, 13, 13, 14, 7, 8

    I didn’t keep count of the burn out but I struggled with it with you :) See you tomorrow!

  • CBaybee12 (CJ)

    Was never a fan of the real time workouts because I thought they took too long to see all the moves etc. HOWEVER, with these long hiit workouts for this challenge I know I wouldn’t be getting through them without the real time — so thanks, Lisa!

  • kenzie king

    AWESOME! I’m feeling stronger already! The skipping isn’t as dreadful :) Thanks for rocking so hard for us. I am amazed at how well you can talk while working through this! You are an inspiration and I’ll be forever thankful for the day I stumbled upon your site. Thanks for keeping me motivated.

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  • Eva Küpper

    Lisa, I’d just like to add to all of those so well-deserved comments of praise, that you truly amaze me. You are one extraordinary person. I’ve been a fan of yours from your very first appearance on Bodyrock.tv a few (3?) years ago. And right from the beginning your passion, spontaneity and cheerfulness have been so contagious it makes it completely impossible not to want to work out with you!! You manage to keep evolving, innovating and growing while you merge Bodyrock with your own life’s journey… and I feel very privileged to be a part of it. When I work out with you here in my living room, to the horror of my downstairs neighbours who I try to appease with brownies and loveable cards (lol), it really feels like working out with a fantastic, sweet friend. Somehow you always do and say the right things at the right time – your singing today was spot on and had me choking with laughter by the way, haha – and it makes me wish I knew you in real life too. So a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to you for being who you are (and to your undoubtedly lovely mum and dad for making you) and for all of your rocking energy, compassion and dedication.
    That being said: HIGH FIVE, girl, and someone lock me up because I totally killed Day 4!!! (and yes, it killed me too.. haha) xxxxxxx
    P.s.: I’m in the film business myself, so I can imagine it not being easy filming, lighting, editing etc. yourself. Awesome job though!

  • Rajaa Abualnaser

    today is my day 4 and, uh, it was the hardest day for me to workout. I usually like to workout early morning because usually if I leave it after I will forget it. so my alarm rang at 5 am and since I was tired, I gave my self another hour to wake up. at 6 I woke up and got ready, then my daughter (10 month old) woke up cuz she made a poo, so i changed her and gave her a bottle, meanwhile I started warming up on the bike, then she made another poo and she was crying. Obviously i stopped and changed her and gave her another bottle just to help her go back to sleep, then my son (2 years and 8 month) woke up because he wanted to pee (he is potty trained) so I did that and put him back to sleep. when I want to start working out, my daughter cryed again cuz she doesn’t want to sleep and she wants to get out of bed and play ( I was about to forget about day 4) but I took her out and let her play in her playroom and I exercised with her ( the playroom is where i usually workout – it suppose to be a dinning area but we took the dinning table out for the kids playroom and for our mini gym) I cant tell you how happy I am cuz I did it and i didn’t give up. and as always I loveeed it. thnx million.

  • Monika

    Im feeling great and sweating a lot !!!1 Great workout Lisa!!!
    Tnx :)

    day 4 is done :) ypuuupi

  • Lisa Najarian

    1-13 2-6 3-11 4-11 5-NA 6-20 7-16 8-8 9-33 10-5 11-7 12-6 13-10 14-13 15-11 16-3 total 17-10 18-squat jumps 14 19-5 20-3 21-20 22-10 23-11 24-6 total 25-tuck abs 17 26-15 27-12 28-12 29-7 total 30-9

    1-34 2-26 3-14 4-10

  • xxannetxx87

    Yeah we will carry our loundry machines out on our own LOL

    • Eva Küpper

      Now that sounds familiar! Twice now I’ve had my workouts interrupted by an exasperated downstairs neighbours who came knocking and asked whether I was training for a marathon or something. I told them they weren’t far off. ;-) Then I found out at our building’s first annual BBQ that my previous downstairs neighbour never dared to complain or come knocking because he seriously thought I just had a (very) active love life, LOL… men an their imagination. 8-)

  • Jessica Wilson

    Lisa im lovin this.. i have been alternating, 2 days on 1 day 30 min jog, then 2 days right back at it, and then 1 day 30 min jog and so on. So i think im stretching this into a 40 day challenge. Hope that’s all right. But im lovin it and i will be sure to send you before and after pics! Love your motivation during the work-outs. Really feels like your training with me. So keep up the good work. Im lovin it!

  • Brittany Nguyen

    Today’s workout was really tough for me since yesterday’s workout was so tough. I body literally tired but I pushed myself and finished. I had to days a second or two to catch my breath but i finished. Super proud of myself!!!!

  • Nada El-Saedy

    oh my god.. i didn’t think i could do this day like that … i was so so tired and feel slower in every move i made in exercise but i did it all …thank u thank u thank u for today ..

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  • Leena McCracken

    Day 4 done!! (I’m a day behind if you haven’t noticed)
    I have a problem though I can’t seem to be able to do push ups & I feel really weak!! How can I push myself to do them cause I do one then my arms give out! & that sucks :( I tried doing easier push-ups like knees on the floor etc. but same result. PLEASE HELP!

    • Mari Schneider

      Stand on all 4 and do push-ups (just up and down with your shoulders or stand up against a wall and do them standing.

      • Leena McCracken

        Will try!! Thanks.

  • Mari Schneider

    My workout station: equalizer=2 IKEA chairs, Ugi = 6lb bowling ball wrapped in a blanket 2 plastic bags and taped.

  • kd

    Yes! Done! Not as hard as the first 3 but liked the burnout! Thanks again:)

  • Liana Rose

    Thanks for the motivation Lisa. Everything you said is so true. After a horrid week at work and a dinner out with friends last night I thought when I woke up this morning “I’ll just stop at Starbucks and grab breakfast, what does one morning matter”. But then I remembered my goal and stuck to my granola and almond milk. So proud of myself. It’s the little steps that make the big difference. I am trying to learn this. It doesn’t happen overnight but I am learning that change can happen and that it does make a difference.

  • Jaime Smith

    Day 4 – Done! Exhausted but feel wonderful. Still loving these workouts. Thanks Lisa! You Rock!!!

  • Rebecca Wright

    Wow. Dead. Good night :)

  • Christine Helmer

    I really didn’t want to workout, after working a 12 hour day. But I told my husband to not let me sit down and once we got the kids to bed, I immediately went to your website. So glad I worked out. Thank you!

    • Liana Rose

      I am right there with you. After working 12 hours on my feet the last thing I want to do is work out. But I have started walking in the door after work, going straight to my computer and working out. I don’t even sit down or do ANYTHING else. It’s a great way to stay motivated and just get it done. Then I feel much better for the rest of the evening.

  • Susan Hartley

    I am so happy to be part of this – way better than PT work outs who don’t work out with you but happy to bark orders, I know that’s there job but still this is more inspirational. Was there ever a time you found it had Lisa? Here’s to pumping out Day 4 tonight!

  • Steph Rojas

    Done!!! So proud of myself. Thanks! Lisa. You motivate me more than any trainer I have ever met :)!!
    ALSO, I noticed the number of comment are decreasing… C’MON GUYS WE CAN DO THIS!!

  • Kaitlin

    SO… SWEATY!!! Love it! Can’t wait to be fitter and be able to work harder and get sweatier!

  • Ariannab

    This was the hardest one so far for me. I was just exhausted. Smashed it out though. Those dive bombers kill me!

  • Carole Rinas

    DONE!!!! including the burnout….thanks AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Becky Hinton

    Day 4 down! I don’t have a jump rope, so I have been pretending to jump rope with a high knee/jog hybrid exercise. But I think I may invest in one this weekend. I don’t think I am getting the cardio I should be getting out of this. Also – I would love reverse pull-up alternatives as I don’t have an equalizer or any place to do regular pull-ups. Thanks!

    • Liana Rose

      Use a table or a desk for your pull-ups. It works great

  • laura E

    Time for my salt bath!!

  • Amy

    Can’t believe I just finished day 4 with bonus! I started out with more energy today but crashed close to the end. Didn’t think I would make it but I pushed through and feel so proud of myself for it.
    Love the workouts! I’m in it now!!

  • Kim

    Today wasn’t as bad as yesterday, but I am still hot and sweaty!! Thanks!

  • Emily Smith

    Whew am I drenched in sweat & I love it! Smashed day 4! I can already tell a difference in my body, bring on day 5, I’ve got this! :)

  • Gail J

    Day 4 down, my abs, butt, and shoulders were screaming, but I pushed on.

  • Emily Lana

    THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! Day four wahooo! Lisa, your so amazing! So much fun and you make us work so hard! I’m sweatin my butt off, although it was better than yesterday (which SUCKED (in a good way) ) Today was so fun, thanks for all the jokes I was laughing as i felt like i was dying. So good.

  • laura E

    day 4 complete!! It was hard to start, but I felt awesome after.. there is not a part of my body that wasn’t quivering!! Today i noticed how flat my stomach was, normally it pooches out, but today I was walking tall and feeling strong…now I just want those pounds to melt away. Thanks for another day of success!!

  • Renee Gutberlet

    Legs are on fire! And I am definitely feeling yesterday’s workout. Ice bath for me.

  • Jessica


    Lisa – I liked what you said today about writing everyday to let you know I have completed your workout. It will keep me accountable, which is exactly what I need! I have completed days 1-4, but it wouldn’t be unlike me to fall off the bandwagon. I have been doing bodyrock/the the daily hiit for at least 5 years now, but I have a tendency to give up or not push as hard when life gets too busy for me. Maybe posting on here is the answer! So everyone, expect hear from me every day from now on! :)

  • Kylie Millar

    Day four was great! My arms and abs aren’t at their best so I had to modify some of the exercises and I’m making my own equalizer bars as we speak but used chairs for now. Can’t wait to do tomorrows!!! See you then!
    P.S. Found myself waving goodbye to you, Lisa! ahha felt like I was a little child talking to my favourite character on an after-school special or something :) Love it!

  • Alexandria Florence Lewis

    Workout completed! Love the burn out bonus. Started out slow as my knees were stiff but by the middle/end I was skipping rope like a maniac

  • lilly

    love it love it!!!! I feel so good after 3 days!!! You can’t
    believe….but I see my abs coming out after only 3 days…..hiit
    training always make me this effect…….normal training with
    weights….give me maybe a little more strenght….but I can’t see my
    muscles….and when I start to do hiit….after only 3-4 days I see
    overall my abs come out :D:D:D t is so cool! :D I love it….

  • Alison Cox

    Still with you. DAY 4 WOOHOO!! I had a little more pep in my step and I sweat bullets! Thanks for the work out!

  • Raquel

    I loved your message today! I fall into peer pressure all the time especially with drinking! I am always told that I over exagerate and that there is no reason why I should not be allowed to drink if I am working out so much! guess what? I usually fall for it and have a drink, then two and so forth. Worst part is that alcohol doesnt agree with my body! I always wake up the next day with horrible tummy aches and super bloated!
    On another note let me tell you that your workout was intense but your energy kept me going! I would have stopped any other time but seeing you do this with us made it doable! I am glad I got it done and I am ready for your next videos! Day 4 with burnout DONE!!!!! One day I will get as low as you do on those dive bombers lol!

  • Melanie Arbour

    Even if I was more sore today, I smashed Day 4 as Day 1! Love it! Love it! Love it!

  • den_91

    I’m done!!! it almost kill me! Great workout!! :D

  • melinda holden

    Legs…on…fire! That was a good workout. Burnout is a nice addition! I’m not quite coordinated on my dive bombs…look more like a floundering fish i think!

    • Emily Smith

      Haha I am glad I am not the only one! I am sure we will get better!

  • Anu144

    Day #4 (with the burnout) done! Today I had more energy so I pushed myself harder and used heavier weights.

    Thank you Lisa for your inspiring story. I quit drinking a while go and it’s one of the best decisions in my life. See you again tomorrow! Shine on Bodyrockers! :)

  • Izzy

    My shoulders are really hurting from the first 3 days! Love this, can’t wait to show off my guns next summer! :) I have been struggling with push-ups all my life, so I love the fact that you are pushing us on those! ^^ at the end of this I will show off my skills at the local gym XD haha… Dive-bombers are a killer though! Nevertheless… I love and enjoy all of it!
    I have no equalizer, but I do have a TRX which is great alternative for some of the exercises!
    Man… I am sweating ^^ and I love it! I think the people living in the apartment under me were banging on the ceiling trying to make me stop the skipping and jumping haha… well… it is already 10:45pm here in Norway!
    Anyway… Thank you so much for being my gym-partner!
    Day 4… totally rocked it (my arms are killing me :D)

  • Tara Bree

    This completely smoked me. I’m tired but I feel pretty accomplished! Thank you!

  • April Luttrull

    Killed day 4…or it killed me! One way or the other something or someone died! Was super exhausted today compared to the last 3 days…but I pushed through until the end. Hopefully I’ll have more energy tomorrow!

  • Sway

    Done! Thank you so much! And press on BodyRockers! You are AWESOME!

  • Mel Bo

    Aaaaaaahhhhhh… done!!! I was really, really tired today… not my best workout but I pushed myself through without a break… cause of you Lisa… Thanks for kicking my ass so heavy every single day… you help me sooo much to stay motivated… and also when i see all the other bodyrockers train like crazy every single day :-)))… It is unbelievable and so much fun!!! Like always… I am feeling perfect and happy after it :-)))…. Now it is time to enjoy the rest of my evening.
    Cant wait till tomorrow… DAY 5… OH YES BABY!!! ;-)))
    High five Lisa… you`re simply the best ;-)))

  • Christina Valenzuela

    Day 4 was great loved the burnout at the end…Thanks!

  • Danielle Kimiko Arpon

    GAH LOVED IT! Yet again got up early and put in the work before heading out to start my day :) Woooooo go day 4!!! Thanks Lisa

  • Chelsea D

    Day #4 and burnout = check! ouchiesss =p

  • Amanda S.

    Your posts are fantastic. So happy to have you back, Lisa!! Keep up with this.

  • Macpro C

    Excellent work out today! This one is my favorite so far! I loved the burn out because I like to get my heart rate up really high at the end of my work out. I am excited for day 5! :)

  • Mariana VF

    I am totally in love with these workouts!!! Thank you Lisa, you are THE best. Greets from Mexico!

  • Shaquera Moore

    Thank you Lisa for everything you do. You are amazing!!! :D

  • Karyn

    Smashed it!!!! So proud of myself today and so excited the I got to use the equalizer made by my hubby!! He didn’t have any end caps so I put socks on the ends so it wouldn’t wobble! lol No excuses!! Thanks Lisa, you are amazing :)

  • Debbie Robinson

    Had one of those days today, when I should have stayed in bed! Screaming children, dentist appointment the list goes on. But hey guess what ‘NO EXCUSES’ right?!?! I definately wasn’t in the right head space today – but still completed Day 4 (don’t know how – todays workout seemed twice as long but thats was due to how I was feeling and not the actual workout :)
    Looking forward to Day 5 – staying strong and positive regardless of a numb mouth and crazy children ;) x

  • Shea Og Jesper

    Hi, I know you have probably said this before, but what jump rope do you use. Brand and or model. Mine is too thick for inside and yours looks nice and thin. Thanks ahead for any replies

  • Patricia Smith Courtis

    Loved the singing – keep on rolling, Proud Mary!

  • Lacie Herman

    Awesome workout Lisa! This one definitely pushed me after yesterday’s workout!!!

  • Piotrek Jaskulski

    Done. With burnout. When you said dive bombers at the end I just start laughing, because you know, it’s evil to put that exercise to end of any workout, but it was so fun. Can’t wait tomorrow. Cheers!

  • Fly girl

    We are in it now!!! It feels so good to sweat. Thanks bodyrock, I love you and have missed you so much, a million thank’s to you Lisa you are amazing and of course the rest of the bodyrock team too.

  • Julia Bulhon

    Just did day 4, until now I was taking ‘skipping’ like SKIPPING instead of “skipping rope” because where I come from we call it jumping rope…ha!! So if anyone is looking for an alternate to jumping rope, actual skipping is a great alternative!!

    ps-engaged to someone who gave up drinking completely- at first i wondered how the lifestyle change would be, but i have found it so a much more liberating and fulfilled life! life is happier and healthier with less drinking, for sure! over drinking is a very empty habit, i agree, it seems a bit crazy to pay$$ to feel sick the next day! it is great how that shift in realization comes with time and experience-anyone reducing or stopping their intake completely- it’s worth it, keep fighting the good fight!

  • Clint

    Hello Lisa! My name is Clint, and I’m really enjoying the workouts. I just wanted to let you know that it’s not just the ladies benefiting from this workout! I just use a jump rope and a sandbag and the workout kicks my butt! I’ve completed both P90X and Insanity, and I thought I’d try the 30 day challenge to help change up my workouts after my wife recommended the website. I’m actually a day behind because I’m currently teaching English in Tokushima Prefecture on the island of Shikoku in Japan and I’m 15 hours ahead of the rest of you fine folks. I get up at 5:00 a.m. every morning and ride my bike to the park with my sandbag on my back. I workout at a track, and get a lot of smiles and supportive words and gestures (hopefully they are supportive, I honestly can’t really understand what they’re saying) from the elderly Japanese people walking around, Thanks for keeping me motivated and helping get me up early in the mornings before I teach!

  • Nesrine

    Thank you for your Story! I never drank, smoked or done drugs. I also nebe been tempted, because as you said it does so much damage to the body. However I have been having a bad bad diet for so long and consequently so much overweight. This is something I’m trying now to change. I’ve started last month. You are a great motivation to continue and not fall of the wagon:)

  • Sarah Valentini

    yay Day four Done! those dive bombs are a killer!!!!

  • Sabrina

    Lisa I recently gave up most drinking. I was feeling like it wasnt for me but being married to an Italian means a ton of peer pressure if you dont drink. Before I married him I almost never drank anything and then POW I get married and its Wine and aperitivos with everything! My body started telling me to stop so I slowed it right down. and that is when the pressure started. For this family I married into its a cultural thing and they are truely offended if I dont want to drink with them!! I devised a plan. I still have a drink for aperitivo but I dont put the alcohol into it. I just let them assume its in there and at dinner when they pour me wine I sip it super slow. The great thing about drinkers is they lose track so they dont notice that Im not refilling my wine glass.. Then later if my husband wants to go out to a club or something I always order water with ice a slice of lemon and a straw. Then it looks like a drink and no one feels they need to talk me into drinking! The sad part is I really dont have any friends that will be sober with me so I go it alone and drunk people really arent as interesting or fun as they think they are. Its a difficult decision to make.

    • Toni Husk Helton

      thanks! I need this. (hugs)

    • kenzie king

      I totally can understand being the only sober one. My life story! It sometimes feels more like babysitting than hanging with friends. And really, why do they care so much if I’m drinking or not? Drives me bonkers. Hang in there and know that you are not alone in this struggle!

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