Oct 13 2013

30 Day I Real Time Challenge #8 + Chest & Back Sculpt Bonus

Hi BodyRockers,

It’s a whole new week – It’s not enough that I am filming 6 days a week lol I have decided to work even harder & let’s be honest -this challenge wouldn’t be mine without a new twist that pushes you harder. If I am doing this – I am doing this right !! 100% or nothing right ?

So this week I am adding a whole new section.. I am adding some Strength & Conditioning into this weeks workouts. They are Totally Extra but what they will do it just push you even more than last week.

The added Strength & Conditioning section is perfect for those of you who have never done weights before & for you more seasoned BodyRockers get some weight & get that Extreme Shred to finish off those muscles for the day.

Check out who’s on board with usHERE


Todays Coffee Talk:


Firstly, I wanted to welcome all of the New BodyRockers to the page – Hello *waves*

Thanks for stopping by & taking part & sharing us. For those season hardcore guys & gals out there reading this right now all over the world I wanted to send you a little shout out too.

Never Forget you are inspirational !. You may think that your post’s go unread but they don’t, you may think that what you have to say none will be interested ? .. but they are !! There are so many people looking for the smallest of answers, remember when you had to ask how long it took to hard boil an egg ? well somewhere, someone is reading your posts and no matter how big or small the post, they are connecting with you and you are single handily changing their outlook, perspective, drive & ambition for the better !! … so please, never stop being you, and keep the positive energy and spirit that is the essence of BodyRock & TheDailyHiit (you) alive.

You never cease to amaze us with the energy you bring & it keeps us pushing to make every workout bigger, better & more inventive to make sure that we are keeping up our end of the bargain keeping you on securely on the wagon is out main objective & making it as fun and enjoyable, while still achieving the goal is the daily target.

The joining together to keep each other focused make this community what it is today, and you guys are just one of the reasons that its the largest FREE workout program in the world – and growing with every click !! We are blown away at your scores, pictures and dedication to make your lives healthier, happier & continue to make changes that inspire others.

So what’s this latest Challenge mean to you ?  and why should you start today ?

By completing each workout everyday together gives us a feeling of satisfaction that wether you only HIIT once a week or every now and then, any positive changes that you make in your life should be praised.

Today I wanted to talk about Motivation …..

How many of us have said ….

  • If only I had a Personal Trainer ….
  • If only I could go to a boot camp I’d look like her ….
  • If only I could afford a gym membership I’d be able to get fit ….
  • If only I had more time …..
  • I can’t afford to have healthy food it’s too expensive ….
  • If only I had a Diet Plan, or Meal tips to follow …..
  • I can’t I’m too old to get fit …
  • I don’t have a choice, It’s all there is to eat when I’m at work ….

Any of the above ring true ?

How many of us out there have joined a gym & are still paying the membership and yet rarely go ? Or, attend a week before any major holiday in the hope that you can loose a whole year of naughtiness in one Pilates class & the cabbage soup diet for a week :/!.

Maybe you one of the 1000′s of people who wake up every single day with every intention of eating clean and drinking nothing but water and green tea. Only to be found at 2pm tucking into a naughty treat that you know you shouldn’t be eating & you are only eating because you haven’t prepared your meals and snacks for the day, so instead, you find yourself snacking on whatever is ”available” while telling yourself ”one biscuit won’t hurt I didn’t have any breakfast so ill use those calories for this”….. only to be snacking again 30 mins later feeling totally disappointed with yourself but unable to stop with no idea what steps you can take to keep you on track & focused.

That’s when the ” I’ll Start Tomorrow” excuse begins right ??  … and before you know it, it’s wednesday … and the ” Starting Tomorrow” is now ”Starting Monday”.

Well, for those of you who haven’t already seen the results Thedailyhiit has brought to their lives – Today is the day that we are going to ditch the negativeness & take charge of  your diets and more importantly your lifestyle choices – No more are you just going to eat what-evers ”available” or use words such as ”can’t” –  You Can & You Will & we will help you every step of the way.

You don’t need an expensive Gym Membership – This is a FREE programme designed to suit all fitness levels and as you will see from the 100′s of posts from last Challenge – people are BodyRocking their way to amazing changes & phenomenal results everyday.

In as little as Two Weeks you will not only see a huge change in your lifestyle, you will loose weight, eat right, feel better, have more energy, feel more positive, focused & energized, and will be on the first step to working towards your dream goal with an army of 450,000 + to provide you with advice and  support and help you along the way …  all for FREE & you only need one workout everyday….




Todays Video is Dedicated To My Awesome Friends … I Miss You Lots xox



YouTube –  30 Day Challenge Playlist  – Direct Link to YouTube Page



Workout Breakdown:


Set Your Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 8.22.17 PM  to 10 seconds rest & 30 seconds work as below


It’s a new week !! So bring me your game face & meet me in the Living Room !!


You can use your  Sandbagor Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 7.20.26 PMor Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 5.46.46 PM (click images to view)

If you haven’t had time to get your equipment yet, or it’s on it’s way – There are Free Home Equipment Ideas – Here

If you are training in your Gym or on your own  – Complete as many rep’s of the following exercise’s before the 30 seconds is up: Post your scores below to remind yourself how far you have come when you HIIT this again.


Todays Workout:


Remember – You will skip ( or perform the cardio I do ) first while I take the first exercise. See Day #1 for instructions.


1. Walking Push Ups

2. Sandbag Swing – using the Sandbag

3. Left Leg Squat & Behind Toe Touch & Reach – using the Tbar weights

4. Left Leg Squat & Behind Toe Touch & Reach – using the Tbar weights

5. Clean & Press & Squat & Press – using the Sandbag or Ugi Ball or Tbar weights

6. Elevated Spider Push Up – using the Equalizer

7. Push-Up, Burpee, Tuck Jump

8. 2 x Switch Lunges & 2 x Wide Squat

9. WoodChop Knee Abs Left – using the Tbar weights

10. WoodChop Knee Abs Right – using the Tbar weights

11. 10 Mountain Climbs & 2 Walking Push Ups

12. Left Arm, Left Leg – Lunge & Press – using the Tbar weights

13. Right Arm Right Leg – Lunge & Press – using the Tbar weights

14. Tricep Dip & V Knee Tuck – using the Equalizer

15. Low Plie Squats – Straight Punches – using the Tbar weights

16. Burpee & Tuck Jumps

17. Straight Legs & L&R Alternate Toe Touchs

18. Ski Abs – using the Ugi Ball

19. Mat Jumps

20. Side Oblique & Push Up – L&R Alternate

21. Plank – Jump In & Out Legs

22. Weighted Globe Twists

23. Pogo & Press  – Left – using the Tbar weights

24. Pogo & Press – Right – using the Tbar weights

25. Reverse Plank

26. Plank – Up & Over – L&R Alternate – using the Equalizer


Strength & Conditioning Chest & Back Bonus:


Set Your Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 8.22.17 PM  to 10 seconds rest & 50 seconds work as below – Unless you are working out with me – The Press Play Right Now while you are still hot & sweaty. Time to push harder than ever !!



Together we will complete the following exercises below. (If you are not following the video – Ideally you should be doing either between 8-10 repetitions or 10-15 repetitions. Make sure you don’t compromise your form for repetitions.)


1) Chest Press – using the Sandbag or Tbar 

2) Bentover Row – using the Sandbag or Tbar

3) Bentover Flys – using the Tbar weights

4) Deadlift & Bentover Row – L&R Alternate – using the Sandbag or Tbar

5) Reverse Push-Ups – using the Equalizer

6) Push-up Punches

7) Lay Ugi Flys – using the Tbar weights

8) Left Arm Row – using the Sandbag or Tbar

9) Right Arm Row – using the Sandbag or Tbar

10) Plank Ugi Forward & Flys – Left – using the Tbar weights & Ugi Ball

11) Plank Forward & Flys – Right – using the Tbar weights & the Ugi Ball

Pre & Post Workout Stretch (2 Videos) – Here


My Workout Gear Today:

Lululemon Bra

Lululemon Bra

Lululemon Pants

Lululemon Pants




HIIT the ‘like’ button if you are proud to be a BodyRocker !!

Leave me a message below …. Did you enjoy the weighted section ?.


My 14 Day Nutrition Guide is available Here

My Fat Loss, Diet & Portion Sizes … Here



Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 9.55.55 PM

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Let’s Start Together …. TODAY !

Lisa-Marie x


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  • Ginger Snaps

    Did not think I would make it after yesterday’s “Active Rest!” Ha ha ha! WOO! Also, I used my new five finger shoes on yesterday’s workout and boy does that really make you realize how much we rely on regular shoes for stability. Thanks for pointing that out, Lisa! :D My calves are sore! But I know it will get better. Also used my 10lb weighted vest halfway through. Burned 390! :D

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  • Ditte

    This was hard after the Holidays, but thats my own fault :) Loved it! Great to be back! I hope you read this, cause I want you to know that you are awesome! :D Happy New Year!

  • Alexandra Rae

    day 8 repeated and defeated…exhausted, had a hard time motivating myself today, but glad i did. Thanks again Lisa!

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  • SoulShine Training

    yay!!! you rock, big time…thank you so much for your enthusiasm, your challenging moves, and your motivation!!!

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  • Yamila

    Done! Thanks! :D

    1. Walking Push Ups 9
    2. Sandbag Swing 14
    3. Left Leg Squat & Behind Toe Touch & Reach 11
    4. Left Leg Squat & Behind Toe Touch & Reach 12
    5. Clean & Press & Squat & Press 8
    6. Elevated Spider Push Up 11
    7. Push-Up, Burpee, Tuck Jump 5
    8. 2 x Switch Lunges & 2 x Wide Squat 5
    9. WoodChop Knee Abs Left 28
    10. WoodChop Knee Abs Right 31
    11. 10 Mountain Climbs & 2 Walking Push Ups
    12. Left Arm, Left Leg – Lunge & Press 15
    13. Right Arm Right Leg – Lunge & Press 16
    14. Tricep Dip & V Knee Tuck 7
    15. Low Plie Squats – Straight Punches 34
    16. Burpee & Tuck Jumps 7
    17. Straight Legs & L&R Alternate Toe Touchs 17
    19. Mat Jumps 20
    20. Side Oblique & Push Up – L&R Alternate 7
    21. Plank – Jump In & Out Legs 25
    22. Weighted Globe Twists 11
    23. Pogo & Press – Left – 8
    24. Pogo & Press – Right – 6
    25. Reverse Plank
    26. Plank – Up & Over – L&R Alternate 16

    1) Chest Press 28
    2) Bentover Row 29
    3) Bentover Flys 23
    4) Deadlift & Bentover Row – L&R Alternate 14
    5) Reverse Push-Ups – 14
    6) Push-up Punches 13
    7) Lay Ugi Flys 18
    8) Left Arm Row 38
    9) Right Arm Row 34
    10) Plank Ugi Forward & Flys – Left – 10
    11) Plank Forward & Flys – Right 13

  • Lauren Krom Burnside

    Lisa! I LOVED Day 8! This is my favorite day so far. I liked that the HIIT was shorter so I could really give it my all without getting burnt out toward the end. I love the chest/back weighted exercises at the end. I really feel like I got a nice total body workout tonight. This is my favorite day so far! Dripping sweat too! Here’s a High-Five for ya!

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  • bozvaliant

    Hi Lisa, I’ve been BR with you for a few years now. I was use to doing the 12 minute workouts. This challenge has been a real shock to my 50 year old body! Thanks

  • Sumittra Saithongkham

    This was sooo hard! But I made it woo! Thanks Lisa! :)

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  • Rachel

    Really enjoying these workouts. Thank you!

  • Ariel Jensen-Vargas

    thank you!

  • Pingback: 30 Day I Real Time Challenge #16 !!()

  • Lisa Najarian

    Posting my scores is keeping me accountable. I noticed today that I’ve been able to do more regular pushups before having to drop to my knees. Upper body strength has always been a struggle for me.

    1-11 2-17 3-11 4-12 5-5 6-10 7-5 8-8total 9-21 10-23 11-2.5 12-14 13-15 14-5 15-25 with 8#s 16-7 17-22 18-n/a 19-30 20-9 21-19 22-17 23-12 24-12 25-full 30 sec! 26-10

    Bonus: Video cut short so I skipped the ones I didn’t know and added some others…

    1-23 2-26 3-18 4-? 5-15 6-14 7-? 8-22 9-25 10-? 11-?

  • Kristin Gallup

    Is anyone else having trouble playing this video? It seems to be buffering extremely slowly, pausing all the time….and according to my diagnostics, my internet is working just fine…

  • Rox

    Completed! A day late but completed!

  • nic_w

    Not sure if it was just the day or not, but this was the hardest workout yet for me. I was so sweaty I looked like I’d gone for a swim! Fantastic!

  • Ariannab

    Oh god. Split this into two because I forgot I had to pick up my dad halff way through. Came back and smashed out the rest of it and really pushed myself with heavy weights for the burnout at the end. My butt is still so sore from yesterday so Im sure Ill be dead tomorrow from this. Already feeling it.

  • Linda Wagner

    That was freaking awesome! I am so proud that I was able to do the last exercise the elevated plank under out. Progress is happening I am getting stronger!

  • Rebecca Wright

    My dinky arms loved/hated this :)

  • Kristīne Baltā

    I really love these workouts and i always smash them. But my goal is not to build muscle. i m already really mascualr. I used to play football and rollerskate, so my legs ar quit bulky already and from the past year bodyrocking i also have quit visible triceps. and i kind of don’t like that. I read that i shouldnt eat protein after workouts, so taht muscle will eat themselves lol :D
    what do u think abt that??
    there was also a period when i mixed swimming twice a week with a few hiit workouts, that i think was the best combination for arms, but still – legs wont change – like a sprinter :D

  • Rox

    BAM! Completed, loved, felt awesome better. Getting better at jump roping, not tripping the rope as much but my arms are still covered in bruises from whipping myself with it. Going to make it all the way to the end.

  • welliebellie

    I’m a day behind since I have long runs on the weekends. This was a great workout! Thanks for the killer burnout! I think I need to invest in a heart rate monitor just because I’m super curious how many calories these killer workouts are burning! Keep up the awesome work!

  • SSthatha

    Thank you Lisa. I just finished Day #8 today and feel so GREAT! Here in Thailand, the time is 12 hrs faster than in the U.S. So, I decide to be one day behind, so I have time to prepare myself :) and I have to say that I have improved a lot from Day #1 to Day #8. I can do the Skip longer; I tried to do the Push-Ups without going down to my knees although I can go down just a little bit; and I also tried any of the Elevated workout.
    Today workout doesn’t agonized me as much as the first day. This doesn’t mean that today’s workout is not hard. It does! but I have improved myself and I will push myself up next time.
    Thank you so much again Lisa :D <3

  • Julia Bulhon

    dripping sweat before 7 am! day is of to a great start, it was hard but worth it. thanks, Lisa!

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  • Jessie Simms

    OH. MY. GOOOOOSSSSHHH!! Awesome awesome workout Lisa!
    Loved it! That shouldn’t surprise you now a days though, everyone does!!!
    I definitely like body rock because of the quick and VERY effective workouts but, man alive do these ever feel good!! I feel so much more accomplished afterwards! I thought i was going to have trouble doing the full hour workouts because i like having time to relax after a long day at work…boy was I wrong!! I’m addicted to them and your wonderful encouragement! I don’t think you realize the effect it has on people to actually see the ripped person showing you the workout, actually do the workout with you…unlike dvds, psssht.
    Stay beautiful and absolutely, positively amazing!

  • Alexandria Florence Lewis

    Big fan of the bonus workouts today, I love working my back and chest.

    Had to break the workout into two sections today but still killed both of them.

  • Cj Jay

    Dripping sweat even with modifications! Loved the workout today!!!! I try to always do something on Mondays just to start the week off right. This qualified as more than something :) Thank you

  • Nada El-Saedy

    killed it… it was so challenged …i m sweating everywhere and my arm are burning … thank u thank u thank u …u really make me challenge myself

  • Sway

    Thank you sooo much for today’s training! I love the bonus at the end. I don’t weight myself but have noticed more definition on my abs! Thank you, thank you!

    Quick question: My energy level for week 1 was great but since a few days ago I have been feeling tired more easily. I have been eating healthy (as far as I’m concerned. I do try to eat more whole grains in the AM as well since I feel my carb intake should be higher, and focus on less fat more protein.) What do you think it is? Maybe I need more sleep? (I’m usually at least 7-8 hours) Thank you!

  • Babu37

    I am certain that the only reason I finish these/have stuck with this challenge is because of you Lisa. You are such an awesome motivator and workout buddy and person in general. I even did all the spider pushups elevated and added more weight! Love it!

  • Paulina

    I had finished my day #8 and it was amazing, a great and sweaty job !!thanks a lot, I´m ready for day # 9 !!!

  • Paulina

    I had finished my day #8 and it was amazing, a great and sweaty job !!thanks a lot, I´m ready for day # 9 !!!

  • Melanie Arbour

    When I’m not on my routine I’m struggling to eat clean, and today was those kind of days. Thankfully, Lisa, you are here for me and because I promised you that I will not skip a single day of this challenge, I did it and I’m proud of myself.

  • Crissy Alvarez

    my arms feel like Jello

  • Paulina

    It was amazing Lisa-Marie !!, great job for us..!!!! thanks a lot !! :D

  • Paulina

    It was amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!! great job Lisa-Marie…for us !!!! :D

  • Sway

    Thank you sooo much for today’s training! I love the bonus at the end. I don’t weight myself but have noticed more definition on my abs! Thank you, thank you!

    Quick question: My energy level for week 1 was great but since a few days ago I have been feeling tired more easily. I have been eating healthy (as far as I’m concerned. I do try to eat more whole grains in the AM as well since I feel my carb intake should be higher, and focus on less fat more protein.) What do you think it is? Maybe I need more sleep? (I’m usually at least 7-8 hours) Thank you!

    • Alexandria Florence Lewis

      Increasing my leafy greens usually helps me get my energy levels back up. Steamed greens with breakfast, greens in you smoothie (if you drink them) and of course salad greens, and more steamed greens for dinner.
      On a good day, I can eat 7-9 cups of leafy greens throughout the day. Most days it is 5 cups though.

      • Sway

        Thank you, definitely a good point!

  • Alison Cox

    This one was a challenge for me and my stick figure arms. Those plank forward and flies were brutal. I love being challenged though. It gives me something to work towards. I can’t wait until I can make it all the way through those without having to get on my knees. The elevated spider pushups were awesome too! They hurt so good. I’m gonna be feeling my abs and arms tomorrow but that good. I needed it. Keep bringing it on! :)

  • Christine Helmer

    Great workout! I didn’t do the active rest workout because I played 1 1/2 hours of soccer without a substitute. I figured that would take the place. By the way, my husband and I are wondering what your downstairs neighbors think of this workouts, lol. Thank you again!

  • laura E

    ALL SWEAT! That was awesome Lisa! I missed yesterday so I had to double up today… I know I will be stiff as a board tomorrow. I loved the burn out weights at the end! starting weight 122, today 120, lost two inches around my big booty!!

  • Brittney Huska

    Wow, I feel like this one has been the hardest workout for me yet! But I am happy to report that my starting weight was 134.6 last Monday and when I weighed myself this AM I was 129.2!!! I felt so accomplished…old skinny jeans here I come!

    • FrederickBodyRockTv

      thats amazing – great effort xxx

  • Kaitlin

    Killed it! Loving these workout! I am a very picky eater (like no fruits or veggies) but for the past year I’ve been trying to eat fruits and veggies even though I find the taste or texture bad and it hasn’t been going well. Since starting the 30 day challenge, you are motivating me to think of food as fuel and to eat what is good for my body and not all the junk I am use to! I am starting to try more foods and eat them even if they aren’t my favorite.

    • laura E

      They will become your favorite. The more you cut out the crap, the more you will crave the good, I know it it’s true, when I am hungry I dream of veggie soup… it use to be chocolate.

  • Vinnie


  • Vinnie

    I wish you were my girlfriend

  • Jaime Smith

    Still loving it! Thanks Lisa! You are SUCH an inspiration. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get back on track!

  • Christina Valenzuela

    Loved it, getting so much stronger in my push ups thanks!

  • Izzy

    Wow… This was so hard! Definitely pushing me! But… same here… I am definitely doing more push ups on my feet! I might not get down all the way, but I am pushing!
    Damn… So sweaty!!! the people living below were banging on the ceiling trying to make me stop while skipping haha…
    Thanks you Lisa! I love what you are doing to and with us!

  • Danielle Kimiko Arpon

    GAH my arms and back are killing me! D: But it feels oh-so-good! Great to be back to exercising with you Lisa :) Loved it as usual. I’m really weak in my upper body and loved that this workout really pushed me.

    Thanks so much!

  • Sheena McNeely

    I barely have the energy left in my arms to comment on this one!! WOW!! Great start to week two!

  • April Luttrull

    Wow you guys!!! I did so many more push ups on my feet than last week! Normally I’m always having to drop to my knees. I can’t believe after only one week I feel so much stronger. Tough workout today. Thanks Lisa! I’ve never worked with a trainer before and I’m glad I get to workout with you!

  • Karyn

    Great workout!! Feeling awesome today! There were a few things that I could do well today that I had trouble with last week :) Love working out with you, you’re so inspirational :)

  • Jessica Cabrejos Kuhlman

    What a great workout! The arms challenge really pushed me!

  • Anu144

    Day #8 done! Awesome workout again. Loved the chest & back bonus! Thanks Lisa! See you tomorrow! :)

  • Jenn Bales

    LISA! You continue to please all of us! I love these workout they are always so unique and intense!. Some would think 30 seconds is nothing but I can barely finish at times, you encourage me to finish always! Even if my arms are like jelly!

  • Lisa

    Now that one was an absolute killer. Loved it!!! Thank you Lisa for all that you do! I’m motivated because of all of YOUR positive energy!!

  • Jeney

    Scores: 10-16 (40lbs) – 14 (15lbs)- 13 (15lbs) – 7 (40lbs) – 10- 8-7-25 (12.5lbs) – 28 (12.5lbs) -4-10 (12.5lbs) – 11 (12.5lbs) -7- 20 (12.5lbs x 2) – 9-16 – 32 (mat jumps) – 9 (w oblique dip) – 31 – 11 (12.5lbs x2) – 12 (12.5lbs) – 13 (12.5lbs) – Rev Plank Hold – 21… Bonus Score: 32 (17.5lbs x2) – 18 (17.5lbs x2) – 20 (10lbs x2) – 15 (10lbs x2) – 12 – 12 – 18 (10lbs x2) – 35 (10lbs) – 35 (10lbs) – 10 (10lbs) – 9 (10lbs) and then i fell on my face as i reached forward because my bottom arm gave out

  • Lacie Herman

    Great workout today! I’m loving the burnouts…my bootie is so dang sore today!!!

  • Mackenzie Copeland

    Amazing! I absolutely love this program. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day and committing to this because it makes me that much more dedicated! I can tell you absolutely love what you do! Thank you thank you thank you!! xoxo

  • Renee

    Another sweatastic workout. I have big windows like yours, its like working out in a sauna lol #hydrate

    ::HIGH FIVE::

  • Mallory

    Just finished, my shower feels well deserved :)

  • TammyG

    Oh my….These workouts are long and a killer since I am use to just pushing hard for the 12-15 min workouts….feel great after they are done though..lol..Lisa you are awesome and such an inspiration!!! Thank you for all you do for the Bodyrock community!

  • Christy Sabback

    Awesome Workout!!! My thighs and butt hurt so much from yesterday but I pushed through this!! The very last exercise really did me in, I was yelling and falling over but I feel great now! THANK YOU!

  • Sarah Weinzapfel

    that was killer!! especially after the butt and thigh bonus. i was really proud for being able to hang in there today and i know it’s because you’ve made me stronger from the first week. thanks so much Lisa!! can’t wait to wake up at 5 again tomorrow and work out with you again!!

  • Paula

    AMAZING!! So these are super great, love them love them love them!! I keep up with you doing the same thing. It motivates me more. With that perhaps we can shorten it a bit by going right into the exercises without some skips?We love you and keep up the amazing work.

  • Anja M.

    great workout, feeling really enthusiastic after doing it! loved the bonus part with weights, my muscles will definitely be sore tomorrow :) thanks Lisa, you are such an inspiration to me :)

  • Linsay Larson

    Happy Monday!!!! AWESOME workout!!! See you for day 9!

  • CitySarah

    Oooo this looks stellar!