Apr 1 2014

5 Ways to Deal with Stress that Don’t Involve Food



Hi BodyRockers,


Mike Tennant has written a guest post on a subject of emotional eating.

Check out his article and let me know your thoughts.

Have you ever had problems with emotional eating?

If so, please share your strategies for coping with this problem.


Five Ways to Deal with Stress that Don’t Involve Food




Let’s face it, there are many things working against those of us trying to lose weight these days. Fast food restaurants clog up the streets and gym memberships get more and more expensive by the day. Tight deadlines at work mean little time for worrying about proper nutrition during the day. And on top of that, busy family schedules make fixing a wholesome meal on a regular basis all the more difficult.

There’s also one other major underlying factor in weight gain: stress. Stress can creep in at any moment, and can be caused by almost anything in your life. Work, social events, even your family can cause stress. Not only is the stress itself harmful to your mind and body, but it can also lead to other unhealthy habits. All too often, people turn to unhealthy things like food and drink rather than dealing with the stress itself. We all know all too well just how easy it is to reach for a cheeseburger when things get tough. Of course, you’ll feel better in the short term – but the long-term ramifications are just not worth it.


Following are five simple but effective ways to battle with stress. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try one out instead of reaching for that pizza menu.

Organize something. Often times clutter and disorganization in our lives – either in the physical or mental sense – is a chief contributor to stress. So to combat this stress, try organizing something or some part of your life. Whether it’s your music collection, pictures or DVDs, the act of cleaning something up and organizing it can have a soothing effect on your mind and body.

Get some sleep. Do you get seven to eight hours of sleep on a nightly basis? Chances are you don’t, which can be a contributing factor to high levels of stress. Staying well rested can help keep the mind relaxed yet focused and able to take on whatever the day may hold. Even a short nap can help on a stressful day.

Write it down. Keeping a journal is another good way to deal with stress that many don’t realize. Writing down your feelings helps you to become fully aware of them. Once you’ve done this, it’s a lot easier to figure out just what is causing you stress and then let go of these feelings so you can move on with your day.

Try some yoga. Another form of exercise, yoga stresses the importance of reconnecting your mind and body – a perfect prescription for the stressed. There are all kinds of different classes and yoga sessions, and chances are your school has its own yoga class you can try. If you’re unable to make it to a class, try some simple stretches instead. Focus on your breathing while stretching and just feel your stress float away.

Play a game. Nothing reduces stress like a quick game. Not only can it take your mind off any issues, but it’ll also help you to relax by changing your focus to something fun. Chances are you have a game or two in your closet – even a deck of cards will do. Just a short bout of fun can refresh and reenergize your mind and body. Then you’ll be ready to take on anything.


Is this something you struggle with ??



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  • John Garas

    thanks, i’ve always felt good after i’d finished cleaning up my room or my car, but i never thought of it as a way to fight away stress

  • JOE

    Hello there! congrats on this web and what it means. I reaaaally need help. I´m a 30 year old man who suffers from a heart condition, and i need to get in shape: i do zero exercises but i need to start as soon as posible; the goal? to be in awesome shape and to have a great body. The main problem is that i eat a lot o trash too. So, how can you help me with? a workout program?? a diet? Remember i am a man i dont cook a lot, but i can learn, it´s my health whats matter! theres my e-mail.


  • maren

    a good reaction to cravings for sweets is to eat fresh figs…they have only 10 calories per fig and ease your hunger for sweets…and they are so healthy as well…I totally recommend to have fresh figs at home every time ;-)

  • Richard

    Just wanted to say that I love your YouTube videos! I’ve watched about 7 in a row! You’re a pretty cool couple. :) Thanks for making it easy to share your posts too with the “AddToAny” button – that’s really convenient. I’ll be sharing a lot of your updates!

  • ari

    Hola, I am very happy and proud of my self. i been in a low calorie diet and i workout five days a week. and i have accomplish to loose 45pounds in 9 months and 27inches, before i was a size 16in jeans and a xtra large in shirts, now iam a size 11 in pants and now i could fit in a medium to small shirt.and as i go along i noticed that i keep dropping pounds, because i run in the morning and in the evening, i dont want to loose more weight iam happy with the weight , but now i have to tone up how many times a day or a week do u recommend so i can see results once i start to lifting weights and toning up?


  • aracely enriquez

    hola, i am a new fan oi was looking for videos on how to shape up buns, and i have never seen such a great site of home videos that you perform. but i am having a difficult time on shrinking my abdomen, i have four children all c sections and huge babies when they were born , imagen big round belly, CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHAT EXERCISE MIGHT HELP ME TO SHRINK MY ABDOMEN. SINCERLY,


    • Tam

      I saw your name Aracely and it reminded me of my college roommate. Did you go to college? If so, where?

  • sophie

    yes u r, sent u a request, hope to be added as a friend. really enjoy ur web.

  • Abdullah


    really i need some tips to achieve the regularity in training but it is so difficult for me so far. could you please advice the best way to do.


  • sandra

    I have a HUGE problem with emotional eating! I have had it since i was little. This is how i coped with everything. Food was and is my comfort and only obsession. This is why i can’t loose weight. I am following your exercises and have seen improvement in my body, but i just can’t manage to change my eating. Food is like an addiction to me. I eat even if i am not hungry, but i just feel it makes me happy-but only for few seconds, then i need more food to cover new feelings. For me it’s a constant battle with food. I don’t know if i will ever overcome this problem and it makes me furious sometimes that i am so weak.

  • Ali

    I can’t figure out how to view some of your older entries. They don’t have links to open them up! Could you please tell me how? Thanks! :)

  • Tameron

    Hello Zuzana –

    I have just come across your site on Youtube, thank you!
    I am an emotional eater, happy, sad, angry you name it, I eat! However I am not over weight. Sometimes I also eat just to eat. I am a size 8-10 I buy size 4-6 clothes, and always say, “you are buying these clothes because you are going to wear them one day.” Talk about dysfunctional, & self destructive. Years ago I was on a vege diet because I was living with my mom and she started cooking vegetarian food, so it was easy and I had no choice! However when I moved out, I ballooned back up to a size 8. I am not happy with my belly…some people look at me and say, you have nothing to worry about! I am not happy with my body, I have a gym membership but do not use it…the last time i was at the gym was in May or June. I just do not have the motivation. Most of my $$ is spent on takeout. Right now I am stuffing my face with Chicken Pad Thai & Thai icedtea at 10:42 PM. So I do not manage it, I simply do not know how to.

    Thank you for being you,

  • Angela

    Zuzana – First of all you are amazing – your take on life inspires me to enjoy everyday and I especially loved seeing your travels in Italy.

    I had the fortunate experience to work with a best selling nutrition author to try a detox diet. The cravings I had were so intense – I literally looked at the macaroni and cheese in my refridgerator and tears came to my eyes. I felt frustrated and even angry. I needed carbs to calm me down. I was going through a hard time and my boyfriend was several states away.

    I made it through the craving by listening to music that gave me an outlet for my emotions. I went to high school during the “grunge” era – lol – and I listened to Mazzy Star and Candlebox – and I found that the cravings passed.

    I hope this helps your fans!

    Love, Angela

  • linda

    suzanna can you please show me how to cook something with eggplant? i have been wanting to try new things but i don’t know how. i am a horrible cook.

    • http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Zuzana – BodyRock.Tv

      I love eggplant! Sure, I will make some recipe as soon as we move to our new home – next week.

  • Amber

    Hi Zuzana,
    Iam new to Bodyrock and i would really like to ty for your advices and your training programms. I would also like you to take a look at this article and tell me your opinion about this eating plan.
    Your opinion matters to me :)
    Ty in advance

  • kat

    Hi Zuzanna,

    I’m a newbie to Bodyrock and have found you so inspirational. Is it possible you could post pictures of you before you got “the body you always wanted”? I read in one of your posts that a few years ago you “feed your muscles” a little too much. I would just like to see how your diet transformed your body! Hope my request isn’t to personal. :)

    Thanks for the inspiration… Hope to send you some pictures of me soon!!! :) :) :)



  • http://[email protected] Minnie V

    Hi Zuzana,
    when I’m stressed I just workout period! I really bekieve that working out really helps clear my mind. I recall times when I was feeling crappy over either work,love life etc. a nice long run would do wonders for me. Seems like I’d see things better while exercising. Some one also asked you how to respond to people who say “why don’t you eat some food? or “your really not living life if you alway’s watch what you eat”. My answer is,if I ate that cheesebuger with all the trimmings,or that huge piece of cake, I WON’T BE LIVING! Just because I choose to eat healthy all the time doesn’t mean I’m missing out on life. I’m happy with my decisions.For me eating healthy is a way of life. I feel so good and always have energy. Bottom line…. To each his own.
    Thanks again,

  • Meaghan

    Hi Zuzanna! Could you tell me where you got your shirt in this picture? its a really nice shirt! as always thanks for the advice!

  • Mickela

    I was just thinking to add to this thread. A lot of the time we get stressed from things we are over doing, or from making ourselves do things that we don’t want to do or like.walking away from the stress for a while is possibly one of the best things you can do.

    It has taken me a long time to find this out but really if something is making you miserable or stressed, just take a break, even a short break helps. I find that sex helps a lot.

  • Heather

    Oh, and one more thing… I think emotional eating often comes from (but not limited to) a feeling of emotional emptiness/loneliness. You want to fill yourself up on something so you naturally go for food. Try to fill yourself up with something you enjoy doing instead. Feed your spirit :)

  • Heather

    I agree that cleaning/organizing is a great way to distract yourself from a craving (and get something productive done too!) I find that having a hot cup of herbal or green tea after and in between meals helps me quite a bit. I tend to go back for seconds, eat sweets, and snack when it is unecessary and when I’m feeling emotionally empty. Hot tea sounds like the last thing I want durring those times but I just make myself sit down and have a cup. After I’m done with my tea I sit back and think about the power of my choice – I chose to do something healthy for myself instead of something unhealthy. That’s a pretty good feeling and makes it all so much easier from there. Everyone has the power to make this choice, it’s just a matter of doing so.

  • Em

    I just wanted to suggest a website with really nice, calming computer games, for those who are looking at words on a screen all day long, and absolutely cannot do anything else to take their mind off work.

    Check out


    • Em

      And to clarify, this related to the ‘play a game’ part of the article, even though I don’t think the author meant computer games.

      Regardless, it may help.

  • http://fithappyhealthy.com Anita

    I agree with Mike – stress can be very harmful to the ‘bottom’ line – directly and indirectly. It’s good to have tactics like Mike suggests for when you know you’re about to go down the same path.

    If I may add to Mike’s list – you should first become aware that you’re eating due to stress. Then put together 1,2, or 3 tactics that you can always default to. These have to be the same – to form a habit, i.e. become mechanical in execution, or you’ll be prone to convincing yourself out of action when the going gets really tough.

    One of the most effective tactics I know of for dealing with stress comes from Tony Robbins. As soon as you realise you’re stressed and about to reach for the fridge – notice your Physiology — Focus — Language.

    In other words stress has specific signs in your body. Every time you’re stressed you stand in a particular way (Physiology). Your focus is on a specific thought (Focus). You use specific language (Language).

    All you have to do is decide that when you feel stressed – you will change those three to something empowering. Practice and then use that tactic every time. Soon you will only have to say to yourself “Physiology — Focus — Language” – and your mind will automatically ‘act out’ your practiced way of getting out of it.

    • http://ozziepossum-diyhealthfitness.blogspot.com/ ozziepossum

      Firstly Anita, I love your website! I’ve signed up …..

      Stress can be a terrible thing. I suffer horribly myself. I can go for weeks, shrugging off all things bothering me then, BOOM! It all seems to snowball and I am affected by the smallest, most trivial thing.

      I tend to be an “emotional eater” at times. And I also find that, when the going gets tough and I’m not exercising, it all goes to shit! Exercise for me is a complete outlet for my stress. But with a full time job which consists of 12 hours, shift work (night and day) it can really take its toll!

      I have seriously been thinking recently of a change in career. Health and fitness has always been a huge part of my life……. maybe it could become a career I might enjoy!

      Aussie Aussie Aussie, I vote LIFE!

  • RDH

    Zuzana…do you ever get the need to eat a lot because of the time of the month? What do you do?

  • Lvette #1

    I definitely have hormonal eating issues every month … during that time of the month. Believe me, during that one week it feels like an hurricane raging through my good eating habit. I’ve made peace with it because I know that the week will eventually come to past and my commonsense would finally prevail. So, I see the 2000 extra calories I’ve consumed (the devil’s rice krispies squares)that week as insurance for the next three weeks of super hard workouts. And for getting through it with so little collateral damage I also threat myself to a massage right after the week of hurricane eating.

  • Inga María

    Munch on cucumber or sellery, that’s what I do :)

  • Audra

    I actually lose my appetite with stress and eat out of boredom. The only thing that works for me is chewing gum or guzzling down water otherwise it involves a lot of discipline.

  • gogo

    uggg…I used to get this for sure but not so much anymore. It used to seem like no matter how many tips I read, when I got the compulsion to stress eat everything went out the window. I knew I should journal, shower, walk, organize, sleep, call a friend, whatever but never wanted to, I just wanted to mindlessly eat…especially sweets, whole wheat organic sugar blah blah blah, but still sweets in mass quantity :)

    I read about the difference between eating with your belly VS eating with your head. When we eat with our belly, it’s actual hunger that is satisfied after eating a normal amount of food and there is no guilt involved. When you eat with your head, you can eat and eat and eat even to the point of being overly full, the hunger is never satisfied and it’s almost always followed by guilt. So you end up eating a ridiculous amount of food and then feeling crappy because you’re still stressed out and on top of that you ate too much!

    So, when you get the desire to eat with your head, you’re supposed to take a moment and feel in your body the emotion that you’re trying to avoid by stuffing your face…take some breaths and really feel …don’t try to erase your emotions or smother them with food. Sometimes it helps to just sit on the floor and put your hand on your belly and breathe. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last year or so and it’s really made a difference.

  • Morena

    I try drinking water first — sometimes I’m just thirsty. If I need something to munch on I try to eat fruits and vegetables — baby carrots, apple slices, etc. I also drink kombucha — super low calorie, good for you, suppresses appetite.

    However, sometimes exercising helps me — nothing long enough to work up an appetite. Zuzana’s workouts, the 12 minute ones are perfect.

  • RN

    It’s interesting how different cultures deal with stress. I am of East Asian descent and I find that most people in our culture turn away from food when dealing with stress, depression and emotional issues. We tend to lose our appetite for food if we have problems in our life. That’s why in our culture, if we see people who are ‘thin’ or losing weight, we ask ‘what’s wrong? (meaning a death, divorce, loss of job, etc. etc. I’ve always wondered howy ‘white people’ could turn to food for relief from emotions. I know that I completely lose my appetite if I get upset or angry.

  • Bobbi Kaye

    Nice article. I don’t really have much of problem with stress eating. When I was stressed I did yoga and started working out. I knew it would make me feel better because of the things I’ve read so when it worked I never stopped. It’s hard not to get stressed out sometimes but it’s possible. So I definitely recommend yoga for anyone willing to try and needs to de-stress. I had a good at home Yoga DVD I got from Wal-mart. It worked for me so maybe it will work for other people too. =)

  • Michelle

    I go through emotional eating when I’m stressed out. I deal with it by going to sleep, reading or just going out with friends to have fun and take my mind off of what is bothering me. Recently I’ve been having the munchies just because I want to be chewing on something. It’s not emotional eating..it’s just that I want to be munching on something. I’ve tried chewing gum and drinking coffee and tea but that doesn’t work. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can kill my munchies? Zuzana and Freddy, what would you recommend?

    • Colleen

      Hi Michelle-
      I’ve found that my munchies stop once I up my protein intake. You might want to track how much protein you are eating. The Abs Diet suggests 1 gram of protein per body fat… you might want to try that even for a couple days to see how you feel.

      • Colleen

        Per pound of body weight… not per body fat.

  • Nata from Ukraine =)

    Hello, guys!
    Nice to meet you! And i’m so glad i found such a wonderful web-site of a healthy life!
    This’s my first time to leave a comment here, but i’ve been reading your site pretty long time…since last autumn, i think…
    I found a lot of interesting and usefull information for healthy lifestyle here.
    I’m a ballroom dancer in the past. I left this sport 2 years ago and didn’t do any of exercises during these years and forgot to cut my meal’s habits. Last year i’ve been at USA a couple of months and got some extra kilos to my body =)) of course i lost my perfect body shape and i’m very upset of that. This month i decided that’s enough and i want to get my nice shape back =))) i really like your workouts because there are so incredible and powerfull!! Keep it up!

    What about emotional eating i’ve got some advices:
    1. If you feel that you’re hungry or want to eat something then first ask yourself – Do I really want to eat? Do I want to eat … (any food which you don’t like or isn’t so tasty)?
    And if your answer is positive than you’re really hungry, even if you’re ready to eat not really tasty snack. If your answer is negative and you’re not ready to eat not tasty snack means you’re not hungry, this’s just an appetite, not a hunger
    2. Try to focus on something else: dance, listen a music, talk to people, play games, do some light exercises, read an interesting book, etc.
    3. Ask yourself Is this ice-cream, cake, pizza or whatever you wanna eat change your stress situation at all?
    4. When you want to eat something say to yourself: Ok, i will eat this, but after 5 mins waiting. Then every next time make time longer and longer… soon you will be eating only in right time and healthy food (5-6 times in a day).

    Remember only solution of a problem can give you a happiness and positive attitude. Thats why calm down for a while and then solve your problems!

    My best wishes, guys!
    Nata from Ukraine :))

    p.s i’ve been in Czech twice! Such a wonderfull country!! I really like Prague!!! Want to visit this country once more! =))

  • Mickela

    I don’t eat to deal with stress. or do emotional eating. I have always made sure that my food clean and healthy, I got this from my father who grew up growing his food and fishing and raising animals.

    What I do which I think is related to eating is drink; wine chills me out, but sometimes I over do it and I feel awful the next day and am unable to take care daily things like exercise and keeping my home in order. I is a bit of a vicious cycle and I think it is very similar to eating sweets to deal with life.

    Since I started focusing on working out on a daily basis my stress levels have gone down quite a bit.

    • Ajay Rokmani

      Drinking is not like eating sweets. Like you said, if you drink too much you wake up the next day feeling awful and with little ambition. If you have at least one glass of wine a day try to go a day without, or two days. At least one day.

  • Margarinchik

    Hi,Zuzana! What breed of a dog Charlie?

  • Vanessa

    thanx! i lke the idea of rganizing something everytime i do i find i feel a lot better about myself overall…i can b very messy

  • shawnie

    I have found journaling a sure way to beat stress. Actually to be more specific I read the Psalms or Proverbs and then journal any questions right straight to GOD Himself! My journal is like a love letter to my Abba (Daddy God!)

    I have also found that having an attitude of grattitude will counter the “poor me”/victim mentality that tries to creep in and build to a crescendo of a total stressed out day!

  • http://donteverleavethiscountry.com Ajay Rokmani

    I can’t disagree with anything Mike wrote. Thanks, Mike. It made me think of one overriding strategy to break the habit of emotional eating and that’s, well, breaking habits! Break your routines that make up your day. Wherever possible, change your schedule, change your activities, change your mind and this will break your reflex to resort to food. For example, many people don’t like their job so when they get home they are “tired” and in order to end the day on a “positive” they eat – and they eat a lot. Solution: Don’t go right home. Take a walk or a run. Bring a friend. Join a club, an activity that fills in the time you would usually be moping and eating. When you do eat, eat healthy – and don’t sit down. Keep moving. Take pictures and post them on-line somewhere. Get creative with how you spend your free time. The key is to break the routine that cements the rut we all fall prey to. If you want to compare notes and share ideas and maybe get some tips on how to break your daily habits, email me, no charge, my friends, at [email protected]. Surprise yourself!

  • Colleen

    These are some great strategies. I just got another article from Everyday Health that describes what foods you should eat to boost your mood, so that you aren’t just downing food that is going to make you feel even more stressed (due to the recognition of the amount of calories you’ve consumed). Here are the foods that reduce stress hormones that the article recommends:
    1.) herbal tea (lavender or chamomile),
    2.) 1.5oz of dark chocolate (60% or more cocoa),
    3.) complex carbohydrates (whole wheat breads and sweet potato especially),
    4.) avocado,
    5.) fatty fish (like salmon, halibut, or tuna)
    6.) warm milk (8oz)
    7.) almonds, pistachios, or walnuts (just a handful)
    8.) oranges, grapefruits, and strawberries

    Here is the website for more details: http://www.everydayhealth.com/diet-nutrition-pictures/how-to-reduce-stress-with-diet.aspx

  • Kathy

    Hy, if I was in stress, I ate much more (and not healthy food like chocolate, sweet stuff and so on) – I don´t feel well and good, I struggled with myself :( That was a bad time. But, one day, I just thought, that I have to change something. Now, when I have really busy days and I feel really stressed, I just write my thoughts and feelings down, go for a walk (or if I´m really angry I just run and run and run – fast as I can), punch to a punching bag, talk with friends, clean my apartment or I do some of your workouts and give my very best!!!

    Stress is so bad, it could destroy you … I think, you also have to change your mind about stress … you can only do the things step by step, because you are not a roboter or a machine … don´t forget: you are a human!!!

    best and nice weekend,

  • Brigita

    I had and I would say I still have problems with emotional eating. It’s like an endless circle – I’m not confident, I’m not happy with mylesf when I look to the mirror, but the only thing I do is eating because it helps to forget about this. It’s so tiring because I think about food and my deplorable apperiance 24/7. However, I haven’t found any solution: excercise – I become tired after 5 min of running, plan my meals – everything collapses at 5 p.m. (it’s misterious time when feel like starveling) and so. But I think it’s connected with my inner problems and only when I cope with them I could change this.

  • _no idea_

    Hej Zuzanna and Freddie

    That’s a nice article, thank you, and yes unfortunately I know very well what he’s talking about. I’m clearly a stress eater, which made me gain 10 kg during university and another 5 during my PhD. It took me a while to understand that I used food as relaxation, espetially sugary food and it’s really hard to leave this habit, as it gives you a short relieve.

    I will try his ideas.


  • Me.

    Thank you guys for the advise :) stress is horrible thing nowadays. But i have a question. You, Zuzana, like i see, have a nice time at home to prepare some healthy meals, you have time to eat it slow. But what about students? Have you any advises to us? Because there are days, when you can eat only once a day and than later at night.

  • lise

    Yoga, sport and meditation are the only three good ways to fight against the stress for me. Of course, being stressed or tired makes you eat more than you have to. But their lives are made in this way and – to be realistic – stress and food are the nerves of the business. It’s our way of life and thinking that we have to change if we want to get a life more peaceful and healthy.

  • monika

    i have a question…………. what about when you work your ass off doing all your work outs and try eating healthy (ok, eating healthy is not my issue, portion control is lol but i have been really good about it!) anyway so you put in all this hard work into looking and feeling great and your friends make you feel guilty about it! like “wow you’re so skinny! eat something!” or ” you lost this weight cuz of drugs and its so easy for you”…. so im gonna pay attention and make a comment about everything you eat (cuz i’m a bartender and yes, used to do some drugs briefly, but for the majority of my life i have been somewhat fit and …. being from poland always loved healthy foods like lots of veggies and fruit and i hate fried stuff other than wings :) girls gotta have something lol) so anyway, yeah i been effin working my ass off and they make me feel guilty abut it. really? i now can do 10 PERFECT guy push ups in a row. please please tell me a drug that can make you do that.

    • reply

      I have been through what your are describing on many levels. relax in to their peoples comments. slow your mind down, hear their comment come out of their mouth and fall on to the floor. If they are jealous… inspire them. If they are unaware of the power o their words forgiven them and move on. if they are truly concerned for your safety listen and communicate with them. Just as long as you don’t spark an emotional response and so long as you don’t cripple yourself to make them feel better.

    • Carolina

      Hey ! I have the same problem :) I ‘ve been skinny all my life and I eat healthy but a lot ! People assume that because I’m skinny I don’t eat and that kind of bothers me but you can’t avoid those comments so I’ve chose to ignore them. But don’t forget that people in the states have a different way of eating , specially with the snacks, and little walking ( we use cars a lot ) which I don’t consider very healthy ( I’m from Argentina) , same with people here in Miami that don’t understand a meal without white rice and beans … So, if they think I’m anorexic just because they are 3 times my weight with the same frame, so be it ..I’m 5’4 and weight 54 kilos .. Perfect weight for my size. I’m 39 and I’ve been doing Zuzana’s workouts For few month to tone and I’m really happy with the results .. That’s all it matters :)

  • antonia

    I liked the rant in the other video and just read it…about excerisize in your life. I would like to know if you can do another video talk about it, I have needed it lately, thanks. :)

  • Jillian

    Hi Zuzanna
    This article is so very true in everyway. Stress is such a huge factor in the way peoples bodies and minds function. I am going to be going back to school in the fall for my last year and the work load is over the top stressful so I am going to try some of these tips for next year. By the way I dont know if you have gotten any of my emails because I have yet to get a response from you. Maybe I’m sending them to the wrong adress or im not doing it right at all, so I hope that this gets to you and hopefully you can let me know which adress is the best to use and what is the easiest way to get a hold of you through email. So once again I hope this gets to you and I hope to hear from you soon! Jillian