Sometimes when you’re curious about your health, you should look no farther than your nipples for clues.

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Health Fact #1: Dimpling And Puckering Can Be Signs Of Breast Cancer

If you notice a sudden onset of dimpling or puckering in just one nipple, see your doctor to rule out anything serious.

Health Fact #2: Third Nipples Are Common

Chandler Bing’s notorious third nipple is actually pretty common. In America alone, nearly 27 million people have one.

Health Fact #3: Working Out Can Chafe Nipples

Using a proper sports bra can prevent this. However, a warning sign for cancer is when your nipples are becoming itchy and red when you’re not doing anything strenuous or irritating to them. See your doctor if you are concerned.

Heath Fact #4: Nipple Pain During Breastfeeding Is Preventable

It can freak a lot of new mothers out thinking about the pain of breastfeeding. To prevent nipples from cracking or burning, air them out after feedings so they dry and heal faster.

Health Fact #5: Nipple Discharge Is Normal Even Among Women Who Aren’t Pregnant

Normal discharge is milky, clear or green. Abnormal discharge comes out of only one breast and is sometimes bloody. This type of discharge should be looked at by a doctor.

Health Fact #6: Inverted Nipples Are Harmless

Nearly 15% of women are walking around with an inverted nipple. It poses no risk to health and can be corrected with a simple surgical procedure if desired.

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Source: Prevention

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