Hi BodyRockers,

You always ask for body weight exercises. Well today Sean is bringing it hard.  It’s time to break out those Burpees!

Are you ready to HIIT day #23 together ?

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Today’s Motivation:

We love to tell you that our workouts take just 12 minutes and burn fat for up to 36 hours after. If you think that 12 minutes giving you 36 hours of after-burn is cool then what you get from a millisecond is even more powerful. Because you make the choice – you decide to take action in a millisecond. The 12 minutes is just the follow through. The battle is won or lost and all the rewards are gained in that fraction of a second in your brain. Our real job here is to inspire you enough to get that choice to fire day after day. Consistently making this one choice is the only thing that stands between you and being your personal best. If you add these choices up across say a month, 2-3 seconds of inspired decision making equals hundreds of hours of exercise free, metabolism boosting fat burning action. Your choices have power. Races are won or lost by some of the most powerful athletes in the world in fractions of a second. Believe it or not but your fitness destiny is measured on the same clock. We deliver the most effective and inspiring free workouts online – decide to cross the finish line with us. You can do it.


Workout Breakdown

  • Set Your Interval Timers to 50 Seconds on with a 10 second rest. Complete the following workout once through.
  • Advanced BodyRockers - Wear your BodyRock Weighted Vests & HIIT it again.
  • Post your scores below.
  1. Burpees
  2. Left+Right Abs
  3. Burpees
  4. Push-Up + In & Out
  5. Star Jumps
  6. Walking Push-Ups
  7. Star Jumps
  8. Walking Push-Ups
  9. Burpees
  10. Left+Right Abs
  11. Burpees
  12. Push-Up + In & Out