BodyRock wants to help you create your perfect healthy living plan, with the definitive nutrition bundle: The BodyRock Meal Plan, Recipe Book & Kick Start Nutrition Guide. Stop thinking and start eating clean!


Kick Start Nutrition Guide 

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BodyRock Meal Plan 

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BodyRock Recipe Book
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We'll help you save time, money, & energy 

Have you found yourself confused, lost, or frustrated when it comes to aspects of living a healthy lifestyle, losing weight or just eating better? You've probably tried other resources—scoured every healthy living webpage, or read article that claims they have the answer. Well we're here to tell you that there is no one-size-fits-all answer, but we can supply you with everything you need to create your own solution. Read our easy-to-use guide, follow the plan and reach your goals! 


  • 70 recipes so delicious that it'll be hard to believe they're healthy!
  • Beautiful, helpful accompanying photos (food porn!)
  • Serving size, Macro & calorie information



Quick Glance Overview

  • Quick start 6 day meal plan
  • Over 30 Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, & Dinner recipes which include serving information, macros and calorie counts
  • Nutrition information
  • Kick Start guide that gives you the perfect foundation to build your healthy lifestyle on, including information on eating and drinking out, the importance of water intake, explanations on topics such as gluten and sugar

  • 30 day's of breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinners
  • Information section on how to adapt the meal plan for your goals & lifestyle
  • Printable calendars & grocery lists that make this our easiest-to-use guide yet
  • Functions as a workbook where you can record your goals and compare your beginning and end stats  


I work with so many people on a daily basis who just do not understand that what they are putting into their body really, really matters. If you find you are not hitting your goals, whether that is putting on muscle, slimming down or just feeling 100% all the time, you really need to look at your diet. Diet accounts for 75% of your body shape. Think about that. That is a huge number! If you are thinking that you can work out and maintain or reach your fitness goals, without changing what you eat, you are going to be disappointed, and that is the last thing I want for you!



The nutritional information in the Kick Start guide gives you the perfect foundation on which to build your healthy lifestyle. There is no better way to revolutionize your kitchen and your body. Learn about all the aspects of processed foods that are keeping from looking and feeling your very best. As Lisa says, above: you simply cannot imagine what life is like when you finally understand the science and facts behind what you are putting into your body. Take this step to learn, think and understand your health and diet for the first time...and the last time!



Foundation nutritional information on everything ranging from hydration and alcohol, to sugars and gluten. This guide also answers commonly asked questions about daily healthy living such as the link between sleep and stress to weight gain and loss.

6 day Kick Start meal plan and grocery list with over 30 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks - Including quick "go to" snack and work lunch ideas

Everything you need to know about meal planning from the basic foundation to in-depth information such as adapting plans to your needs and lifestyle.


I have cooked so many of these meals for myself and my friends, and handed these out to the people that I work with and who come to me with their fitness hurdles. So many people know, deep down, that what they are putting into their bodies is holding them back, but they don't know where to go to take that step to slowly change what they are eating. This bundle is exactly what you need if you are not seeing results and you simple don't know why. It's your diet, baby. It's 75% of your body shape!



BMI and Macro calculations pages to work out what you should be eating in a day. Each recipe lists calories and macros, so you can easily adapt this plan to your goals; be that weight loss, or muscle gain.

Healthy printable guide with healthy tips, reminders, and goals to keep you motivated. 

Print off each week and grocery list to make shopping and planning a breeze

I love how this Meal Plan makes everything easier to buy the best possibly groceries you can find, so that you just don't have unhealthy choices around you anymore. My kitchen is honestly totally packed with the cleanest and freshest ingredients, and when I cook for people they're always amazed at the flavours that are possible with such simple ingredients. You don't need sugar to get sweetness. You don't need a ton of salt for flavour, and once you kick out those trans fats and starchy carbs you will not miss them because you look and feel so good!




5 Weeks of meal plans and goals to help you achieve the body and/or lifestyle you want. 

Every meal is as tasty as it is healthy, and with 70 meals to choose from in the recipe book, you can easily change out/adapt plans to fit dietary preferences and requirements. 

Compare your beginning and end results to motivated further goals!




Kick Start Nutrition Guide (Value $27) | BodyRock Meal Plan (Value $25)  |
BodyRock Recipe Book (Value $27)


"It's great! I love cooking and I love good food! The Bodyrock Meal Plan gave me new inspirations! Especially the snacks are awesome because chocolate is my best enemy ;)!"

Kristin, USA


"The bodyrock meal plan is easy to follow and really great if you are a beginner to the healthy eating lifestyle. It's convinient because you don't need to think about what to eat, the meal plan is here to tell you that!!"

"I love the Meal Plan. I don't follow it day by day but I take from that and other body rock nutrition books I have and do my best to fuel my body, minimise my time in the kitchen, plan my week and make good choices."

Jodie, Australia 

"I think it is awesome, especially when you promote it wi a 30 day challenge as it gives one all they need to succeed!! Thanks to the hard work of the bodyrock team for all your hard work!!"

"The Meal Plan is easy, awesome, and tasty. :) I like it because it plans everything out for me and I don't have to constantly be thinking about my macronutrients. It's all planned and balanced." 

Alison, Canada

Katharina, Austria

"It is comprehensive, well organized, enough new meals to be interesting, enough repeats to make it manageable. I am a meat eater and I enjoy vegan and vegetarian meals so I will eat anything on the plan. I am very impressed with everything about the plan. The meals are easy to prepare and delicious. The ingredients are easy to find at any grocery store and are affordable. A+"

Anne Lise, France

Eileen, USA

"I like how easy the step by step recipes are. I like the fact that they are very tasty and easy to make. I like that there's a weekly grocery list that makes it easy for me to get everything I need. Overall I like that I'm reaching my fitness goals and it's not that complicated anymore because I have all the tools I need!" 

Marcella, USA

"I love that it's simple, easy recipes. No crazy/speciality ingredients to buy and relatively fast recipes. I love the grocery planner. I have very little time to write lists so it was huge to have it already laid out." 

Jennie, USA