Hi BodyRockers,

Rita’s back again to bring you back from your rest day and into working hard! No excuses today, keep eating well and sticking with it, you have done 1/3 of the challenge already! Amazing!


Workout Breakdown

  • Set Your timers to 10 seconds rest & 30 seconds work. 
  • You will Complete the following exercises 3 x through.
  • Complete as many rep’s of the following exercise’s before the 30 seconds is up.
  • Post your scores below to remind yourself how far you have come when you HIIT this again.
  1. Lateral Lunge & Cross
  2. Lateral Lunge & Cross
  3. In & Out Plank Jumps - High To Low
  4. Pop Squat
  5. Pull- Ups
  6. Floor Wide Leg Frog jumps