Getting Started With BodyRock.TV

Hello BodyRockers!

We have put together this visual quick start guide to help you get started BodyRocking with us. Follow these simple steps and you will be ready to start your fitness journey with us :)

1. Watch the workout video

It will give you a great overview of the routine and show you the flow of the exercises. Make sure you watch it through to the end because the video also has a tutorial that shows you the proper form for each exercise and beginner modifications and variations for beginners.

2. Like Posts

Show your BodyRocker spirit by liking the posts! Hitting the like button on posts, workouts, recipes and anything else you like on the site just takes a second but it’s a really strong show of support and it helps to spread the word :) If you LOVE BodyRock.Tv then “like” us a whole bunch :)

3. Read the text!

It’s a quick motivational read or inspirational message or maybe some news about what is happening on the site or in the community :) Don’t miss this little pep talk :)

4. Get the gear

Many of our exercises can be done using just your own Body Weight, but to up the intensity, maximize the burn and add variety to your BodyRocking sessions you can get the exact same equipment that we use in our video by clicking on the workout gear links that appear with each workout and throughout the site. Be sure and check for exclusive discounts for BodyRockers that you won’t find anywhere else!

5. Post your comments and questions!

We also encourage BodyRockers to share their scores and results in the comments section. Our community is a safe, positive and supportive place to meet new friends and find encouragement.

6. Like our official Facebook Page

Subscribe to BodyRock.Tv by “liking” our official Facebook fanpage. We post notifications for all of our new workouts and updates plus other news there first. Subscribe here and don’t miss another workout!

Welcome to BodyRock.Tv!!!

Freddy, Lisa & Sean