HIIT training is all the rage these days, and with good reason! Not just a passing fitness fad, high intensity interval training, or HIIT, combines cardio and strength training into short, manageable workouts that blast fat and maintain muscle in the process.

We know that the above explanation does little to answer the questions you may have about HIIT. What exactly is it? How does it work? And how long do you have to do a workout to burn the most fat? Read on because we’ve got the answers!

So, what is HIIT training?

Simply put, HIIT training has you alternate between periods of intense, maximum effort work, and shorter periods of less intense work, or rest. Generally, HIIT workouts prescribe a set time limit for both these intervals. Many programs, like Tabata style workouts, use 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This can vary from program to program. If you’ve ever done a learn to run program, you are familiar with this concept.

How does HIIT work?

HIIT has been held up as a super fat burning workout, but why? The goal of HIIT exercises is to boost your heart rate to 85-90% of it’s maximum which puts you in an anaerobic state. This means, your body is going through the motions without much oxygen. This leads to EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Otherwise known as the afterburn effect, this means your body will burn more calories after your workout is finished in an attempt to return your body to it’s natural state of rest. Of course, for this to really work for you, you have to make sure you are really pushing yourself. Studies indicate that you have to be pretty close to your maximum heart rate for these benefits to kick in. This is why HIIT training is no walk in the park!


How long should a workout last?

One of the things that makes HIIT so popular is that you don’t have to spend hours at the gym! A good, solid, HIIT workout should last between 20 and 30 minutes. That’s right, you could be shredding fat in under a half hour. If you are able to go longer than 30 minutes, you are likely not pushing as hard as you could be. Anything under 15 minutes and you’ve not likely spent enough time in the anaerobic state to have much of an impact on your fat burn levels.

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