Hi BodyRockers,

We want to share some letters and before and after pics from other BodyRockers who are showing amazing success by taking our challenges!

REAL PEOPLE REAL RESULTS – No tricks, no gimmicks, just sweat & a good time :))

FYI – It take’s a lot of courage to post these before & afters – So please keep the comments ONLY positive – some people aren’t like me & haven’t become immune to the haters that fly around the web  – and I have had some really sad emails from a few people at the comments made so far – you may not like it, they may have different bodies types to you – but it’s their achievement & they are VERY proud of it – just say well done or nothing at all ok ?  – they are all amazing just for getting through 30 days !!

Those who post your pics- if anyone even dares say anything negative tell them where to go – you earned every second of it :) & I friggin love ya xoxox


30 Day Challenge BodyRockers – Before & After :

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More BEFORE & AFTERS – with how they did it and their measurements – HERE.



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