Thank You So Much …. Seriously from the bottom of my heart – Thank You For helping my friend have a motel room to be warm in over this Christmas Holidays. 


If you don’t know who Jerry is then you can catch up Here & Here


Thank You for your kind donations. We jointly raised $530 & thats so much more than I ever could have dreamed of. I made sure he had food & coffee everyday to keep him warm while on the street & together we have all made sure he is warm inside & out over the christmas holiday.


Thank-You So Much xoxo


The Card …



I liked the raised stash’s …  ( I had to put some of us into the choice lol )



Video 1 & 2 Donations From :


Eva Kubisova

Melanie White,

Sandy Daniels,

Kelli Bennett,

Nicole Jenkins,

Kristine Green,

Deborah Tokich,

Alicia Neville,

Paulina Kotesky,

Denise Esquibel,

Page Whitson,

Flavia Benedek,

Candice Roxburgh,

Rose M Alvarez,

Andrew Cetnarskyj,

Elspeth Hindmarch,

Britta Thomas-Neue,

Megan Beech,

Sarah LeMien,

Stacey Perry,

Carolyn Hysted,

Tamara Devries,

Samantha Green,

Holly Alger,

Wayne Tierney,

Shanda Peacock,

Barbara Ogbomo,

Julia Balint,

Elsa Santiago,

Anna Litvinenko,

Jordan Goecker,

Kelli Evans Photography,

Paula Manarangi,

Tina Konstantinou,

Sabina Iurascu,

Kelsey Yeldon,

Erin Siegmund,

Jessica Voloch

Jillian McNee

Jasminn Berteotti

Bridget Alsdorf

Rachel Norman

Chivon Fitch

Frederick Light

Tinde Talo

Brent Handy

Elizabeth Huebl

Nicole Cassidy

Patricia Burke

Sabrina Zivkovic

Rachel Hendrix

Catherine Davol

Stephanie Nickel

Kendra Haley

Ayaba Agbobli

Sabrina Zivkovic

Rachel Hendrix.

Michaela Vejvodova

Jaymie Nickerson

Lisa Cusick

Angela Aguilera

Pamela Oslund

Kelsey Mead

Danna Yahav

Nadine Michalski

Peggy Farley

Andrea Jonas

Manisha Mishra

Suzanna Poplawski

Lisa Oreskovich


If I missed anyone, I’m Sorry in advance. Please email me at lisa.marie.brtv@gmail.com & I will check again.

It only takes one small gesture to make a huge difference in someones life. Thank you for making one persons day to day struggle a little easier this Christmas you awesome bunch of people.


Merry Christmas & a Happy Holidays




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