Hi Bodyrockers

Its Day three already, So, How are you doing ? Is your Diet & workout on track ?

Today we are bringing you not one but two brand new workouts. Following on from day two of the 30 Day Program todays workout consists of a 12 minute a super intense Core, Cardio and Resistance session, along with a Weighted time challenge workout from Sean. Both are guaranteed to push you hard, get you sweating off those pounds and keep you on track and motivated through the 30 Day Challenge you are almost a week are towards completing already!

You will need your Interval Timer, Dip Station, Ugi Ball, Sandbag, Swiss Ball and Exercise mat but as always there are no excuses not to take part in these workouts as the modifications are at the end of both video’s show variations on how you can change the workout to suit your needs and your personal fitness level.

Do you remember the day you first came across BodyRock.Tv ? Wondering what it was all about & where to start ? With the community growing bigger than ever the positive contribution you all bring to the site is nothing short of inspiring. By sharing your motivational stories, experiences, recipes, diet plans, exercise tips, and the kind words of support you lend to other BodyRockers who need direction you guys have helped welcome  1000’s of new people from all over the world into our family so on behalf of all of us & everyone you have helped along the way, a huge Thank-You !

You don’t need a personal trainer, you don’t need an expensive gym membership, you don’t even need to have any of the extra equipment we use to intensify the workouts. You just need to decide that – today is the day !! Start bodyrocking with us. Living rooms all over the world have become BodyRocker gyms – you have everything inside you to make your dreams happen and BodyRockers everywhere are here to support you :)

Enjoy your workout!!!

Freddy, Sean & Lisa

Sean’s Workout:

Lisa’s Workout:


Lisa’s 12 Minute Cardio, Core & Resistance Workout.

Set your interval timer for 12 Rounds of 50/10. Modify the following exercises as needed for your fitness level as shown by Lisa in the video above. No matter what level you are starting at make sure and give yourself some serious positive love and self-talk for getting up off your arse and transforming your living room from a couch potato lounge to an official BodyRock gym :) We are proud to sweat with you!

Superman Push-ups

Elevated Push-up’s & L&R knee to elbow touch with the Swiss Ball

Squat & Press with the Pink Sandbag

Ugi Clean & Press + Jump Forward + 3 x Squat Jumps

Reverse Pull-Ups on Dip Station

Side Jump Burpee + 2 knee to elbow Oblique Abs + Tuck Jump Centre (Alternate Sides)

Forward Lunge + Side Lunge + Knee Lift. (Alternate Legs) with the Pink Sandbag

Ugi Ball Push-up & Burpee + Sumo L&R Knee Touch.

Tricep Dip + Kickout V Abs with the Dip Station

Overhead Abs with the Pink Sandbag

Sandbag Shoulder Lift + Squat + Switch Shoulder Press with the Pink Sandbag

Speed Run

Seans Shoulder & Legs Time Trial Weighted Workout

Low Jacks Press

Single Arm Lateral Raise/Lunge

Firemans Lift x 30 (15 each side)

Single Arm Press Lunge

In 30 day’s of working out with us, you will be glad you stuck with us and you will be amazed at how much leaner, stronger, and fitter you have become in such a short space of time. Keep using your Power Words everyday & remember to post your scores on the facebook page and in the comments below to keep a track of your progress.

Enjoy Your Workout

See You Tomorrow!