Hi Bodyrocker’s,

Today’s Power Word is Energy …..

Please don’t be disappointed if you only improve just a little… It’s three weeks … With a personal trainer you would be screaming from the rooftops that you are improving in such a small amount of time.. Its a credit to you all that you have improved, it shows how strong you really are and that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MINDS TOO… living a lifestyle that involves being healthy and active is what we are aiming for … This is not an overnight fix for a lifetime of naughtiness or habits ;)) its a journey of fun, laughter, friendship, passion, sweat and maybe even a few falls and some tears along the way… But that wont stop us !! We just keep on going !! – You have shown you can do it already!! Not me… I just give you the workout… Without you doing them and changing the way you see food, nothing would change. So give it everything you have, dont allow yourself to fall… Take control of your destiny and your personal journey whatever that is… Whether its with training, food, toning up, work, lifestyle, habits… Anything… Invest in you, and don’t give in to pressure of others or the media or friends or negative comments or temptation…. You are stronger than you think… And everyday you prove this to yourself by being determined and joining in and also being able to say NO to anything that doesn’t compliment you future targets and goals :))))) …. I will help you 100% … And all I ask is you try your best :))) Lisa-Marie  xx

Today’s Workout Video:


Workout Breakdown :

Set you interval timer to 12 rounds of 10/50 and complete the following 4 exercises 3 times through.

Jump Over – Go Under using the Bodyrock Pink Equalizer

1 x Over + 1 x Under Elevated Push-Ups, alternate legs after each 5  reps each side – using the Bodyrock Pink Equalizer

Side Plank Leg Lifts Left Side using the Bodyrock Pink Equalizer

Side Plank Leg Lifts Right Side using the Bodyrock Pink Equalizer

Repeat 3 time through :) & don;t forget to write down your scores and feel proof of the accomplishments you are seeing and achieving everyday !

*The 30 Day Programme – click here for a downloadable version of the schedule.

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Enjoy The Workout & See you tomorrow :)

Freddy, Sean & Lisa-Marie