Hi BodyRockers,

Freddy here :) We have made it to the end of week one of our 30 Day Challenge. Most people who start to workout as part of a New Years resolution wash out right about now. Think about it – people out there hitting the gyms are dropping like flies. Maybe it’s the commute time, maybe it’s the parking hassle, or it couple be that wondering around all of the nautilus machines is just not inspiring or that that much fun. By the end of the first week of January 80% of people have stumbled and quit or are having secret, passionate affairs with a slice of Pizza. Don’t be most people – be a BodyRocker.

I read an amazing post on Facebook today from a mom:

“There are so many people that don’t believe a shorter workout can be effective. Their loss. While they are hours on the treadmill, I am playing w/my kids!”

We are going to keep bringing you workouts Monday – Friday, we are going to make it our absolute mission to push you guys towards your goals, and the most amazing part of all of this is how positive, loving and supportive all of you BodyRockers are in this amazing community we have got going on here :) Just to let you guys know, we are listening and we love to hear from you. Lisa, Sean and I are online all the time and if you connect with us on Facebook we will answer your questions and help keep you motivated. Here are our pages so you can connect with us personally:

Lisa: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lisa-Marie-BodyRockTv-Host/192899324133894

Sean: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sean-Light-BodyRockTv-Host/186139421467434

Freddy: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Freddy-BodyRockTv/191922857558526

Make sure and connect with us and leave us your questions, comments and suggestions. Lisa literally lives with her iPad in her hands and I believe Sean’s iPhone has started to meld to his finger tips so there is a great chance they will get back to you very quickly :)

Congrats to everyone who has kept going with us through to day 5, and if you have just found us or are starting again keep Rocking and get started!!!



Lisa’s Workout Video:

Sean’s Muscle Tone Workout:


Lisa’s 400 Rep Workout Instructions:

Let’s finish off the week hard !! – This Workout is a time challenge so you will need to set your interval timers as a Stop Watch and push yourself as hard as you can from the minute you hear that beep sound! Grit your teeth and keep going until every Rep is completed and don’t worry if you have to modify any of the Reps, just keep going and see it through !

The following exercises should be repeated four times through:

75 High Knee Skips

25 Knee Lifts using the Dip Station

Total 400 Reps combined.

Seans Weighted Workout Instructions:

Half Burpee Rows using the Pink Sandbag

Single Leg 1 arm rows (L&R) using the Pink Sandbag

Dip Station Arm Ups

Jack Curls using the Pink Sandbag

Complete each exercises for 15 Reps for a total of three times.