Hi BodyRockers,

If you feel like you are in a grind – like it’s groundhog day over and over – like life is missing something, it might just be because you are not dreaming big enough. Don’t be afraid to stretch towards a bigger purpose. Too many of us settle for lower expectations – when you go after something big it reinvigorates your sense of drive and energizes your imagination. In short it builds excitement. If you are bored it’s only because you haven’t challenged yourself enough. Shake this off and spend some time dreaming again – then take it one step further and imagine something truly epic. Now begin the quest and go after it with everything you have inside.

Enjoy todays workout and stretch!


Workout Break Down

Set your interval timer to 6 rounds 30 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest minute rest in between rounds.  You will repeat this circuit 4 times for a total of 12 minutes.

1. Switch Lunges using Sandbag

2. Cat Pushup Or Standard Pushup

3. Swithch Lunges using Sandbag

4. Clap Pushup Or Standard Pushup

5.  Low Jacks

6. Reverse Push Ups Or Sandbag Rows using Sandbag

7. Low Jacks

8. Revers Push Ups Or Sandbag Rows using Sandbag

9. Oblique Crunches using  Dip Station or Knee Up Crunches Equalizer

10. High Knees

11. Oblique Crunches using Dip Station or Knee Up Crunches Equalizer

12 High Knees

Post Workout Stretch!!  All here with Milla and Teshia!

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