Hi BodyRockers,

Can I just say …. I have missed you all so much. I know I am on vacation & I am supposed to just relax but thats not my style at all – I never stop BodyRocking so i’m happy to be connecting with you all on a ”workout level” and hearing the feedback, scores and times etc… so on a personal note, I am really glad to be uploading a video today :).

Today I have set up a warm up, workout or cool down (whichever you prefer to use these workouts for) .

These 3 warm-up workouts are varied to your level and time available. Make no mistake they will get your inner engines ready to melt that fat away & will get you sweating ready to stretch and smash out your chosen BodyRock workout for the day.

I have added a full body stretch and a lower back stretch in this post too so if you have time you can really have a total BodyRock experience :).

If you are just starting out with us, why not try this as your main workout and see how you progress easy time you try it :) or if you are still working up to the times shown below, you can find a paper copy of this workout on My Facebook page which you can print off and do at your own time and pace :).

This isn’t suppose to be easy, it’s designed that by the time you complete this workout your muscles will be warm and your heart will be pumping & endorphins will be rushing through your body. Go all out & give it all you have got, give it 110% !!

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Enjoy these everyone

*** PS, Check back for a new 12 Real Time workout being added :) ***

See You in the living room ;)

L xx

Ps, If the sound was on… you would hear me say GO GO GO !!!! & YES YOU CAN !!!

There are Three warm ups / work outs / cool downs  to pick from today  –

The 9 Min – Real Time Warm Up:

(Perfect for Strong Beginners / Intermediates or Advanced / workout or cool down )


9 Min Warm-Up Workout Breakdown:

Set your interval timer to 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. Repeat 3 times through :).

1) Prisoner Jacks

2) Squat & Kick

3) Jump Over

4) Squat Touch Floor Jumps

5) Squat & Side Lift

6) Floor Hops / Mountain Climbers

x 3 rounds !

7 Min LITE Real Time Warm-Up:

(Perfect for Beginners / Cool down / Warm up / Work out )

Set your interval timer to 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. Repeat 3 times through :).

1) Knee Touch x4 + Bum Kick x4

2) Jump Over

3) Heel Kick x4 + Step Back x 4

4) Prisoner Squat Jumps or Jumping Jacks

5) Sissors

x 3 rounds !

12 Min – Real Time Warm Up:

(Perfect for Strong Intermediates / Advanced / Warm up / Work out )

Set your interval timer to 30 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. Repeat 3 times through :).

1) Jumping Jacks

2) High Knees

3) Shuttle Runs

4) Heel Kicks

5) Squat Touch Floor Jumps

6) Floor Hops

x 3 rounds !

Pre Workout Real Time Stretch :

This is one of the most important parts of your workout !! Always make sure you stretch :)

12 Min Real Time Workout:

Set your interval timer to a stop watch and complete 50 of the following exercises at your own pace and modification.

( Beginners start with 10 reps each – you can always do it all again ;) )

1) Burpees

2) High Knees

2) Bag Drop & Burpee Tuck Jump – Using the Pink Sandbag

3) Scissor Lunge

4) Elavated Plank Knee Tucks – Elbow & Cross (Alternate between L&R Legs)

5) Touch Floor Jumping Jacks

6) Overhead Lunge & Kick – Left Leg – Using the Pink Sandbag

7) Tuck Jumps

8) Overhead Lunge & Kick – Right Leg – Using the Pink Sandbag

9) Criss Cross Reach Through Abs (Alternate between L&R Legs)

10) 500 High Knee Skips

My Time: 26 mins :)

Real Time Ab Bonus

Set your interval timer to 10 seconds rest 50 seconds work. You 10 seconds rest will be a plank  .. sorry in advance :)

1o seconds Plank

1) Oblique Hold & Reach Under – Left Side

10 seconds Plank

2) Oblique Hold & Reach Under – Right Side

10 Seconds Plank

3) Plank – Alternating Arm & leg Reach Out.

Post Ab Workout Stretch:

(Stretching will help you getting tight in your lower back, This is one of the most important parts of your workout !! Always make sure you stretch :) )

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