Hi BodyRocker,

Welcome back to HIITMax !!

We start you off with a little Fit Test to see how fit you are @ this very moment in time.

You will complete 22 exercises for 50 seconds on with a 10 second rest in between each exercise.

Make sure you write down your scores in your journals/diet books and post them on the site to share.

Then once 4 Weeks is complete – you will be able to look back and be proud of how far you have come in such a short time with a noticeable difference in your strength & fitness.

We are going to push hard with intense total body workouts that will leave you feeling muscles you never knew you even had! In 4 weeks you will feel leaner stronger, fit healthy, and completely energised & ready to take on the world. Start today and be challenged, get fit & reach your true potential-without expensive gym membership, HIITMax is guaranteed to take your regular workout routine to the next level !

All you need to do is do as many of the following exercises below at your own pace and your own level in the 50 seconds.

Note: Remember to write down what level you performed each exercise at i.e on your toes, or knees etc – this way, you can also keep track of your progress over the 4 weeks.

Remember tho, this may effect your time as well but overall will show a huge progression in strength, and the speed will come as your strength improves.


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Todays Motivation:

Welcome to our first workout of 2015. This year we have some promises to make to you. This year we are going to continue to show up for you – in your living room if you are an old school BodyRocker that likes to get your sweat on at home, or as your gym partner if you prefer to workout at a fitness studio. The point is – no matter where you are – we will be there to help keep you motivated with the best new exercises and free workouts so that no excuses – YOU (yeah you) can get in the best shape of your life.
This is a tight knit community. It’s a safe place to check in. The people here are from all walks of life, all ages and fitness levels. What we have in common is a shared spirit of mutual support and respect – and the fact that BodyRockers don’t quit. If you see a move in one of our workouts that seems impossible – don’t worry – you will get there. In the meantime just substitute another exercise. Jumping jacks is a good go to. But pay attention, because we often do show you a less advanced alternative.

When you witness something in life that is beyond your reach you have two choices. You can get frustrated or you can be inspired to achieve it. BodyRockers aspire to be fitter, stronger, healthier – the best versions of themselves possible. If you emerged out of the darkness and experienced sunlight in a sparking blue sky for the first time would you turn away in frustration and retreat back into the comfort of the dark past just because the brightness was temporarily uncomfortable – or would you rise up and embrace the wonder of a new life while your eyes adjusted to the magnificence of your new reality?

Maybe that strikes you as a bit dramatic, but we have helped tens of thousands make this transition. Striving to live as the best version of you possible takes courage & dedication but it’s a soul to toes transformation that will change everything about the way you live.
We don’t expect perfection – smiles, sweat and a heartfelt effort is all it takes. Because when we show up from the heart and you show up with intentions born of desire to make your life everything you know it could be magic happens. That’s our promise to you.

Enjoy your workout.


Todays Workout Video:


The HIITMAX Fit Test:

Set your interval timer to 50/10 and complete as many as the following exercises in the time as you can.

We will be using our interval timers in every single workout and it is basically the only must have item for BodyRocking.

Our timers let us know when to switch exercises and the “beeps” keep us all pushing harder then a regular clock ever could. Ask any seasoned BodyRocker and they will tell you that working out with our timers takes it to a whole different level.


1. Squat Jumps

2. Push Up Jacks

3. Burpees

4. High Knees

5. Burpee Switch Lunges

6. Power Jumps ( or Tuck Jumps )

7. Tricep Dips

8. Straight Abs

9. Surfboards

10. Burpee to Squat

11. Squat & Scissor Kicks

12. Power Jacks

13. Globe Jumps

14. Low Plank Oblique

15. Lunge & Kick – Left

16. Lunge & Kick – Right

17. Squats – Weighted

18. Bent Over Row

19. Reverse Pull Ups

20. Push Up & Tuck Jump

21. Mat Jumps

22. Side Oblique Jumps


My Scores : 
Squat Jumps – 30 – Holding 2 x 10kg weights & 6lb Vest on
Push Up Jack – 26 Total
Burpees – 11 with a push-up & Tuck
High Knees – 128 Total L&R – No extra weight just vest
Burpee Lunge – 18 Total L&R
Tuck Jumps – 36
Tricep Dips – 37 Off board straight legs
Straight Abs – 23
Surfboard Burpees – 20 Total L&R
Burpee to Squat – 17
Power Jacks – 30
Globe Jumps – 34 Total L&R
Low Plank Oblique – 31 Total
Lunge Kick L – 14 – 2 x 10Kg Weights Over Head
Lunge Kick R – 12 – 2 x 10Kg Weights Over Head (legs were wobbling here lol)
Weighted Squats – 16 – 2 x 10Kg Weights on Shoulders
Bent Over Row – 24 (arms were dead here)
Reverse Pull Up – 19
Push up Tuck – 9
Mat Jumps – 60 Total on Mat (didn’t have a box handy)
Side Oblique Jump – 13
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Kelsey’s Scores : 
BR fit test 2015 w/vest and 40 lb bag
Squat Jumps – 35
Push Up Jack – 15
Burpees – 17
High Knees – 60 each leg/120 total
Burpee Lunge – 7 each leg/14 total
Tuck Jumps – 26
Tricep Dips – 23
Straight Abs – 23
Surfboard Burpees – 14
Burpee to Squat – 17
Power Jacks – 27
Globe Jumps – 23
Low Plank Oblique – 19
Lunge Kick L – 14
Lunge Kick R – 14
Weighted Squats – 18
Bent Over Row – 19
Reverse Pull Up – 25
Push up Tuck – 9
Mat Jumps – 22
Side Oblique Jump – 13