Hi BodyRockers,

You have all asked for a Stretch Video so here are two of them.

One a standing stretch routine, and one from the floor. ( perfect for the end of workout or ab routine )

Monday is the First Day of Season 11. So get your Fit Test done. Post your scores so I can add them to the website.

What will you do today ? Share it below.


Todays Motivation:

Stop for a second. I want you to muster up as much love, understanding and compassion as you can. There is someone very deserving of this that I want to introduce you to. If you are a spiritual person, imagine what it would be like to see this person through the eyes of Jesus, or the Buda or whomever you hold to be your spiritual avatar. Imagine that kind of loving compassion.

The person I want you to meet is YOU in this moment. Not the past you that might be harbouring regrets or the future you that you might be anxious or worried about, but the YOU that is reading these words right now. Apply all of the compassion to the way you view yourself in this moment. 

Life is not easy. There is no manual. We get lonely, lost and sad sometimes. Time goes so quickly. We lose the people and things that we love. We mis-step and make mistakes. Sometimes we may f*ck up so badly that we deeply hurt ourselves and others. But you know what? It’s a new year. It’s a fresh start. We may have had our hearts broken and hopes dashed but let’s genuinely love ourselves and give ourselves the gift of a clean slate.

You may have to practice forgiving yourself. You may have to work at releasing whatever personal anger, guilt or shame is corroding your heart. There is no shut off valve for these types of feelings, but when you take a minute and give yourself the perspective that comes from stepping back in self-awareness and looking at yourself you should see someone that is worthy of love and support. Give yourself a hug. See how far you have come and how you have endured. Know in this moment that you matter. Be your own source of comfort and resolve to move forward in this life wiser and with a greater capacity for kindness.

It’s not enough just to aspire to be lean or fit or beautiful if the love and acceptance we all seek doesn’t start in the centre of your own chest.
Let’s give ourselves some props and smash out today’s workout together. We love you guys. Thanks for making it this far with us.

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Standing Stretch: – 


Laying Stretch: – 


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