There are some things that dudes will keep hush hush from their new partners for as long as humanly possible. Not all guys are ready to be open and honest with you right away. Here are the 11 most common secrets your new BF might be hiding from you.

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1 – He called more than one person after your first date and told them he’d met his future wife.

He told his mom, his grandma, maybe a few best friends from college… He really thinks you’re someone special but he isn’t going to admit how head over heels he was right off the bat.

2 – He has a good-looking friend you can’t meet.

In his mind, his close friend is better looking, more charming and much funnier than he could ever be and he doesn’t want you to stolen away by him. That’s why his best bud won’t be meeting you until you’re safely married.

3 – He’s afraid of spiders.

Or the attic, or the basement, or horror films. He’s keeping his “unmanly” phobia at bay until he knows you two are totally comfortable together. And it hasn’t been easy.

4 – He has whacky family members.

And you’re not going to meet those family members until the rehearsal dinner, but hopefully you’ll be so in love with him that they won’t be a wedding deal breaker. He also has well thought out explanations for each family member so you know what to expect.

5 – He secretly loves something embarrassing.

Like cheesy romantic comedies from the 1980s or folk dancing. He’s got an embarrassing passion for something that he’s stifling down until you look at his old VHS tape collection or find a pair of clogs in his closet.

6 – He has a list of bad dating situations.

Everyone has their list of ex-lovers or a slew of awkward dating encounters they would rather keep tucked away. Perhaps it’s best if all the dirty details of his past stay hidden away, as you probably don’t want to picture him with other women. But sharing a funny story or two about trial and error dating might be a good bonding conversation, so encourage him to spill the beans.

7 – He has his own version of granny panties.

Yes, men do this too. It might be a raggedy old pair of sweatpants or a baggy, worn out and tattered swatch of material which were once boxer briefs. All of us ladies keep our granny panties on standby for period days or when we’re really comfortable in a relationship, so what’s the big deal?

8 – He’s got insecurities.

He may come off as confident, but inside he wonders about his looks and his social demeanour. He has times where he feels low about his self esteem. Showing him appreciation and gratitude can help alleviate his woes.

9 – He has anxiety.

Everyone has anxiety in some form or another. For dudes, it may not be as easy to admit. Anxiety can present itself in many ways and through many different spectrums. It’s important to be understanding if your man opens up to you about this problem.

10 – He’s nervous about texting.

You know how you take 10 minutes to send a simple text because you’re nervous about how it will come across? And when you do send it, you wind up flipping your phone over because you’re anxious about the response? Dudes do that too.

11 – He can be slobby.

Not always, and not to a point of utter disgust. But once he’s safe with you, you will notice him drinking out of the milk carton every now and then or leaving his dirty socks in the bathroom.

What are some traits you hide from your partner until you get to know them? Share your thoughts with us!

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