Our skin is our biggest organ and the most exposed, leaving it extremely vulnerable. That’s why it’s so important that you treat it with the utmost care.

It’s easy to let our health slide without even knowing it, however. Your lifestyle choices, for instance, play an intricate role in the health of your skin. Had a stressful week? You might notice your skin suffering from the consequences. Where’d that glow go?

Your skincare routine ought to be unique to you, as everyone responds to products differently. How much water you drink, what you eat and how much you sleep all play big parts, too.

There are common behaviours that everyone can benefit from being aware of and avoid in order to ward of the signs of aging, and leave you with a gorgeous complexion as the years go by.

1. Not protecting yourself from the sun.

Protecting ourselves from the sun has been pushed on us from a very young age, and the result of not doing so is pretty obvious. Freckles, moles and wrinkles make themselves known quite easily. And the risk of skin cancer is enough to make you want to hide away from the sun altogether. But properly shielding yourself is your best bet.

UVB rays are what causes the superficial damage to your skin, such as burns, while UVA rays damage the deeper layers, resulting in photoaging. Avoid both of these by using a natural sunscreen that has an SPF of 30.

2. Using harsh detergents.

Cleansing your skin from the buildup of dirt and oil due to everyday life and the usage of makeup is pertinent in maintaining healthy skin. However, how you cleanse is even more important. For instance, using a harsh detergent will only strip your skin of its natural lipid barrier, taking away that lovely layer of protective oil that moistens your skin.

If your skin feels squeaky clean as opposed to soft and supple, chances are you’re using the wrong stuff. Make sure you get soap-free enzyme- and clay-based cleansers.

3. Exposing yourself to polluted air.

If you’re living in the city, you’re subjecting your skin to pollution, which your skin does not like. Soot, dirt, acid and other pollutants invade your skin from cars, construction sites and factories, and get deep into the layers of your skin and cause issues like dehydration and inflammation.

One of the biggest offenders is the greenhouse gas called PM2.5. This culprit speeds up the process of aging similar to UV rays. It can also result in uneven skin tone and the loss of collagen, so it’s important to wash your face each morning and evening in order to decrease the effects it has on you.

4. Overusing peels and acids.

Though acids work to rid the skin of that dull look and reveal a fresher layer, using them too much can result in thin, raw, red and inflamed skin.

If you’re going to use peels and acids, make sure to use a minimal amount on your face and be mindful of the ingredients. Opt for products with beta hydroxy acids, which are much more mild yet still effective in comparison to the harsher options out there.

5. Stay away from highly caffeinated beverages.

Along with drinking enough water each day, make sure you’re not drinking tons of caffeine. Like coffee? Have a cup not three. Dehydration causes the skin to appear dull and keeps your skin from looking nice and plump, which provides that youthful appearance.

Do you feel like you properly take care of your skin?

Source: Mind Body Green