1 Exercise for Sexy Legs

We all know that squats are the secret to a firm backside, but what about the lower part of the leg that shows in most every pair of shorts, skirts, and dresses that we wear?  I am referring to our calves.  Sexy calves look great in any heels, boots, or wedges and go perfectly with that Spring outfit that you have been dying to wear all winter.   All you need is 1 exercise with 3 variations and you will be on your way to round  shapely calves. The triceps surae (from Latin caput and sura. "three-headed calf [muscle]") is a pair of muscles located at the calf - the gastrocnemius  and the soleus. The best way to work these three heads are with calf raises.  You can do these standing, seated or on a leg press machine.  Either way you do them, you just need to do three variations to reap the benefits. Complete 4 sets of 24 of the following Calf raises 1 set of 8 with toes forward                    toesforward 1 set of 8 with toes pointed in              toesin 1 set of 8 with toes pointed out            toesout  

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