1 In 4 People Have THIS Bad Breath Condition and Don't Know It

Like millions of people, your bad breath could be caused by something rather menacing, but very simple to spot and cure. If you've been brushing and flossing ruthlessly and still can't rid yourself of bad breath, it could be tonsil stones. These minuscule stones lurk in your tonsils and are made of bacteria, mucous  and debris from food which hardens. Nearly 25% of the population has these little guys but never detect them as they are so well hidden. These stones can be the culprits of chronic bad breath. They are also linked to a mild sore throat because of the pain and discomfort they can present. You may also experience ear pain because the tonsils share a nerve pathway with the ears. The best way to prevent their formation is to brush all areas of your mouth regularly and rinse with a oxygenated mouth wash. To remove stones, simply take a cotton swab and dampen it. Take the swab and insert it gently into the back of your mouth, and lightly massage your tonsil until the stone is removed. Gargling with salt water is a great way to help relieve symptoms but may not be able to shift the lodged stones. If at-home removal does not work, talk with your doctor about surgical options. Have you ever had tonsil stones? Share your experiences and treatment tips with us! Source: All Day  

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