1 Month to Better Habits Challenge

We've dusted off this Challenge from October 2014. It was super popular then, and if you are struggling to find your mojo it can definitely help you start to break out of some old habits that are not serving you. They say it takes 3 weeks to create a habit. But I'm going to give it 4 in order to break bad habits and form better ones. I'm guilty of fixing one bad habit while simultaneously enhancing another one. I guess I really like my vices? So this challenge is based on my personal bad habits:

> I don't work out long enough

> I sit ALL day at work and don't stretch

> I LOVE salt

> I LOVE carbs

> I use weekends as "rest days"

  So to break these habits, I've structured the challenge so that 1) The workouts gradually increase in duration 2) Stretching gradually increases in duration 3) The diet challenges are spread out & gradually increase 4) Rest days are every 5 days, regardless of weekends   "Why are your diet challenges so restrictive/specific?" The four challenges (meat, carbs, salt and sugar) are specific to me and are totally flexible based on yourself/your goals. I picked these four because: 1) I personally feel better when I'm consistently eating meat-free 2) I will always fill up/over eat carbs (pasta, bread, rice, quinoa) 3) I f*cking LOVE salt way too much 4) My skin is 100 times better when I reduce my sugar intake   "How are you going to survive without carbs?" Obviously there are carbs in EVERYTHING, including broccoli. So when I say "no carbs/minimal carbs", I'm referring to simple carbs + starchy carbs. Cutting out breads, pastas, syrups, candies etc. But there simply isn't enough space in the calendar blocks to explain all that. So take this challenge with a grain of salt (pun kind of intended) and alter it to suit your habits. But strive to set at least three goals: 1) A fitness goal 2) An overall wellness goal 3) A diet/nutrition goal If you're ready to join me, post yours in the comments below! October  
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