1 Super-Set to Pump up your Glutes

  Recently, I started working on a plan to grow my glutes in the next year.  I mean, who doesn't want to have a curvy backside that fills out jeans, leggings, and looks great in a swimsuit.  Research shows that squats have the highest glute activation of any exercise, but to grow your backside you must incorporate the hamstrings as well.  This superset includes all the rear muscles as well as includes the quadriceps for an overall total leg workout that will have your lower half looking amazing in no time. Perform these exercises as a superset 3 times through.  Do 12 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next.  Rest 3 minutes between each super-set. Start with regular back squats which can be done as shown on a smith machine, in a regular squat rack, with your t-bar or sandbag. IMG_5812 Continue on to the Straight leg deadlift.  To do this correctly keep the bar, sandbag or dumbbells in contact with your legs at all times. Keep your back flat and push your glutes to the ceiling at the bottom of the movement.


The final exercise is the front squat.  Using the same weight as the straight leg dead-lifts place the bar along the front of your shoulders (across your delts).  The bar should be resting firmly on the front of your delts and your wrists should be lightly holding the bar.  Lower yourself down into a squat the same as the back squats pushing your glutes back as if sitting in a chair.


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