10 Bands that Make Jogging a Joy

There's nothing like some good music to help you pick up the pace when you're trying to jog or run that final mile. You're exhausted, but then that overwhelmingly awesome, upbeat tune  comes on, and your energy supply is restocked - at least until the end of that song.AfterShokz-Sport-male-running

If you're going to run, here are 10 bands that have made it onto my playlist:
  1. Five Finger Death Punch -- The lyrics of some songs may be a bit aggressive, but the music is fantastic! There are a lot of songs with no screaming, and the vocalist sings like an angel - definitely my favorite band to run to.
  2. Disturbed -- Again, strong lyrics in a lot of the songs, but boy does that lead guitar make it easy to keep up the pace! The odd, syncopated rhythms just work to help you run, and you'll have a whole lot more energy with these guys.
  3. Skrillex -- It may seem like an odd choice, but this guy knows how to make music that takes your mind off the running. His best songs will have you focused on the music rather than your feet, and it will make running a blast!
  4. Alter Bridge -- Good quality lyrics meets solid rock music with this band, which definitely knows how to write a tune.
  5. Bullet for My Valentine -- A surprising choice for even me, but all in all a great band with great tunes to run to. The driving beat keeps you going, and the vocals get you hooked.
  6. Escape the Fate -- Definitely not your traditional rock band, but their music will have you running just that little bit faster.
  7. Hinder -- This band is all over the place, with slow, fast, power, and heavy rock. It's good fun to listen to, and the lyrics are actually worth paying attention to.
  8. Seether -- Another all around great rock band, but their music is much simpler than the others on my list.
  9. Theory of a Deadman -- This band does all fast-paced rock, and it gets my heart and lungs working overtime when I listen to their punk-style rock. Good fun!
  10. Three Days Grace -- A band that was once known for soft rock, this group brings it in their latest albums. A great choice if you like milder rock without screaming or heavy guitar riffs.
Get these 10 bands on your running playlist, and you'll feel as energized as I do!

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