10 Benefits of Eating Probiotics

I’ve just recently started taking probiotics, mainly because my best friends takes them and has described them to me as “life-changing” when it came to improving her digestion. Even though I entirely trust her judgment when it comes to health matters, I thought I’d do some more research and check out what all the fuss was about, and stumbled across this list of 10 benefits of taking probiotics. 1. Optimizes digestion – pretty self explanatory, if you get tummy troubles often you may want to give yourself the extra boost digestion-wise by eating a probiotic-rich diet. 2. Improves absorption – helps the body absorb the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from our food, they are especially good at helping the body absorb calcium and B vitamins. 3. Safeguards against infection – keeps out nasty foreign infections like acne, E. Coli, yeast and urinary tract infections. 4. Strengthens immunity – probiotics increase production of lymphocytes in the digestive tract, which is directly linked to an improved immune system. 5. Improves bowel movements – everybody poops, but what you want is regular poop. With probiotics it helps combat both diarrhea and constipation, as well as any travel bugs you may have picked up. probiotic-5-400x265 6. Reduces allergies – more studies are needed in order to confirm this, but it seems that a probiotic-rich diet can reduce the body’s allergic response. 7. Promotes detoxification – an all natural detox, no colon cleanse or store-bought juice cleanse necessary. It’s detox capabilities also reduce chronic bad breath and peptic ulcers. 8. Undoes the damage of antibiotics – so you’ve gotten over that nasty virus, but while you were at it the meds you were taking also destroyed all of the healthy bacteria in your body – probiotics helps get you back to a normal level. Probiotics-Before-You-Need-Anti-Biotics 9. Promotes women’s health – this is a nice way of saying that a vagina is a temperamental creature sometimes, and probiotics maintain healthy vaginal bacteria to prevent infections. probioticsyeast 10. Prevents urinary tract infections – as well as the vag and the digestive tract, the urinary tract needs to maintain a good balance of bacteria. Basically, what I’m getting from this list is that your body just functions better when it has its bacteria on track. Probiotics can be found in plain yogurt, sauerkraut, tempeh, miso, kefir, or you can take it as a supplement. probioticmiso-soup-live-cultures

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