10 Bra and Panty Facts You Need to Know!

We've got the scoop on skivvies! Ever wonder how often you should replace your bra? Or why the thong was invented? Check out these 10 bizarre, hilarious and fascinating facts about your undies: #1 There are trace amounts of poop in every pair of underwear. One-tenth of a gram of poop, to be precise. #2 Cotton is the best fabric for undies because it's breathable. If you're trying to give off the signal that you're low maintenance, it's cotton all the way. #3 Bras should be replaced every 6 months. Unless you have a variety you frequently switch up, and you wash your bras properly. Otherwise bacteria from sweating can build up in the fabric. Ew. #4 Urinary tract infections can be prevented by simply wearing clean underwear every day. We can not stress how important a fresh pair of panties is. #5 In following tradition, Scotsman don't wear anything under their kilts. And stay away from breezes and manholes, as per tradition. #6 In 1939, it became law that nude dancers must wear specialty underwear (thongs) in order to preform. Hence, the invention of the common thong. #7 Until 2001, Disney World had park workers who wore costumes share underwear. The communal undies finally were eradicated after reports of pubic lice. #8 Briefs are no more of a threat to man's fertility than boxers. Breathable fabric is the key to keeping sperm count regulated. #9 64% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. And 29% of them know it. #10 Thongs can attract excess bacteria and increase the risk of infections. Due to their skimpy, often flimsy fabrics and design and the lack of protection the provide to your lady bits. Did you know any of these facts about your unmentionables?      


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