10 Charts That Can Help You Eat Healthy!

Sometimes, eating right can be confusing. How much veggies am I supposed to eat a day? Am I eating enough protein? How do I reduce my sugar intake? Don't worry! We've got you covered. Here are 10 healthy eating charts that can help guide you along!

1. Build a balanced meal

enhanced-buzz-10965-1452188333-13 Load up your plate the right way with lots of vegetables, a serving of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats.

2. Make a salad that won't leave you hungry!

enhanced-buzz-27087-1452115705-18 Put your salad together by choosing combinations from the list above. If something needs to be prepped, do it all at once so your lunch and dinner salads can easily be thrown together over the course of the week!

3. How to make a healthy homemade lunch

enhanced-buzz-16412-1452181031-5 This is not only a cheaper way to do lunch at work or school, it is much, much healthier!

4. Turn plain chicken breast into something scrumptious and exciting

enhanced-buzz-13741-1452027238-20 Who says chicken has to be boring? [bctt tweet="10 Charts That Can Help You Eat Healthy!"]

5. Build the perfect soup

enhanced-buzz-22095-1452180713-16 Making soup is a great way to use the random bits and pieces of food left in your fridge. Follow this guide and get creative!

6. Cut sugar from your drinks

enhanced-buzz-16893-1452190845-26 If you cut calories from your beverages, you'll feel less guilty if you over do it on something else!

7. The lowdown on cooking grains

enhanced-2562-1452181959-1 Grains make a healthy base for so many smart meal options. They also provide vitamins, fiber, and protein!

8. DYI salad dressing

enhanced-315-1452184872-8 If you have this dressing all set and ready to go, you're more likely to actually eat the salad!

9. Watching your sodium intake

enhanced-buzz-28783-1452190505-7 If you are concerned about your sodium intake, make sure you are paying close attention to the labels on processed foods -- these 6 in particular.

10. DYI broths and stocks

enhanced-buzz-28351-1452206662-13 Use your leftovers to your advantage! Not only will you save money, you will save yourself from eating loads of extra sodium, flavours and additives found in the pre-made versions. What are you waiting for? Get prepping! Source: Buzzfeed

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