10 Difficult Stages Of Losing Weight (And Why You Might be Failing)

It happens to all of us. That moment when you step on the scale or try on your favourite pants only to discover that things aren't as they once were. Time to lose a little weight, perhaps. It really can sneak up on you! And whether you have five or 50 pounds to lose, it can be a challenge. Although the experience of losing weight is different for every individual, Thought Catalog put together this list of stages you'll pass through on your way to reaching your goal. challenging ways to lose weight

1. The “Holy Sh*t My Clothes Don’t Fit” Stage

It has happened. You've gained weight and now your clothes don't fit quite right. You know you are still crazy beautiful but you can't help but feel, among other things, less healthy. Now, you feel self conscious and unsure. This has probably been going on over a period of time but this is the first you've noticed. Did everyone see and not tell you?

2.  The Denial Stage

You start by researching ways to get healthy. New diets, super foods. But you're left hungry so you eat all the garbage food in your cupboards because you have to get rid of it and throwing it out is wasteful. Besides, you're okay with your weight. Nothing wrong with a few extra pounds, right?

3. The “Okay, Fine. I Need To Do Something About This” Stage

Now you've decided you want to do something about your weight gain. You've chosen a diet and are starting to be a little more active. You're excited by the idea of changing your lifestyle. Baby steps.

4. The “I’ve Been Good For A Week” Stage 

Yay! You've lasted a week! But you're a little ahead of yourself. You already feel better and when you step on the scale to check your results, you are shocked to discover that you are pretty much the same. Remember, you are NOT the same. You've just started the journey and taken the most important steps. challenging ways to lose weight

5. The “I Have An Event/Holiday/Fun Weekend And Am Going To Go Off Of The Deep End” Stage

You caved. It happens. And you thought that would be the end of it, but it isn't. You keep right on caving because, well, you've already 'ruined' the day/week/month. That treat you gave yourself for being 'so good' has now come back to get you. Take a deep breath and get back to your healthy mindset, it is possible.

6. The “Getting Back On Track” Stage

Relapsing doesn't have to be the end of it all. Get your bearings again. Don't be the person that starts again on Monday. Do it now. Mitigate the damage by starting over again this very second.

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7. The “Finally Seeing Results” Stage

And then it happens. You get on the scale and it has moved in a noticeable way. Your clothes fit better, some are now too big. You are feeling confident again. You are really feeling in love with and committed to your lifestyle. You feel lighter, healthier and a whole heck of a lot happier!

8. The “I Can Cheat A Little” Stage

You've been good. You've been necessarily strict with yourself and you've now reached the point where you can have that piece of dessert because you know it won't lead you down a gluttonous path! You've mastered the art of balance. You can have that fun meal out and not feel any guilt or shame.

9. The “Final Countdown” Stage

Those last few pounds are a pain. They just will not go away! Maybe you've cheated too much, maybe you're too comfortable in your workouts or maybe your body has hit a point where it is happy and functioning beautifully. Whatever the reason, frustration abounds. You're almost there, homestretch. No giving up now!

10. “GOALLLLLL!” Stage

Shout it like a football commentator. No, really, it feels good to just shout it out!  You've made it, now celebrate it. You've worked and built a more balanced, healthier you. Be proud of yourself. You've undertaken a difficult task! Did you recognize yourself in any of these stages? I've been through the majority of them on more than one occasion. How do you pull yourself through the tough spots?    

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