10 Easy Swaps That Will Make You Healthier and Fitter

Sometimes a fitter, stronger, better you is just a few simple swaps away! Check out these 10 'this for that' tips to start living a healthier. life swaps Fitness:  1) PLANKS FOR CRUNCHES Crunches are not the secret to a hard six pack. Planks on the other hand work your entire core and do more for your body than many other moves. 2) GYM FOR NAPPING Instead of taking a 2 hour cat nap or reaching for a fix of caffeine, hit the tread! It will energize you and torch calories. 3) SQUATS FOR LEG PRESS Squats strengthen all your leg muscles in just one easy move. Plus, they benefit the booty if you know what I mean... 4) ROWING FOR BIKING Rowing strengthens your back muscles and your upper and lower body. Why waste time just working your leg muscles when you can impact all of your muscles! 5) ACTIVE DATE FOR DINNER AND A MOVIE Save money and calories by skipping a fancy dinner and stationary movie date. Hit a trail for some hiking, go sledding, rent a kayak and grab a smoothie afterwards.     Health:  1) RAW SPINACH FOR ICEBERG LETTUCE Lettuce is dull, and doesn't have much in the way of nutrition. Raw spinach is full of vitamins, calcium and iron! 2) PAN-FRIED FOR DEEP-FRIED Did you know that deep fried food is bad for you? Of course you did. But if you love the crispiness, give pan frying a try. 3) SALSA FOR CREAM CHEESE DIPS Try making your own homemade salsa (it's easy) and dip those chippies is something fresh, healthy and not processed. 4) EATING THREE MEALS FOR SKIPPING AND SNACKING Don't skip meals and compensate by snacking. If you're too busy to make breakfast or lunch, try blending shakes in the A.M and taking them with you as a meal replacement. 5) LOCAL PRODUCE FOR SUPERMARKET VEGGIES produce Stop buying everything from the supermarket and get back to basics with some locally grown, in season produce. It tastes better and is worth a little extra money. What are your tips to eating better and working out more? Source: Elite Daily  

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