10 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

Running isn't for everyone. If you are one of those people who would rather eat rocks than go for a jog, you're in for some good news. Running is not the most efficient method for burning calories. The average person burns an average of 10 calories per minute while running. Here are 10 exercises that rank higher than running when it comes to calorie burn:

1. Kettlebell Swings

These exercises help you burn calories and sculpt a lean figure. They are great for sculpting the glutes and quads while giving your body an overall workout.

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2. Burpees

Burpees are great for reducing excess body fat. The American College of Sports Medicine found that a 180 pound man could burn almost 1.5 calories per burpee. Those numbers only get better when you ramp up the number of burpees you do in a short time. Try for 10 burpees in 60 seconds.

Top Tip: Adding the BodyRock Weighted Vest to your burpees adds 6-10lbs of extra weight to your body, increasing the calorie-burn-rate substantially!  

3. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope gets your heart rate up and improves balance and coordination. A moderate intensity jump rope session burns 13 calories a minute.

4. Battle Ropes

These workouts seem to the be the key to ramping up fitness. These exercises achieve a calorie burn of nearly 10.5 per minute.

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5. Walking Uphill With A Load

Walking on an incline gets difficult. Walking on an incline while carrying weight is even more difficult. You can burn around 415 calories an hour while walking at a moderate pace. Also, this is a pretty cost effective exercise as all you need is a strong backpack, some rocks and a hill.

6. Dancing

Dancing is great fun AND it burns calories. Dancing burns up to 443 calories an hour! Next time you're in the club, hit the floor!

7. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a fun, challenging workout that ramps up your adrenaline and overall fitness. Climbing can burn up to 455 calories an hour.

8. Inline Skating

Although it seems easy, skating provides a really intense calorie burning workout that serves as a great substitute for running.

9. Rowing

Rowing burns an insane amount of calories. Per hour, you can burn up to 682! Rowing is one of the most intense, and effective exercises you can add to your routine.

10. Boxing

Boxing doesn't just make you feel tough, it will make you super fit. The average boxing session burns around 727 calories per hour..

The Key? Consistency!

Showing up every day and working your body is the key to sustainable weight loss and fitness. We've given you a lot of options here, but by far the most effective way we have found to maintain a healthy, strong, lean physique is High Intensity Interval Training!

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