10 Fit Girl Problems No One Opens Up About

Getting fit and maintaining it is a huge accomplishment! But all the blood, sweat and tears that go into this amazing achievement are rarely talked about. The hidden sides of fitness can be awkward, judgemental or sometimes hilarious. Here are the 10 fit girl problems that no one talks about: 1) Comparisons It's hard not to get a little bummed out when you look at other girls at the gym and see their abs are tighter or their biceps are bigger. Whatever your goals are, there will always be a woman out their who has completed them better, faster and easier than you have. Fit girls rarely admit that they are comparing themselves to others, but it is a part of human nature. Just don't let it consume you, and focus on pushing on with your goals. Chances are there are people looking at you and wishing they could smash a workout like you do. 2) Wrecked Hands Barbells, dumbbells and the dreaded pull-up bar have all reeked havoc on your hands. You have the hardened calluses of a real hardcore gym enthusiastic. You can't get your nails done because they will be gone in a single deal fit session. You are strong, and it shows. Be proud! 3) You Carry The Torch fit girl problems You've come so far and gotten so toned that you're afraid of messing it up. You can't drop the ball. You can't enjoy a delicious cheat meal and you punish yourself if you ever miss a workout. You're looked upon as a fitness guru among your family and friends, and the pressure to maintain that image is weighing down on you harder than a deadlift squat. You have to know that you can loosen the reigns a little, or you're going to burn yourself out. 4) Pit Shaving Sucks When your muscles get larger around your underarms, you develop hills and nooks and all sorts of foreign-feeling areas. This is dangerous to go at with the old razor or wax strip. If the marketing departments are reading, where is the fit girl's solution to pit hair removal? 5) Sometimes Things Have...Gotta Give  You've got a lot of weight on your shoulders, and you are descending into a squat, when suddenly you feel some pressure in your stomach. The fear of farting seems to come at the worst times, like right in the middle a deadlift squat or just as you downward dog in yoga class. Avoiding a burrito binge pre-workout can help, but sometimes there is no preventing it. 6) Your Body Produces Mixed Emotions Suddenly your muscles have become everyone's business. Some people admire your strength, others decide you look too hulk-like even if you have just bulked up a little bit. Your mother doesn't think girls should have muscular arms, while your little sister thinks you look like a superhero. The most important thing to remember is you're doing this for you, so the only opinion that matters is yours. 7) Clothes Don't Fit Fit girl clothing is not really a thing when it comes to pencil skirts, fitted tops and evening dresses. You find yourself wearing loose, baggy clothes a la the early 90s and just call it a day. You don't have a lot of need for club wear anyway, since Friday is Leg Day. 8) Bye Bye Boobs This is something that not many ladies express, but your boobs do a disappearing act when you start getting fit. You have a few options: 1) save up for a good quality boob job 2) employ the old technique from grade 7 and start stuffing your bra with socks, tissues or chicken cutlets. 9) Hunger Takes Over Muscles demand to be fed, and it can feel like your main job has become stuffing your face. All this hunger makes you grumpy, irritated, tired and sometimes pretty hostile. Not to mention all the prepping and planning to get your protein and carbs to keep those biceps growing strong. Just remember when you feel down, that you're doing this to reach amazing fit goals! Don't give up. 10) Pee Probs Bladder leakage is a rarely discussed problem that impacts a lot of women, especially those who have had children. Heavy squats and jumping rope can lead to embarrassing slip ups. Kegels can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to prevent this problem and let you enjoy a variety of exercises. Panty liners and light pads specially designed for leaks can also be a lifesaver, so slip a few in your gym bag. What are some of your most embarrassing, annoying or hilarious fit girl problems? Source: Bodybuilding    

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