The 10 Most Fit Male Actors In Hollywood (And Their Secrets)

Is your celeb crush among these hunky, fit stars? #1 Brad Pitt Often shirtless in roles, Brad is always in top physical condition. He is a vegetarian who doesn't eat any sugary, processed foods. He stays toned with basic cardio, like running. #2 Bradley Cooper Dreamy eyes and a dreamy body, Bradley is the other buff Brad in Hollywood. He stays in peak form by doing detoxes to flush his system of toxins. He drinks protein shakes, tons of water and cooks with his girlfriend (sorry ladies). #3 Jake Gyllenhaal Jake is always bulking up for roles. He is a self-proclaimed workout junkie who can't go a day without the gym even if he isn't working. He limits meat in his diet and incorporates lots of lush veggies. #4 Ryan Gosling Smart and sexy Ryan eats oatmeal, protein, vegetables and fruit as his staples of a good diet. He allows the occasional burger binge every now and again, but not often. He hits the gym regularly for cardio and weights. [bctt tweet="The 10 Most Fit Male Actors In Hollywood (And Their Secrets)"] #5 Will Smith Will is not letting his #dadbod show. He maintains a strength training routine 5 days a week, knocks back protein shakes and boxes twice a week. #6 George Clooney Gentleman George has a taste for fine food. He eats plenty of greens, healthy fats and protein. He also practices yoga, plays basketball and runs daily. #7 Mathew McConaughey Hot dad Matt is a daredevil when it comes to sports. He gets fit by hiking, surfing and mountain biking. He is a conscious eater who only chooses the healthiest of foods. #8 Michael Fassbender Michael is a cardio addict who gets his fix from strength trainings, cycling, running, swimming and hiking. To get his metabolism going, he eats lean meats and lots of fresh veggies. #9 Ryan Reynolds The other ultra-fit Ryan, Mr. Reynolds trains 6 days a week to stay in top shape. He eats lean meats and organic produce. He also has a passion for cooking. #10 Tom Cruise Stuntman Tom looks great for his age! He says he attributes it to eating well and getting active. He hikes, bikes and smashes cardio whenever he can! Who is the hottest actor of this group? Did one of your favs not make the list? Source: Body Again    

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