10 Food Facts That Are Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

If you love food and think you know all there is to know about it, then you'll find the following facts pretty interesting.
  1. No matter their colour, all fruit loops actually have the exact same flavour.
mind-blowing food facts 2. This is what your noodles look like before you add water to them. Feel ripped off? mind-blowing food facts 3. Contrary to popular belief, Twinkies DO have a shelf life, and it's about 35 days! mind-blowing food facts 4. The Double Stuf Oreos are ... missing some stuff! They are really only 1.86 times stuffed! mind-blowing food facts 5. Your favourite cereal brand has been misleading you! The 3 stripes that are on Cap'n Crunch's uniform prove that he is a commander and not a captain after all. mind-blowing food facts 6. You might want to bring your tape measure next time you hit up Subway. For a long time, their “footlong” sandwiches were actually 11″ long. Though they say they've fixed the problem, it's best to be safe. mind-blowing food facts 7. Are you a fan of double dipping, but always get your hand slapped for such behaviour? Most people believe that this act causes more germs in that community dip, but apparently no more germs are accumulated after your first dip. Proceed at a party with care, however! mind-blowing food facts 8. Grape-Nuts don't actually have anything to do with grapes or nuts ... say what?! The ingredients are: whole grain wheat flour, malted barley flour, isolated soy protein, salt, whole grain barley flour, malt extract, dried yeast. Where the name came from is cause for question. mind-blowing food facts 9. Want cheaper Oreo O’s cereal? They're only in South Korea ... and on Amazon. mind-blowing food facts 10. Peanuts aren't nuts, but actually legumes! mind-blowing food facts Is your mind blown? Source: NYK Facts

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