10 Foods You Should Avoid

The list’s title is actually “10 Foods You Should Never Attempt To Eat,” which got me expecting a lot more items along the lines of the KFC double down, but instead this list is just a pretty good source of foods that you should avoid, not just if you want to lose weight, but for increased overall health. To be entirely honest, I found a few errors in the original post, but the foods they mentioned aren’t all that healthy, and I thought it was a good read, so I will try to add corrections or addendums where applicable throughout this blog post. 1. Processed meats – regardless of if you are a bleeding heart vegetarian against the unsanitary cruel conditions these animals were probably kept in, the animals were also probably beefed up with hormones and antibiotics, which of course end up in the meat. Processed meats also contain plenty of preservatives – if you are a meat-eater, try to aim for unprocessed lean meats – IMPORTANT NOTE: This is based on North American meat practices; European sausages are processed differently. A variety of processed cold meat products, on a wooden cutting b 2. Margarine – touted as the healthy alternative to butter, margarine is not as a low-cal as you’d think, but more importantly, it manages to maintain its solid consistency by the use of trans fat – IMPORTANT NOTE: not all margarine uses trans fat, so although you shouldn’t slather it on absolutely everything, you don’t have to worry about the cancer/hormone problems/heart disease that is linked to trans fat. 3. Table sugar – ok, well duh, sugar is bad for you. Refined sugar can cause liver problems, inflammation, hurts the immune system, and raises cholesterol levels. I think the point that is being made though is that although sugar is in basically everything, it’s also an additive that you personally don’t need to add when it comes to coffee, tea, or baking. Several types of white sugar - refined sugar and granulated suga 4. Microwave popcorn – the lining in microwave bags that keep oils from leaking through is called PFOA, and is linked with several types of cancer, infertility, and thyroid disease. I suggest opting for cheaper, healthier, and tastier stove-pop popcorn. 5. White bread – processed, bleached, devoid of vitamins, gluten-y goodness. Opt for whole grains whenever possible, or go gluten-free and cut bread altogether. Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.42.24 PM Check out our Food to Be Fit Guide - 50 Delicious Recipes with Grocery Lists That Are Healthy and will support your fat loss goals.  6. Canned tomatoes – this one I had no idea about; BPA, a chemical that leads to reduced sperm count, damaged chromosomes, and is linked to obesity and heart disease, is used in the lining of tin cans. This wouldn’t be a problem except that the high acidity of tomatoes dissolves the BPA, causing it to go into the tomatoes – IMPORTANT NOTE: BPA is far more dangerous to children than it is to adults. 10foodsCannedTomatoes_k1026100_n_lg 7. White rice – aside from being kind of flavourless, white rice has been processed and bleached, and stripped of the bran and germ – the good parts of the grain. Make the switch to brown rice for more minerals, less chance of diabetes, and more flavor and texture. 8. Frozen meals – not much better today than they were in the 50s, there is basically no nutritional value to be found from frozen dinners. Frozen Turkey Dinner Covered With Clear Plastic 9. Diet Soft Drinks – I think we can safely say that any kind of soda is not good for you, but diet soda has the added kick of aspartame. Avoid the high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke and heart attack risks – chug water instead. 10. Artificial Sweeteners – just like diet soda, these “sugar-free” alternatives are anything but healthy. Some fun side effects associated with artificial sweeteners include: headaches, digestive problems, depression, cancer, and weight gain. So basically, food is evil and we’re all going to die. OR, the message I hope you got is that you should eat things in moderation, and try to be aware of what’s in your food.

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