10 Foods to Eat for the Hottest Orgasm

Too tired more often than not after a long day to mess up some sheets? It may be time to give your libido a kick in the butt. Lingerie and foreplay are both lovely but did you know truly great sex starts in the kitchen? It's true! Some of them are backed by science, others are just damn-sexy bites that'll make you feel like a tigress/tiger.


Known for centuries as a sex-booster. Why disagree now?


Maca has been used for thousands of years as a hormone stimulant. In fact, it was once fed to Aztec warriors before sending them to battle. Why not get some sheet wrestle on with maca-laced sex coffee? (yes, it's a real thing)


These guys have been considered a fertility enhancer over the ages.  Science confirms figs have the ability to stimulate pheremone production, making you absolutely irresistible. Why not go ahead and get figgy with it?


Believe it or not, your classic breakfast food can get you in the mood. High protein foods, like eggs, give your body what it needs to rev up dopamine levels in the brain (your feel-good hormone).


A study out of University of Hawaii showed women who added ginseng to their diet increased their libido after just one month. 68% of participants said their sex life was significantly hotter. Why are you still reading?! Go make some ginseng tea!


chocolate covered strawberries So not scientifically proven, but try eating a strawberry and not feeling like a vixen. Dip that strawberry in chocolate, then freeze until firm and you've got the steamiest sweet treat ever. Make. eat. have crazy sex. repeat.

 Booze Infused Jelly Shots

Drop your inhibitions with a bite of booze. Not only are these guys a fun and tasty twist on a favourite treat from your youth, they may just give you the confidence to try something new in bed.

Raw Cacao

Raw cacao stimulates a sense of euphoria.  A great way to get amped up for an orgasm.


Oysters are well known for their aphrodisiac qualities. Studies show oysters actually do help sex — natural compounds in them can raise testosterone and oestrogen levels.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds boost circulation and increase stamina. When served as little layered puddings, they become downright sextacular. So apart from being great for your health, they're great for your bedroom life!      

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