10 French Eating Rules

And no, it’s not just “use butter, lots of butter” as much as Julia Child may influence you to believe this. We all know that what you eat is important, but a healthy lifestyle is dependent on the how, when, why of what you eat as well. Rebeca Plantier, American mother of 3 half French children shares what her children have taught her about food. french-kids-eat-everything-book 1. Eat, but not all day long – Three meals a day, and an after school snack is all you need. 2. Eat real foods and generous portions – Don’t go overboard, but since you are constantly snacking, a meal can be a real MEAL. 3. Choose water – drinks are filled with hidden calories, still or sparkling water is the drink of choice for the French, with an occasional glass of wine. 4. Sit down – You eat at the table, eating is it’s own activity and is not shared with your other daily errands. 5. Eat lighter at night – Improving sleep may be a great reason to make lunch your main meal and keep your dinner light. 6. When the kitchen closes, it's CLOSED – pretty self explanatory, no midnight snacks allowed. 7. Know your limit, then stop – pay attention to when your body is actually hungry or full. 8. Taste your food, guess the ingredients – this one is fun; discussing your food increases your awareness of it and builds your overall knowledge. Kids will become invested in food facts. 9. Get cooking! Food interest is greatly complemented by the hands on cooking experience, this will increase appreciation for food and cooking and helps build good lifestyle habits. 10. Eating well is not a sin; it's a pleasure – indulge, enjoy – food should be fun, not a guilt trip. Some good tips to keep in mind for those trying to instill healthy habits in our kids, and a good reminder to all of us on simple ways to improve eating attitudes. french180_eating_well_flash   Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_101129" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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