10 Guilt-Free Beers for the Holidays

There's nothing like a cold one to take the edge off after a long week of work, but the problem with beer is that it's just so darn high in calories. A good manly brew will run you at least 150 calories, and who can stop with just one? Thankfully, with the beers below you don't have to stop at one. They've got just the right amount of calories - though not as much flavor as you might like - so you can keep on drinking!

Michelob Ultra

This is the one that set the bar for "low-carb beers", and it's actually a pretty decent beer for just 95 calories worth of flavor. There are also varieties of flavored beers - though what manly man will drink anything but the real deal? LABATT BREWING COMPANY LIMITED - Michelob ULTRA Now Available

Busch Light

At 100 calories per beer, this one is a very light brew that actually tastes pretty good - for a pilsner. 0001820000803_500X500

Bud Select 55

Just 55 calories per bottle - not a bad way to go! With about as much flavor as you can expect from The King of Beers, the beer is a very, very light choice.


Natural Light

If you've ever heard of Natural, that makes one of us. Cheap, light, with 95 calories per, it's a budget buy that isn't going to overload your tastebuds. 0001820000949_500X500

Coors Lite

At 104 calories per brewskie, this beer clocks in a bit higher than the rest. However, the totally awesome can that turns blue when it's cold and ice cold makes it a winner in my books! [caption id="attachment_31378" align="aligncenter" width="545"]coors-light-thermo-6-sheet Source: http://www.coors.co.uk[/caption]

Miller Lite

The "redneck" beer started the trend of light beers, and it's a decent brew - if you don't mind the very, very light flavor. With its 1 extra calorie - 96 rather than 95 - it's still a good option. 3b1af344-8f41-4b10-88a4-ea92fc8f6d06_new-miller-lite-bottle

Bud Light

Only marginally less flavorless than the lower-calorie Bud Select 55, this 110-calorie beer is the classic cheap choice for parties. It's not too bad if your expectations aren't too high.


Bud Light Lime

The twist of lime is actually surprisingly tasty, and this is a beer you can always enjoy when sunning yourself in the parlor. It's half lemonade, half light beer, and just 116 calories of tasty. bud-light-lime

MGD 64

Miller is trying to go all classy with its Geniune Draft label, but this 64-calorie beer is a simple, light brew to drink when you know you're going to have a six-pack. mgd64_fullsize_story1_1_

Corona Light

During my travels in Mexico, I learned to love this delicious beer. It's the official beer of any and all "fiestas", and you can always go to town on a six-pack of the wonderful 109-calorie beer.


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