10 Gym Hacks You Need to Know Right Now

Ever feel like your gym routine can be hindered by a variety of annoyances? Whether you can't stand the smell of your gear or you find yourself constantly watching the clock, your time pumping iron can feel a little off sometimes, if not always.
Though the workout might never get easier and the weights may never seem lighter, there are some valuable gym hacks out there that will ensure that you boost your productivity as well as improve the quality of your exercise.

1. Freeze Your Wraps

The stinky stench of knee sleeves or wrist wraps can really screw up your workout routine, but you don't need to let it get in the way. All you have to do is throw them in the freezer until they get frosty for a quick fix, especially if you're short on time and a wash isn't in the cards.

2. DIY Fat Grips

Shelling out the cash can seem hard to do, and that's totally understandable, so go ahead and make your own! You can try a pool noodle, but be sure to note that some are denser than others, so experimenting with brands might be worth it.

3. Freeze Your Bottle of Water

Depending on the type of plastic, your bottle might shatter due to high velocities or even sudden external forces. Thicker plastics, like Blender bottles, are prone to shattering, whereas Deer Park water bottles, which are thinner, don't seem to as much.

4. Use More Than One Blender Bottle

If you want to save time and energy, having multiple blender bottles prepped for the day will do the trick. You can have one ready to go for your pre-workout drink, another for carbs and protein during your routine and one for your post-workout shake.

5. Say Goodbye to the Moisture Wicking Gear

They're not ideal for front squatting, so instead, opt for a cotton T-shirt, which will aid in you being able to keep the bar in place once the sweating situation gets serious.

6. Leave Your Gym Bag in the Car

Sometimes the hardest part of going to the gym is just the process of getting there. However, avoid that excuse by making your life easier. Keeping your bag in your car will ensure that no matter where you are, you can stop drop and lift without the hassle of going home first.

7. Use “Fillers”

The big stuff, like finishing a set of 315 on the bench, is what you tend to focus on at the gym, forgetting about all the little stuff that's just as important yet easily ignored. Use the time right after a big exercise by doing forearm wall slides or some face pulls. That way, your shoulders won't make you hate your existence the next day.

8. Don't Have a Foam Roller? Get Creative

Just because you don't have the equipment doesn't mean the thought should go unnoticed. If you need a foam roller, for instance, but don't have one, see if there is anything laying around that could double for a bit, like a water bottle or some dog toys.

9. Use a Carabiner to Hold Your Wedding Ring

A wedding ring can definitely get in the way, but if you don't want to lose it, then you might just suffer the annoyance during lifting anyway. But you don't have to. Just pick up a climbing carabiner, clip it to your key ring and attach the ring along with a few keys to bulk it up and make sure you don't misplace it.

10. Use a Playlist to Make Timing Your Workouts Fun

Find yourself constantly seeing how much time has gone by? Staring at the clock is no fun, but playlists sure are. Just make a playlist that is the length of the workout you plan on accomplishing, and you'll never have to check the time. You'll find yourself loving each new song that comes on even more, as it means one more fun exercise to do, and one more closer to the finish line. Were you aware of any of these gym hacks? If these hacks don't make the gym more appealing to you (or maybe you want to do more), why not work out from home? For over 80 hours of on demand workouts, check out SweatFlix℠! Get all of your favorite BodyRock workouts any time, and any place, you want them! With new and exclusive content going up all the time, you'll never fall into a rut again! Source: Epoch Times

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