10 Gym Struggles That Only Short Girls Can Relate To

Short girl problems. No matter what area of life we're talking about, it seems there is no way to escape these inevitable height issues. Here are 10 struggles of hitting the gym that only the smaller of you ladies will understand: #1 Getting to spin class early because we know we'll spend time adjusting the bike down to it's short person setting. #2 Fans that blow way over your head so you're left sweltering. #3 You will never reach that pull up bar. Jump as you might. #4 Your yoga pants are wrecked on the pant bottoms because they drag around everywhere. #5 You can't actually see what's playing on the gym TVs. #6 There is no such thing as a "capri pant". They are just full on pants to you. #7 You must always ask for assistance with the lat bar. #8 Kicking the bag in kickboxing requires a full throttle roundhouse kick! Otherwise there's no reaching that thing. #9 You're not reaching those exercise balls on the high shelf unless you expertly use a resistance band as some sort of slingshot. (We don't recommend this) #10 The ballet bar comes up to your neck in barre class. Good luck! What are your most dreaded short girl problems at the gym? Share them with us and tag a friend who can relate!      

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