10 Habits Ladies With Killer Abs Practice Every Single Day

It shouldn't be a shocker that with great abs come great responsibility. If you're looking to sculpt your abs and reveal a flatter, tighter tummy, it's time to take a good hard look at your daily routine. Carmel Rodriguez, fitness model and workout guru, and personal trainer Amanda Lee, have some envy-worthy abs and some important advice for fit girls who want to really tone their stomachs. Here are their 10 tips to optimize your abs! #1 Mix It Up - Try HIIT, Planks, Stability Ball Training Etc.  "Our bodies are so amazing and they adapt super quick, so we need to change up the routine. It's why I rarely do the same workout more than twice." says Carmel. #2 Focus On Form, No Reps It doesn't matter if you do 100 push-ups, because if your form isn't proper than you won't see any results. Don't overexert yourself and push your body to it's breaking point. Instead, focus on doing each movement correctly and safely, and slowly you will see your desired abs start to pop. #3 Eat  Abs are muscles, and muscles require nutrition to grow and remain strong. Carmel has no concern for portion size or getting in a certain number of meals per day. She eats when she's hungry and stops when she's full. As long as you're making healthy choices, that is all that matters. #4 Cheat  Every once and a while, a cheat meal is acceptable. The secret is not to get hung up on guilt, and really enjoy your meal. "As a mom with two kids (three if you include my husband), I can't always eat perfectly." Carmel explains. "I believe in eating everything in moderation — even pizza, which is a family favorite — and that the body needs a bit of 'bad' food for it to truly make use of the 'good' food." #5 Stick To Lean Meats And Smart Carbs Carmel recommends consuming lots of starchy carbs, like sweet potatoes and rice. She even eats bread, but makes sure it's 'smart' by choosing whole grains. She only allows herself lean protein sources, like chicken and fish. #6 Overload On Water  Staying hydrated is essential whether you are building killer abs or not. Amanda likes to get 3 to 4 litres of water into her system each day. She also 'eats her water' by incorporating healthy, lush veggies and fruits into her diet that have a high H2O content (think cucumbers and watermelons). #7 Swap Sit-Ups For Planks "Planks are my favorite abs exercise because they're way more effective for targeting your core than a classic sit-up and are proven to engage more of your abdominal muscles." Amanda says. For more exercise ideas and routines that will build your core in creative ways, check out SweatFlix℠! With over 120 hours of workouts, you always find something to challenge and inspire! #8 Plan Mobile Workouts  Before heading off on a trip or starting a busy day, plan out workouts that you can do from virtually anywhere. Easy, fast and effective workouts that are available online (such as BodyRock workouts) can be done on your phone, tablet or laptop wherever you may be. No excuses! #9 Use Gym Time Wisely  Because Carmel is a mother, she needs to get the most out of every second at the gym because she doesn't have a lot of time to workout in a day. It's important to make each exercise count to get the ripped abs you crave. Your goal at the gym is to torch calories, or else your abs will never pop. #10 Set Goals You Know You Can Achieve  "Instead of going to the gym thinking about my abs, I go to the gym thinking about getting an extra 10 seconds in my plank or lasting an extra five minutes in my run." Carmel says. Get a journal and start documenting each time you increase your fitness level, increase your workout time or even just feel good about your progress. This will encourage you to keep going! What are your tips for getting shredded abs? Share them with us! Source: Cosmopolitan  

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