10 Herbs & Spices that help you lose weight

I find that the biggest challenge for people when they start eating healthy is over coming their taste buds. This is difficult because most packaged and fast foods contain an abnormal amount of sugar and salt (to name a couple). That is why when you eat healthy food you call it bland or tasteless. The easiest and healthiest way to transform bland foods is by using SPICES. Spices and herbs not only contain vital nutrients; including vitamins and minerals but they also make your food flavorful. Along with being flavorful some herbs and spices can aid in weight loss. Here are my top 10 and although they have other useful properties we are going to focus on our weight loss goals. 1. Ginseng Ginseng helps naturally boost energy levels and speed metabolism. The pain ingredient in ginseng, Panax has also been shown to directly aid in weight loss. 2. Cayenne Pepper Capsaicin is what makes Cayenne hot! It also increases your body temperature causing it to burn fat, increase your metabolism. In some cases has been shown to lower body fat levels and shrink fat tissue. 3. Cinnamon This spice is excellent at regulating blood sugar because it increases your glucose metabolism. It has also been found to reduce LDL(bad cholesterol and total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes. 4. Black Pepper Black pepper contains a substance called piperine which can block the formation of new fat cells. It also has the ability to increase the bio availability of other substances.  5. Dandelions These guys are loaded with good stuff. They can help slow your digestion which make you feel full longer. They are also loaded with dietary fiber, beta carotene,Vitamin K and other antioxidant properties. 6. Mustard Mustard seeds have been shown to boost metabolic rate by 25 percent, which means you'll burn calories more efficiently. 7. Turmeric Curcumin is one of turmeric's active ingredients, reduces the formation of fat tissue by suppressing the blood vessels needed to form it, and therefore may contribute to lower body fat and body weight gain. 8. Ginger Ginger is a thermogenic spice that has anti-inflammatory properties.It has been shown to soothe and relax your intestinal tract, boost your metabolism while acting as an appetite suppressant. 9. Cardamom Cardamom, an aromatic spice with a spicy-sweet flavor, is another thermogenic herb that helps boost your metabolism and may boost your body's ability to burn fat. 10. Cumin Cumin is useful for digestion and energy production, and may improve glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes. It has also been used to reduce stress.

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