10 Incentives To Make You Fall Back In Love With The Gym This Autumn

Yes, that chill has hit the air and winter is just around the corner. All summer long you've skipped out on the gym in favour of glorious outdoor workouts. Running on the beach is impossible to top, we know but here are 10 ways you can get yourself excited about taking your sweat sessions back indoors:   1. In the Words of Beyoncé, "Partner, Let Me Upgrade You" Get yourself a locker! For a little extra each month, you've saved yourself having to drag your gym bag to and from work each day. If you remove obstacles and make getting to the gym as easy as possible, you'll have an easier time getting back into the swing of it. You can keep extra shoes and makeup there. Even a change of clothes. It will suddenly become so much easier to squeeze in a half hour in an overly scheduled day. 2. Leave Yourself a Locker Treat Reward yourself with something special. On days when you have more reasons to NOT go, this will help get you there. Think about it, new shoes, new outfit, new headphones. Whatever it is, setting aside those special items for your locker is a great way to reward yourself for showing up.   3. Get Your TV Time In Are you binge watching your favourite show on Netflix? Take it to the gym. Bring your own device for a little TV cardio action. Is your favourite show on Wednesday nights? Schedule your gym session so you can watch WHILE you work. Why not make a good thing even better? 4. Use the Buddy System Even if you don't feel like blasting that last set, we'll bet you feel like chatting with your buddy. Commit to going to the gym together and you'll both be seeing the benefits. Use the time to gab, vent and laugh. The workout benefits will just be a bonus! INPOST (9) 5. Sport Some New Gear Who doesn't like putting on something new that makes you feel fabulous? If you've got something smashing and new, you'll be more likely to put in that appearance at the gym just to show it off. You've worked hard for that body, dress it right!   6. Practice the Art of Positive Thinking Look at your gym time as a reward to yourself. Make it about you! It is not punishment for eating too much the night before, it is a reward for being fabulous. Give yourself a break from the day to day, the lists, the phone calls, the emails, the house work. This time is just about you and being grand! 7. Commit to a Cause Is your cousin getting married? Do you have a high school reunion on the horizon? Circle the date on the calendar and commit to your fitness goals between now and then. Working toward a goal is good for your confidence and nothing feels better than attaining that goal and feeling your best at the special event! 8. Get Paid Yes, you can get paid to go to the gym. Many companies and insurance companies offer cash back rewards for hitting the gym a certain number of times each year. Why? In the case of insurance companies, they end up paying less the healthier you are. If moving is a part of your daily routine, they pay less for your medical expenses. If your insurance company doesn't pay out, look into PACT. PACT is an app where you commit to weekly exercise and healthy eating. When you meet your goals, you'll get a cash reward funded by the members who failed to meet theirs.   9. Treat Yo' self! Use the amenities at your gym. Work that mind/body union by unwinding in the sauna after an intense session. Relaxing is the perfect way to feel good, stay motivated and better yourself. 10. Set Yourself Up for Success Many people are guilty of looking right past those free training sessions offered when you first join the gym. But the thing is, these sessions teach you a lot about how to use the equipment properly and maximize results. Don't cheat yourself of this experience because you'd like to spare yourself a little bit of awkwardness. Knowing what and how you're doing is the only way to succeed. Don't be afraid to check in. What 'tricks' do you use to get yourself motivated to go to the gym? Share with us! Source: Shape  

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